99+ Long-Distance Relationship Quotes to Bring Hearts Closer

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a strong and lasting connection with a loved one despite geographical boundaries is a testament to the power of love and commitment. ?

Long-distance relationships often require an extra dose of patience, trust, and communication. To help you express your feelings and navigate the emotional terrain of long-distance love, we’ve curated a collection of poignant long-distance relationship quotes ?.

These heartfelt words encapsulate the essence of love that knows no distance, offering solace, inspiration, and a reminder that distance can never truly separate two hearts deeply intertwined.

Best Long-Distance Relationship Quotes

Best Long Distance Relationship Quotes

-Presence has the power to strengthen love while the absence of the lover sharpens it- Thomas Fuller.

-I feel lucky by having something in life that makes even goodbyes worth it- A. A. Miller from Winnie the Pooh.

-When love cannot stand the test of time, it fails the test of love too- Bernard Byer.

-The greatest and best things ever can never be heard or seen. The core of the heart feels them- Helen Keller.

-You know I like to carry you in my heart, I carry your heart in my heart. I do it all the time- E. E. Cummings.

-Distance is for the bold and not for the cowards and fearful- Meghan Daum.

-Distance is meant for those people who for spending little but quality time with their lovers later, can spend the rest of the time being alone- Meghan Daum.

Distance is therefore for those who value quality time and who believe in their love- Meghan Daum.

Your presence is known to be the essence when your absence is felt by the heart- Michael Bassey Johnson.

Absence makes the value of presence more. It, therefore, makes a difference- Michael Bassey Johnson.

-We must prove to our lovers that we can survive without them to be respected by them- Michael Bassey Johnson.

Long Distance Love Relationship Quotes

Long Distance Love Relationship Quotes

-Love comes to know its density and its depth when the hour of separation comes- Khalil Gibran.

-I will write the most painful lines tonight because I do not have her – Pablo Neruda.

I find the immense nights more immense when she is not with me- Pablo Neruda.

-Love is when you know your relationship will be safe even when you are apart- Anonymous.

-I do not care about others being around when you are not with me- Edward Thomas.

You have to forget about the miles in order to remember your favorite moments with them. Distance is a myth in love- Frank Lloyd Wright.

-When we are not together, remember that we are always together- Anonymous.

-The whole world seems quiet without you around. I miss you so terribly, I must admit it- Lemony Snicket.

-The most inconvenient yet effective way of finding if you are truly in love is long-distance relationships- Anonymous.

 -Though you may find it hard long-distance relationships are also a blessing when you love- Anonymous.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes For Him

Long Distance Relationship Quotes For Him

If you can trust, love, care, and respect each other from a distance, you will be incredible when you are together- Anonymous.

The greatest distance is often bridged in true love- Hans Nouwen.

-Walk away when you see the one you love when time stands still- Mallika Nawal.

-I had no idea I would miss you so much. Though I was prepared enough to miss you this much- Vita Sackville West.

-Not miles but time is the longest distance from one place to another- Tennessee Williams.

-I will not be I, and you will not be You when we meet again- E. M. Forster.

Everything will end perfectly, and if it does not, it is not the end Ed Sheeran.

-I had already fallen in love when you were with me. I fell deeper in love when you were not with me- Nicholas Sparks.

-But in the end, the distance and the miles between are worth it- Anonymous.

-Every tear for you, every night of loneliness, every pain of not having you physically by the side come to an end when we meet again- Anonymous.

-Every day I look forward to meeting you again- Anonymous.

-Having you by my side physically is a luxury, but having you in my life is a necessity. I love you even when we are physically apart- Anonymous.

-Souls are not separated by oceans; lands are separated only- Munia Khan.

-The art of love is the art of tenacity and persistence more- Albert Ellis.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes For Her

Long Distance Relationship Quotes For Her

-Mornings without having you by the side is dawn without a sun- Emily Dickinson.

-By your absence, I measure every horizon- Pablo Neruda.

-When without you, I know I am not alone- Rafael Ortiz.

Long distances seem so much shorter when the hearts are close- Anonymous.

-The proximity of the hearts determines whether two people are actually in a long-distance- Anonymous.

-When I met you first, I knew it was the beautiful beginning of an adventure- A. A. Milne from Winne the Pooh.

-There is no other thing like caressing your lover after the absence. It is just the best- Jodi Picoult.

-I missed him more in his absence, then I realized while missing him every time, I loved him more- Tiffany Health.

long-distance relationship quotes

Distance is good because the value of the best things is given when they are limited. Distance finds love- Donna Lynn Hope.

-During the time of separation and distancing we tend to find love more- Tiffany Health.

-I have realized that you are far away from me and I am alone. I love no one but you- Lemony Snicket.

-The day we will meet will be the day of sun, moon, and all of the colors in the world- Anonymous.

-The stars from the sky will fall, the sun will be seen to burn out and on the same day, hell will freeze- Lemony Snicket.

-The very initial and last design of the lovers is to be close- Senora Ray.

-The sole characteristic of love is to be far away from each other yet loving each other without any difference- Senora Ray.

Long Distance Relationship Missing Quotes

Long Distance Relationship Missing Quotes

-Love is not about being with each other all the time but being comfortably fine without having each other physically by the side- Anonymous.

-The distance between lovers is just a mere unit in love. It is never an obstacle between true lovebirds- Anonymous.

-My Northern Light is you and your heart- Michael Kilby.

Your love and support lead both me physically and mentally- Anonymous.

-The way you want me from the farthest distance, across the world is something I could live for the rest of my life- Anonymous.

-Love has zero continents; it certainly knows no distance or short- Gilbert Parker.

-No matter which end of the world I am at, I will always go back home. You are my home- Michael Kilby.

-In absence, our love has crutches- Colley Cibber.

-Time certainly qualifies the spark and fire of love- Shakespeare from Hamlet.

-Time begins love. Shakespeare from Hamlet.

-You should once try missing you if you think missing me is a tough thing- Anonymous.

 -The greater is the victory when the fight is harder. A long-distance relationship is one of them- Chris Burkman.

 -What if it does not work out you think? But what if it does work? – Peter McWilliams.

-Dear remember the airplane is always going against the wind direction. It may seem that everything is going against your will, but have faith- Henry Ford.

Long Distance Relationship Love Quotes

Long Distance Relationship Love Quotes

-We should remember with every difficulty comes a new opportunity- Albert Einstein.

-Distances are long when the hearts are not close. But our hearts are the closest. So, you know it- Anonymous.

-At the end of the day, we need to be brave and show some good courage for each other only- Anonymous.

In long-distance relationships, we learn how to communicate well and talk from the heart- Anonymous.

-There is no skill more important than making a long-distance relationship successful after days of being away from each other- Anonymous.

-Not distance, but time is the longest distance between two people when thought well about- Tennesse Williams.

-Love really has no limit. It can be stretched over miles and miles and across oceans- Anonymous.

-We may feel sad for them because we are physically not close enough. But it is a warm feeling in the heart when we know they are in it- Kay Knudson.

-The entire universe has conspired to help me find you, and I love you with all my heart and soul- Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

When I am with you, I love myself the most, but when I am not with you, I love us the most- Anonymous.

-I wonder why the authenticity of long-distance relations is so underestimated by some people- Anonymous.

Before I could touch his skin and body, I fell in love with his soul. Please tell me what true love is if it is not- Anonymous.

-Long-distance relationship success stories are the best. They are the success stories we should be looking for in Anonymous.

-Be the ones who successfully survive a long-distance relationship. Set an example for others to follow, for those grieving souls who are apart from their loved one- Dee King.

Distance Relationship Quotes

Distance Relationship Quotes

-Stops signs are not the problems; they are just the guidelines. Follow them, and you will have a beautiful relationship- Robert H. Schuller.

-When those craving two hands finally collide, the whole world makes sense at that time- Kayla Dawn.

-We do not have forever. So, do not brood. Start living with and without the partner- Leo Buscaglia.

-You do not need to think so hard and certainly do not need to run behind love. Love will find home, and you two will again be in each other’s arms- Anonymous.

The love that submits to the arbitration of distance and time is the greatest and richest love- Lawrence Durrell.

-Love is independent of time, distance, and place. Patience, hence, is the key- Anonymous.

-Much unknown to us, absence does bring us closer- Anonymous.

-Love travels much faster than light and sound. Because souls are like magnets that attract love from lovers easily- Anonymous.

It is better to be in love and apart than out of love and close- Anonymous.

 Best Long-Distance Relationship Quotes

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