101+ Cute Love You Messages for Her

Anyone needs to let his/her girl know how much she means to him/her.

Instead of costly gifts and crowded dinner dates, these heartfelt messages are sure to make her feel special. Let us look at some of the most romantic Love you messages for your beloved.

Here are Cute Love You Messages for Her

-I love you because you are my life and I love my life because I met with you in it.

-It is said that love is painful. I would not mind that pain if I am in love with you.

-I wished for a lifelong friend from a shooting star. I did not realize the wish came true exactly when you came into my life.

-I now believe that wishes upon a shooting star always come true as I wished for true love from one and now I have you.

-You know how much your happiness means to me and your smile is the biggest reward I can have in my life.

-I am lucky because you love me more than I do and every time you make me feel that I am your priority.

-Just your smile can make me cross a million mountains.

-I don’t believe that you can fall in love only once because I fall in love every time you come in front of me.

-I am extremely lucky to have you as my partner. I will cherish this forever.

-Just like a ship will get lost without a radar. I will be lost without you as a partner in my life.

-I met you by chance. We became friends by choice. But I did not have any control over falling in love with you.

-Describing my love for you would be as futile an endeavour as describing the taste of water. It is impossible.

-You make me happy in millions of unthinkable ways and I will always be thankful to you for that.

-I cannot describe in words how amazing I think you are. I love you.

-Just a text from you is enough to change my mood from super sad to super happy. That’s how much authority you have over my heart.

-At times I doubt if it is reasonable to get into a fight for love. But then I think of your face and I am ready to take down anyone.

-I see you with my eyes closed because you are always me. But I see you even when I have my eyes closed.

-Even when my mind is free to think about anything in the world it is weird how it always ends up thinking about you.

-Even having a glance at your face is enough for me to change a miserable day into the best day of my life.

-With your kind heart and brave personality, you are the person I admire the most.

-The way you care about me is really amazing. I cannot imagine life without your presence.

-I want to be with you only two times in my life- at this moment and forever.

-Whenever you will need someone by side I will be there. Always be sure of that.

-Looking bad at the past, I find it to be so miserable and that I never want to go back while looking ahead at the future I feel secure and can’t wait to travel ahead in time. I realised it is because I didn’t have you in the past.

-The day I realised that the person I loved so much loved me back, was the most special day of my life. I will cherish that day throughout my life.

-Life has never been better from the moment you came in it. Thank you for each and every thing that you have done for me.

-I wish that each and every day of your life turns out to be as amazing as you have made mine.

-I promise to keep your heart unbroken as long as I am with you. I will forever keep you happy and try to be a better man each day of my life.

-Whenever I am asked about the day I will stop loving you, I say that I will do it the day I find the tear I dropped in the ocean.

-I will never be able to love anyone again in the manner I love you.

-Every time I see the spaces between my fingers, I figure out that it is the place where your fingers fit perfectly.

-Maybe you do not realise it but hearing the sound of your laughter is the most important part of my life.

-I can make my heart the most secure place on earth but still you would be the one with unlimited access to it.

-Never ask why I love you so much. You just deserve it.

-My love for you is more than that can be defined by words, expressed by feelings and imagined by thought.

-I want to be in love with you until the end of forever.

-You are my favourite Hello and my most difficult Goodbye.

-I want every day to be a day to celebrate love and want you as my valentine in all of them.

-I would like to live for you rather than die for you. I want to enjoy every moment of this life with you always by my side.

-Every morning I smile at the sunshine not because I like a bright sunny day but because it reminds me of the glow of love for you in my heart.

-Every second I feel my love for you growing at an exponential rate.

-My morning, evening and night are all yours. You own my past, present and future and the whole of me. I love you.

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-I am not happy only because I am in love. Being in love with you in particular is what makes me elated.

-Waking up with your memories is a better fitness drive for me than a rigorous gymming session.

-Forgetting about you would be the hardest thing that I could ever do.

-Instead of spending a lifetime thinking about how I could never hold you in my arms, I would rather spend a moment just doing that.

-You have no idea how much joy and fulfilment you bring into my miserable life.

_It is my great fortune to be able to call you mine. You are the most kind-hearted person on the earth.

-You have always been the girl of my dreams.

-Long before I met you in person I imagined someone just like you in my mind as my soulmate.

-I was on the brink of giving up on the feeling of love when you came into my life. You showed me the real meaning of love.

-If love is a sports car, then you are its fuel for me. You are essential for it to move.

-You will always be my queen. Your wish is my command and the reigns of my heart are in your hands.

-Since I am not a wealthy person, I will not be able to offer you all the riches in the world. But I promise that everything I do will be meant for you.

-When you are with me, I tend to lose myself. When you are not, I want to lose myself again.

-The only way I can surpass the gratitude I felt for having met you is by being amazed at the amount of joy you bring into my life.

-Since the time I fell in love with you I have been daydreaming a lot. I failed each time I tried to stop thinking about you.

-For me you are like a cute little kitten who demands love in this cold world by looking at my eyes.

-Every time I feel anxious about the future, I see your reflection, and think about the beautiful past and exciting present with you. It provides me with a tranquil sense of security.

-Just came here to knock on the door of your heart to make sure if I still live there.

-I keep on marching steadily through life with the help of your rhythm.

-I love you with all my smiles, tears and breaths.

-In every person I see I see your reflection. That’s the kind of influence your love has had over me.

-Because of your presence in my life, I have forgotten what loneliness feels like. Every day I spend with you by my side is worth living.

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