16+ Adorable Long Paragraphs for Your Boy Crush

It is always difficult to express your emotions to your crush. Girls, especially always shy away from making the first move and miss out on a good connection.

To help you start your journey on the right foot, we have a few lines that you might want to go through.

Here are Adorable Long Paragraphs for Your Boy Crush

-Every time I see you walking towards me, my heart starts racing. Every time you hold my hand, I feel a shockwave through my body. Now, I don’t know what you really feel about me or if you feel anything about me at all. I just wanted to let you know how I really feel about you. I hope you do the same and I look forward to being with you and getting lost again.

-Dear Crush, I know I behave a bit weirdly around you. I know I get anxious and become conscious whenever you are around. All of if just because I want to be perfect whenever you are around, I don’t want anything to go wrong. I want you to notice me and look at me the way I want you to. I hope I get to know you better as a person and we create something beautiful between us. I’ll see you in a bit again and hopefully not mess up this time.

-I don’t know if what I feel for you is love or some other sort of attraction but whenever you are around, I get butterflies in my stomach. I start feeling this slight tingle at the back of my neck when I talk to you. Above all, I don’t understand why I can never maintain eye contact with you, it is almost like I feel too shy to do it. It is too early to give a name to what I feel for you, but I would love to explore more about what I feel and I would like to do it with you. Sending my love and care. 

-The first time I noticed you walk down that corridor, I knew I had found my crush. I fell really hard for you the moment I set my eyes on you and the liking has only grown over time. I have been keeping this from you for a long time but it’s time I come out of the closet and let you know how I really feel about you. I like you, and I like you not like a friend but in a different way. I love seeing you every day and the time that I spent with you is my favorite time of the day. I hope you like me too. 

-Crush seems like too insignificant a word for what I feel for you. I have never been able to tell you this but I have been in love with you ever since I got to know you. I have always been scared to tell you as I could never risk losing a dear friend in the bargain. I don’t know if you feel the same about me but I could not keep it in any longer. I would really love to be with you as more than a friend and there is nobody else that knows you more than me. I hope for the best.

-To put it very bluntly, nobody makes me feel the way you do. Even the longest walks feel like a stride with you. Every sunset, every sunrise with you, has been a special one and holds a special place in my heart. I can recall every moment spent with you and it gives me happiness every time I do so. My heart longs to be with you and my mind cannot stop thinking about you. You already make me feel way more special than I deserve but I just wanted to know if it is what I think it is. Let’s put that tag on it, will you?

-I wish I would have expressed myself earlier and let you know how much I like you. I have been into you and I have been mad about you ever since you said Hello for the first time. I am head over heels for you and I can’t wait for us to be a couple, if you like me too, of course. I hope I am not being overly optimistic here but even you have to agree with me that we would make a hell of a couple. We have been the best of friends for a long time and it is only natural for us to move in that direction now. 

-No matter how hard I try to stay away from you, I always end up catching feelings for you. It feels as if the harder I try to resist, the harder I fall for you. The farther I try to go from you, the closer I get pulled towards you. You are something my heart can’t get enough of and it is a real dream come true if we could be together with the way I imagine. Whatever happens in the future, whatever your decision be, I would just like you to know that you will always have a friend in me. I will always be there for you.

-I really wish I could change those smiley emoji’s in our chats to hearts. I really wish I could change our relationship status on every social media platform. I wish we could get a couple-seat every time we go out. I wish we could do all those cute and romantic things that couples do. Lastly, I really wish that you could understand, after all that I have said, what I really want you to understand and finally acknowledge the elephant in the room instead of ignoring it every time this topic comes up. I really like you but I won’t be here forever. I made the first move, it is your turn now.

Adorable Long Paragraphs For Your Boy Crush

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