78+ Lost Without You Quotes to Share

Break-up is one of the most complex parts of a relationship. Whenever the person we love the most leaves us, life seems difficult to live. If you are struggling in the same situation,, then the quotes below might relieve you.

You can also share these messages with your love and tell them you still have feelings for him/her. 

Lost Without You Quotes to Share

Lost Without You Quotes To Share

It is difficult to stay without your presence because if you are not with me, I am feeling lost. –Anonymous 

I would like to convey my feelings to you that my heart feels panic because you are not here, I feel so lost without you. –Anonymous

Baby! I feel lost without you. When you are here that’s enough, at least I can see you and feel you. –Anonymous

Hurt me if you want but don’t leave me because I feel so lost without your presence. –Anonymous

Please baby never leave me alone because being lost without you is the worst thing and I could not bear it. I love you. –Anonymous

If you can sense my emotions how I feel without you, I am sure you would never leave me because I completely lost in spirit. –Anonymous

I hate these days because you are not here on my side. I want to be with you and I want to forget these days because I lost in my life so I request you to please come back. –Anonymous

I fail whenever I try to make something right because the reality is I feel lost without you. –Anonymous

People say you should move on in life if you wish to see good in the future but in reality, I feel so lost without you. –Anonymous

I know the choice is in your hand to stay with me or not but I can’t control my feelings. I feel so lost without you, my prince. –Anonymous

Whenever I am feeling like cry it makes me realize how I feel lost without you. –Anonymous

I always try hard to give my best in the relationship but in the end, we broke up and I feel like my heart has lost somewhere. –Anonymous

It is sad to know that you doubted my feelings but you are my everything, therefore, I feel lost just like the body fish without water. –Anonymous

Please don’t take my love for granted because my feelings were real and I feel truly lost without you. –Anonymous

Whenever I hear heartbreak music your face appears in my thoughts. I begin thinking whenever we were together. I feel lost without you, my babe. –Anonymous

People say the biggest problem of my life is overthinking but I feel so lost that I could not concentrate on anything. I am missing you. Please come back to my life. –Anonymous

I know we don’t have to be sad all the time over the past because what has gone is gone already but I feel lost and I can’t tolerate this loss anymore. –Anonymous

Today I am feeling completely lost without you, my baby love. I was so lucky when you were here. –Anonymous

I am rich, I am intelligent, I am famous, I am well-established but I feel lost because I love you and you are not with me. –Anonymous

The worst part of my life is saying permanent bye to you. I feel so lost without you because once we have decided to spend our life together forever.  –Anonymous

I am trying my best to forgive you and forget the beautiful moments we have to spend with each other but my heart is still waiting for you to come back because my feelings are real and my love is true. –Anonymous

Break up is easy with you but stopping my heart to love you is not at all easy. I am lost in your love. –Anonymous

I wish I would get a chance to show you how I feel without you. Leaving without you is hard and it completely destroyed me from inside. –Anonymous

I wish one day a thought appear in your head about not leaving me like this and you will come back again in my life. –Anonymous

It is so sad truth of life is once someone is the reason of smile and soon he/she becomes the reason of cry. I feel so lost my baby. You were not my love but my life. I love you. –Anonymous 

It hurts because we are not close to each other but it hurt more you are not into my life anymore. Life is lost without you. –Anonymous

lost without you quotes

I Feel Lost without You Quotes

Lost Without You Quotes To Share

I could not bear the weight of my heart because it becomes so heavy with the grief of your absence. I am missing you. My life is completely lost without you. –Anonymous 

There is no medicine or treatment for a heart to get healing when it is broken by somebody. It hurts so much. I never thought you would leave me someday. I feel so lost my baby. –Anonymous

It is you who make me happy and now you are not into my life so I feel empty without your presence. –Anonymous

When you entered my life I decided to spend my whole life with you I decided to bear your every loss I was taken a pledge to share every pain of your life but I never thought life would take us on this difficult part. –Anonymous

Love creates magic around us. My life was magical when you were with me but now that magic has vanished because you are lost somewhere. –Anonymous

I could not imagine my life without you but now I have to survive without you. Life is hard and lost because you are not here. –Anonymous

Sometimes I wish you were here so that I could show you how life feels to me without you. Baby, I miss you. –Anonymous

Just because our path is different now that doesn’t mean I forget you. I am lost in your love. –Anonymous

A day without your presence seems like a day without the brightness of the sun. –Anonymous

Mostly I miss you during the night when everything is quiet because silence reminds me you are not here. –Anonymous

The few minutes I spend with you is enough and better than the many hours I spend without you. Feeling lost my sweetheart! –Anonymous

No matter how badly you broke up with me but still I love you with those broken pieces. I lost in your love and still waiting for you to come. –Anonymous

Sometimes it is not about fixing everything but it is about forgetting everything and starting from the fresh. I feel so lost in your love and surviving without you is hard. –Anonymous

You took my heart and then broke it up into several pieces. Now, I am feeling lost. Miss you! –Anonymous

When I surrender my soul and heart to you I never thought you would break up in that way. You might be thinking that I am okay but I’m completely lost. –Anonymous

I often acted like staying without is not a big deal but in reality, it is breaking me from inside. My heart is lost. I miss you every minute. –Anonymous

It is one of the worst feelings after break up that you can’t love somebody else because your heart still belongs to the person once you love the most. –Anonymous

I am unable to eat, I am unable to drink because you and I are not together. I am lost without you. It is hard to breathe. It is hard to survive. –Anonymous

I broke my own heart because I gave it to you. I lost without you. I want you on my side I want you back in my life. I love you. –Anonymous

The hardest part of life is to remove someone from our life. I am completely lost in your life. –Anonymous 

If we love someone that is not a big deal but what is the hardest part of love is to love someone when he/she left. I am lost. I cry daily. My tears are enough to express how I feel lost. –Anonymous

Attachment is the worst feeling of love. Because we lost the person we love but feelings stay with us. Miss you, my love. –Anonymous

I am feeling lost. I know we are not on the same route of life but I promise I will be there whenever you need me. –Anonymous

I feel lost inside but I know not every loss is really a loss. –Anonymous

The hardest part of love is not to let go of the person but still loving and thinking about them is one of the worst feelings. Baby, I am feeling lost without you. –Anonymous

Future is unpredictable I wish you would understand my feelings how much I am serious about your love. –Anonymous

Whenever I look at our picture I think how much I am lost in your love. –Anonymous

You appear in my dream every night where we are sharing love together but when I come back to reality I feel upset. You are my biggest loss. –Anonymous

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