25+ Lost Without You Paragraphs to Share

Life feels harsh sometimes. When you have given your heart to someone, but they have abandoned you, you feel lost, especially when you are so alone and trying to mend your heart back.

It is during such times that you may want to pen down your feelings. These paragraphs will help frame your feelings into words.

Lost Without You Paragraphs to Share

~ You never did believe how much I really love you. You left me to fend for myself in this darkness called life. You had always been my guiding light. Now I am groping in the dark trying to find some foothold but in vain. The only source of sustenance I have left within me is the memories of you in my life. I am just lost without you. I simply have become so robotic. Wish you were here to liven me up. Wish we could get back together soon my love.

~ You were the only reason for my happiness. You were my sunshine. You were my source of sustenance. And now that you have abandoned me I am happy no more. I have no light in my life. no light in my soul. No reason to forge ahead. No purpose is left in me and my life. I am so lost, I don’t even know how to react to this loss. You said time will repair all hurt, but time seems so slow. Now, I think only of you and how much you really mean to me. Waiting for us to be together again.

~ I used to be so crazy for you. I used to enjoy being around you. I used to be so elated when you were in my life. Had you seen my state now, after you left me absolutely alone and deserted, you would be overcome with compassion for me. I am so lost without you that even time doesn’t seem to move along. To try and forget the one you love is the hardest thing to do. It seems practically impossible for me. I only crave your company. Wish you were here now babe. Something inside me says that we will be back together though.

~ I always regarded you as my ultimate companion. The one I would need to be by my side always. I have never had anything else in my mind except you, from the time that I met you. Even after you left me forsaken in this arid life of mine, not one moment has passed by when I have thought of anything but you. They are the only source of my living even as I do. I had been an absolute fool to have taken for granted that you would be around forever.

~ You had always been so wise, so loving, so caring, and so kind. I was so grateful for having you in my life. now, ever since you jilted me and my love, I have remained lost without a clue as to what’s next, where to focus, how to live through the present, where I am going, what to do. You have left me so disoriented, I just cannot seem to get a grasp over myself again. I miss the depth in your eyes. The only good times I have now are when I reminisce over the time that we shared together. I had never imagined that I would have to see this day. Missing you so much.

~ I am so shocked and stunned by your having dumped me that my mind has turned bitter. So far adrift am I from life that I cannot even think straight. I don’t even know whether I am writing this right. My heart eats my inside to get just a glimpse of you. I am like a lost soul after you rejected me. And I had always believed that you would always be with me. Forever. Now I am so alone, so lost, so confused. I can’t seem to come to terms with this reality that you have thrown me into.

~ We made our promises to each other. We decided never to part at all. We were to be there for each other forever. And then suddenly you threw me away from your life. It hurts so bad I just can’t explain. My eyes crave to see you. My hands fidget to hold you. My heart yearns for you. My soul is distressed for not having you anywhere near. I feel as if I like to be straying away from life as a whole. Just cannot bear the pain anymore. And yet I seem to be getting used to it, but there is a constant void that is within my whole self.

~ Ever since you abandoned me I have been lost without a trace and gone astray so far from my normalcy that I just cannot seem to find myself anymore. With my eyes open there is such a deep longing to see you just once. And with my eyes closed, I see only your images flashing past. I am missing you more than I am losing myself. I have begun experiencing various morbid desires growing in me. Death would be a better option than to live like this. This depression is creeping its way into my soul as well. I know it all but I have lost the will to fight anything at all.

~ Whether awake or asleep my mind is always focussed on you. I just can’t fathom why you had to leave me. I am so lost now that I cannot even feel any pain. At times I seem to be a zombie, doing everything and yet so lifeless, and without any emotion whatsoever. Had you given me a reason showing that I have been at fault I may have been able to take things within my stride, but your dropping me without any reason whatsoever is taking its toll on my mind, body, and soul. I just cannot find my way back to being a normal human being anymore.

~ The only difference in the way I was before you ditched me, and the way I am now is that I was so lively then, and so morose now. everything else is still the same. I think of you always. You are always in my mind. I miss you every moment. I yearn to hear your voice. I miss the whiff of your body, the sweet smile, the caressing touch, those words of kindness, the depth in your eyes. Why you rejected me will remain a mystery for all eternity. Seven though I am lost for good, I pray you to live happily my darling and remain blessed forever and ever.

~ Whatever I do, how much ever I try, I am just losing myself even more. Ever since you chucked me out of your life this is who I have become. I feel like I have lost everything. I don’t have any purpose. I don’t have any focus. I don’t have any belief. I just don’t have myself anymore. And my heart just cannot accept how ruthlessly you threw me off your life. so far away from you. I now understand what it means to lose the one you love most. I am a soul lost to eternity.

~ Since the time I was forsaken by you, only two thoughts have haunted me always. The first thought is about how inconsiderately you shoved me away from your life. The second one has been confusing me even more – why you dumped me at all. Can love be so untrue too? I have lost all faith and belief in everything. Your wanton decision to dump me has been quite taxing for me to bear at all. And I can see myself slipping away into absolute oblivion now.

~ Your being in my life has been the best time of my life. Now that you have cast me off from your life it is only the memories that have kept me alive, thought lost in totality. If this is what it is to have loved and lost, I was better off to have never loved at all. At least I was in myself. I was living. Now I am like a slave of circumstances, just doing what I am required to do, just existing. I have lost the love of living. How much more of this I can endure I cannot say.

~ I always said that it was your thought that brought a smile to my lips. And that was the reason why I used to smile whether awake or asleep. And now that you have abandoned me to the darkness, it is the memories of you that keep me all broken and lifeless. And that is the reason why I am so lifeless and lost whether awake or asleep. The pain is too much to bear. Every moment I feel I will lose it all, but somehow I am still pulling through each moment.

~ I just could not stop loving you then. I just could not stop being so happy. And now see me after you deserted me in this lonely desert of life. I just cannot stop loving you even now. and I just cannot overcome the pain within, the agony that has been eating at my heart since the day you left me stranded in desolation. I just cannot stop being so lost, so forlorn, so badly hurt. Was my love for you an error? Is it justified that I needed to be cast away like some price of garbage? Don’t I have the right to your love? Am I not human? Then why am I the one to be burdened with all the hurt? And why must I be the one to be adrift on the waters of pain and agony?

~ You have always put that happy smile on my face. And now you have been the reason for my sorrow. You were the light of my life. now you are the cause of this eternal darkness. You were the one who gave me purpose. And now you are the one who has taken it away. You were the one who accepted me and had endeared me to you. And now you are the one who has abandoned me and pushed me away into the wilderness, all alone and lonely. I found myself afresh with joy. And now I am so lost, so dejected, so much in sorrow.

~ I never have understood the reason for your selfish behavior. Why you chucked me away from your life as if I were a ball of scrap is what has haunted me ever since. I have always accepted that the priority is that you live happily. However, your ruthlessness and your selfishness will keep haunting me forever. I just cannot get a grip on myself anymore.

~ How much ever I try to let go of your thought, I just seem to lose myself even further down in the quicksand of memories of you. I sincerely wish you had an idea of how much I love you. I am sure you did too. That is why I have never understood why you had to dump me so badly and so abruptly. There just isn’t any plausible reason. And I am so lost without you, I don’t even know when I am dreaming in my sleep and when I am actually awake. Your ditching me has made that deep an impact upon me. Would talk it out have been impossible? Couldn’t you have dropped me off your life gradually? Was I really that bad for you that you had to treat me like trash? 

~ We were so closely bonded. We were so inseparable. We were so fond of each other. What happened I just don’t know. But one thing’s for sure, you simply were inconsiderate when you ditched me. You never even considered how I would feel or how much your action would impact me. And now see what a lifeless object I have become. Nothing ever since has had any emotional reaction from me. I am so mundane to everything now. the only emotion that I have within is that of immense sorrow, which I don’t even let come out in the open.

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