171+ Love Quotes from Movies that Will Inspire You

Movies have always left a significant impact on our lives. Each and every day we get some new kinds of inspiration from the film and their dialogues.

We even apply those cheesy or practical quotes in our real love lives and they also work wonders for use.

Some movie quotes inspire us so much that we act according to those lines and get super good results on the basis of those quotes.

Inspiring Love Quotes from Movies.

Inspiring Love Quotes From Movies

-I know it is not going to be at all easy and we have to work really hard to make it happen but all I want is that I will be having the total of you, no bargaining can be done –The Notebook

-I absolutely loathe the thing that I am completely unable to hate you for any reason, not at all and I cannot even think of it –10 Things I hate about you

-The fallings stars create a great moment of rejoicing and light where the background is the paradise and their visibility has vanished in the speed of the flash as if they are escaping from eternity –The Notebook

-I may not be as smart as other men present in my era but the greatest advantage of knowing me is that I am the one who can understand love very well –Forrest Gump

-Love is very much unpredictable it can make you fall for any kind of random person in a most unexpected location and in the most bizarre situation –Up

-Love is not at all judgmental it can make you fall for a person despite knowing the bad aspects of that person and embracing the good aspects of that person too –Crazy, Stupid, Love

-I will never stop loving you even if your beauty fades away, your hair falls in a disgraceful manner due to some ailment and even if there are no teeth left in your jaw –About Time

-We always get back the love we have expected for ourselves, it is very difficult to accept those love which does not match the standard we have set for ourselves in a relationship –The Perks of Being a Wallflower

-Love has the quality to bring out the greatest quality within us that was hidden all this long and it can make us a better human being than we were before –As Good as It gets

Love is a kind of capability that has the power to fall for ourselves as well so that we can adore the person next to us much more than before –Dan in Real Life

-Love can help you solve the all unsolved mysteries through the person you have fallen for, it is the key to all the answers to all unanswered questions which you were finding for a long time –Don Juan DeMarco

-Love will create that great drive within you to do the all undone things and give a concrete effort just to put a smile on the innocent face of your lady love –It’s a wonderful life

-You need to give me an oath that whenever you will feel low or find you in an unsecured position you will try to find your identity through the reflection of my eyes -P.S. I love You

-Love is all about withstanding the rough ups and downs with the person you are in love with and not giving up till the end and cherishing the ride at the end of the journey –Runaway Bride

-Love has no definite shapes and size since it is always a surprise package it brings up the capability of every person to give their beloved immense happiness and joy –Shrek

-Love has an outstanding magical power to completely turn a very dull and pale thing into a beautiful one, it actually makes the world more amazing to you than it was before –Sleepless in Seattle

-Love cannot be immediately recognized or named as soon as you fall in it but gradually when you start experiencing the feeling and enjoying it, you just call it love –The Bridges of Madison County

-Love has an absolute power to go much beyond hatred, anxiety, jealousy, fear, and grudge, it can heal every wound and every negative feeling we retain within us – The Crow

-Love has never needed any extravagant quality to fall for it, it only requires a beautiful and pure heart to experience the beauty of the feeling and cherish it to the fullest –The Notebook

-Love makes people do things desperately not even thinking about the consequences, it is one of the most flamboyant feelings that make your life exquisitely beautiful –The Wizard of Oz

-Love also has a love-hate relationship with your body organs, it absolutely hates your brain as it applies logic but completely loves your heart for dominating the feelings, it uses your soul to love your surrounding people –Wedding Crashers

-Many times love becomes the absolute teacher and makes you learn that the real aim for loving is to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the happiness of your beloved -Frozen

-Love will never ensure that you are going to have a smooth journey throughout your love life but it will definitely guarantee you that whatever you will get in the end will give you utter happiness –Hitch

love quotes from movies

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-Love is like giving your dead life a new way of rejuvenation, it is like living life all over again and making the most of it in the best possible way –When Harry met Sally

-Whenever you feel low or like you are just all alone and nobody is there beside you, then just fall in love and it will let go of your all kind of loneliness –Hercules

-I myself cannot believe that exploding things like love can happen to an extraordinary person like me but it is surprisingly true that I have fallen in deep and complete love –Brief Encounter

-Love is  not about remembering every informative short thing but it is only about recollecting about some special moments and rejoicing them the rest of our lives –Father of the Bride

-Love is not about dating any random person you meet but it is about badly wishing to be with that special person whom you have loved for a long time –You’ve Got Mail

-Love is like finding the compatibility out of all the differences, it is like being the bird if your beloved wants to be the bird too –The notebook

-In love, once you step into it there is no stepping back and even if you are suffering badly in love you know no ways to quit it –Brokeback Mountain

-In love, you actually become blind but yet you rejoice it the most, you actually cannot find any kind of flaws or drawbacks in the person you love the most –Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind

-When you are in deep love, you actually become so much happy that you even become ready to die just at that moment because you feel that you have achieved everything you have wanted in life –Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind

-Love makes you so much lost in the person you love that you actually cannot recollect or know anything except that person, you become completely associated with that person -Jim Carrey

-Love helps you to find perfection even in the most flawed person, she seems the most beautiful girl for you and you are absolutely happy with her –Love Actually

-Love is actually the inoculums to make an incomplete person into a complete person by the love, affection, and nourishment of her beloved –Jerry Maguire

-In love, you regret every moment by wishing to do a lot more fun with your partner than you have done before and it is a sweet kind of agony –The Great Gatsby

-All you need to do is to kiss the person you love the most with all your heart out as if it is the last chance and you will never be able to kiss that person anymore –Casablanca

-Death is not at all a barrier for the ones who are in deep and true love, death can only give a break and cause some delay for the real lovers to meet for the eternity –The Princess bride 

-All I have realized in love that we have to take our first step as soon as we realize the person with whom we want to spend our whole life with –When harry met sally

-The sense of love matures as you grow up and clears the misconception that not every people are there with whom you can connect your soul with but there is only one special person in your life –Before Sunset 

-If there is any hindrance in love, a true lover will definitely come back and get back his love, get hitched to her, and live his entire life with love and without any shame –Atonement

-I promise you that I will not claim for any change in you for being with you but will always love you for the way you are right now –Bridget Jone’s Diary

-For me, you are like the red wine which gets more refined and blissful when ages and I am going to cherish having you for the rest of my life –Shakespeare in Love

-If you just say something, I will try my best to get it for you and even if I have to sacrifice my life I will also do that for you –It’s a wonderful life 

-The craziest thing about love is you fail to recognize that when you have fallen in love and how and what for what reason you have fallen deeply for that person –Patch Adams

Love quotes from movies

Love Quotes From Movies

-I’ve fallen in love with someone. I’m just another ordinary girl. I never thought such violent mishaps could happen to ordinary people as well. -Brief Encounter

-I was sure that I could never recall what Nina wore that day again, but I was also sure that I would never forget how she looked. -Father Of The Bride

-I always wanted it to be you, and only you. I wanted it to be you so freakin’ bad. -You’ve Got Mail

-It’s never going to be easy; rather, it’s going to be hard. We will have to work on it every day, but I’ll still do it because I want you, forever, you and me, every single day. -The Notebook

-I wish I knew how to quit you, but unfortunately, I don’t. -Brokeback Mountain

-I am unable to see anything that I hate about you. -Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

-Clem, I could die right now. I’m…just happy, and I’ve never felt that before. I’m exactly where I want to be. -Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

-I love you so much. You seem to complete me. -Jerry Maguire

-I wish I could have done everything there is to do on this planet with you. -The Great Gatsby

-Kiss me now. Kiss me as if it’s the last time we get to kiss each other. -Casablanca

-Even death can’t stop true love. All it might do is delay true love for a while, and that’s it. -The Princess Bride

-I came here tonight because I realized I need you to spend the rest of my life with me, and when you realize this, you want the rest of your life to commence as soon as possible. -When Harry Met Sally

-I like you, and that’s everything I know. I guess then I have that. -Garden State

-When you’re young, you believe there will be many people for you to connect with. Then when you mature, you tend to realize this happens only a few times. -Before Sunset

-One day, I’ll return, and I’ll find you. I will love, marry, and live with you without shame. -Atonement

-No, I must say I like you a lot. I like you just the way you are. -Bridget Jones’s Diary

-You can never age in my eyes, nor can you fade or die. -Shakespeare In Love

-Listen, mister. Remember that you’re my knight in shining armor, and never forget it. -On Golden Pond

-I am unsure whether we have a destiny or are just floating around accidentally, like a breeze. I think that it’s both. Maybe both are happening at the same given time. -Forrest Gump

-You wish you had the moon? Tell me again, and I’ll throw a lasso around the moon to pull it down. -It’s A Wonderful Life

-I would miss you even if we had never met. -The Wedding Date

-I love you without knowing why, how, or even where. -Patch Adams

-I so want to sing you the entire “I wanna grow old with you” song because you mean someone I wish to grow old with. -The Wedding Singer

-But mainly, I wouldn’t say I like the way I don’t hate you at all. Not even close, not even a tiny bit, not even at all. -Things I Hate About You

-You were the only person, or thing, in my life that felt real to me; the rest were all so fake. -Blue Is The Warmest Color

-You have bewitched me, my body and soul, and me. I love you, and you, and only you. -Pride And Prejudice

-People say that when we meet the love of our lives, time tends to stop for a moment, and that’s, in fact, true. -Big Fish

-The greatest thing we can all learn is to know how to love someone and get back the same love. -Moulin Rouge

-I knew I had fallen for you the moment I met you. I’m sorry that it took me such a long time to catch up; I had gotten stuck. -The Silver Linings Playbook

-I’m just another girl, standing in front of another boy and asking him to love her. -Notting Hill

-Why does it matter that the boy is perfect or the girl? Why do others care if they feel they’re perfect for each other? -Good Will Hunting

-You should be kissed more often than not by someone who knows you and knows how to kiss you. -Gone With The Wind

-Can’t you see that every step I have taken, since being that small little girl standing on the bridge, was to get closer to you? -Memoirs Of A Geisha

-It was winning that ticket that brought me to you, Rose, and it was the best that had ever happened to me. -Titanic

-I promise you, Jack, I’ll never let go of you. -Titanic

-I would rather have one kiss of her mouth, one smell of her hair, one touch of her fingers than live an entire eternity without it. Just one! -City Of Angels

-Do you know that you make me want to be a better person? -As Good As It Gets

-I vow to love you fiercely in all your forms, now and forever. I promise never to forget that this is a “once in a lifetime” love. -The Vow

-It would be my absolute privilege to get my heart broken by you. -The Fault In Our Stars

-At that moment, the whole of the universe got together, leading to us coming closer. -Serendipity

-I have come here to profess, and not with any expectations. Now that I have the liberty to disclose whatever I feel, I feel that my heart is and will always be yours. -Sense & Sensibility

-You never marry the one you want to live with for the rest of your life. You marry the one you can’t live without for the rest of your life. -P.S. I Love You

-You are the first boy I’ve ever kissed in my life, Jake, and I also want you to be the last one ever. -Sweet Home Alabama

-Love is the passion and obsession with being with that special someone. If you never start with that, what will you end up with? -Meet Joe Black

-Choose me over everyone else, and marry me. Let me make you happy forever. -My Best Friend’s Wedding

-The purest form of love is the one that tingles the soul. -Notebook

-Nothing could come between them, neither time nor distance.- Sleepless In Seattle

-I am afraid of walking out of this room and never feeling the same way I feel with you for the rest of my life. -Dirty Dancing 

-You are someone who should be kissed frequently by someone who knows how to. -Gone With The Wind

-When you are sure that you want to spend your whole life with someone, then you want that part of your life to start immediately. -When Harry Met Sally

-Even if you say you want the moon, I will do everything to get it for you. -It’s A Wonderful Life 

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