100+ Top Love Affirmations for Your Loved Ones

Nervous about what to say to your partner? Worry not, given below are affirmations that you can say to the love of your life. Everyone wants to be loved by their partners, but one should also know it’s not that easy sometimes.

And most importantly, what we tell them can highly encourage them and make them feel loved. If you want to be loved by your partner start saying these affirmations, these will surely help you. 

Top Love Affirmations for Your “ The Loved One”

Whenever I hear the word blessing I remember your name. 

Observing the childish nature in you attracts me more towards you. 

How can I be not devoted to you when you have loved me unconditionally. 

Your ideas always motivate me. 

You are an inspiration for me. 

Love is just not about being intimate, it’s all about the efforts and whether small or big I will appreciate all your efforts. 

You are my support system. 

Will always admire your inner beauty. 

Bringing a smile on your face always makes me happy. 

I always thank god for sending you into my life. 

 I never thought my destiny will give me such a beautiful soul.

I make sure my partner is always happy with me.

My love for momos and you will never shrink.

My heart is always open to you.

May our love for each other be long-lasting.

Whenever I see your eyes I fall for you again and again.

We are imperfectly perfect for each other.

Trust is the foundation of our relationship.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of love you give me.

I am comfortable with you even if I am at my worst.

7.8 billion smiles but yours are my favorite.

Your eyes always radiate love for me.

Your achievement my happiness.

Apart from being a lover, you are my best friend too.

What else I need when I have the perfect package in you.

In a world of many choices, I will always choose you.

You and I make the weirdest combination like the Nutella jam sandwich.

I always had a dream of a partner who understands me and you are like a dream came true.

You give me calmness and peacefulness which I will never get from others.

I understood the actual meaning of love in a different way when I met you.

You touched my soul differently.

If someone asks me the meaning of perfect, then it’s you.

At times when I don’t love myself, you were the one who stood by my side at my worst.

I have the best drunken memories with you.

You always cure my wounds.

You are that person who fits into my life like a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

Holding your hand gives me a different level of happiness, comfort.

I love then you have so many options but you always choose me.

We make a better and stronger combination together.

My biggest flex is our marriage.

I always get a positive vibe whenever I am around you.

I always wish in the next life also I get you as my constant.

I am thankful for the cupid that he has hit us together.

Birthday wish does come true, I realized that when I found you.

Dancing on the love songs together is all I need after a terrible day.

Earlier I didn’t believe in a soulmate, but after meeting you I do believe in it.

Wearing your hoodie is one of my favorite outfits in winter.

I can’t resist myself saying I Love You whenever I see you.

Maybe our outfits will be outdated but our love for each other will never.

If I had a choice to keep one thing in my next life then definitely it will be you.

Counting you in my prayers is my favorite thing I do every morning.

Missing you when you just left the place is the thing I can’t express in words 

When I first cried for you was the moment when I realized you are made for me.

I am glad I married you, my love.

Whenever the mind search for stability you are the place I always want to go.

You are my small world my constant which I am not going to share with anyone.

You are the best decision which I made when I was a teenager.

Festivals are more excited when I celebrate it with you, my love.

I must say our kids are going to have an understanding Father.

Seeing your care for me is just beyond words.

The way you keep calling me when I am late shows how much you are afraid of losing me.

Every day is fun when I am with you, honey.

Lucky you, you got me as your partner.

The best hug I get after a tiresome day is from you.

It feels good when you praise me.

Adding my surname with your name seems so good.

You light up my world as fireflies do in darkness.

Getting the first and last message from you is another level of happiness.

I don’t mind sharing my favorite kinds of stuff if I have to share it with you.

Your lap is the best chair for me.

Holding hands together since we first met.

You are the upgrade package of happiness in my life.

I have the sparkle for you in my eyes.

My partner listens to me whenever I am in a talkative mood.

Our love is balanced.

Despite endless fights, I have always found you whenever I needed you.

I always think positive about our relationship.

I am ao thankful that I got you as my man.

I can face anything whether it’s bad or good but the only condition is I need you on my side.

Your voice always melts me.

I admire you.

I have no words to express how much I am grateful to have found you.

It gives me tremendous happiness at the thought of spending my whole life with you.

love affirmations for loved one

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