70+ Lovely You and I Quotes to Share

Life gives us many kinds of gifts and treasures but our greatest kind of present is finding true love in life.

It is really necessary to have someone in your life with whom you can really enjoy your moments.

You really need somebody to understand the meaning and pleasure of becoming from me. People do come into our lives, but we really need to realize who is the only one for us who can change our lives and how we can feel special with them.

Amazing You and I Quotes

-All I want in my life is to create some awesome memories with you -Anonymous

-All my day starts with a sweet smile of yours but ends up with the sweet dreams of you -Anonymous

-My kind of having fun is like you and me having enormous fun and spending the entire day with all our gossips -Anonymous

you and i quotes

-Every day I look forward to generating some quality moments with you and I hope to cherish all those memories throughout my life -Anonymous

-Whenever I look at the stars, I wonder how beautifully they have witnessed our graceful love-story in our terrace every day and how greatly they have accompanied us -Anonymous

-I am going to love you till my last breath, till the evergreen tree turns pale and till the almighty says that the Earth is going to perish -Anonymous

-If I have ever got a chance to make one of my wishes true, my only wish will be to ride a horse along with you and visit all the beautiful places of the Earth -Anonymous

-You are as soothing as the dew drops on the grasses, as beautiful as the fresh rose in the flower vase, as energetic as the running unicorn and you are only made for me -Anonymous

-Our life has been a ride of roller coaster which has witnessed many ups and downs but the most beautiful thing is that we had the determination to face those together -Anonymous

-Whenever I open my eyes, my only demand is to see you around me all the time, feel your aroma in all my room, and have our breakfast together -Anonymous

-In my lifetime, I have only wished for a magical thing or a miracle to happen which can change my life forever in a positive way, today, I have you and my wish is fulfilled -Anonymous

-Today was a really beautiful and glorious day because today you and I have got to spend some quality time together for the entire day -Anonymous

-If I ever had wished God for a prince charming to come in my life, then God has definitely listened to me and made my wish true because you are the one I have always longed for -Anonymous

-A lot of people has come into my life and a lot of people have left, but you are the only one who has the potential to become my forever -Anonymous

-Whenever I am with you, I always feel very light as if I have never had any kind of sorrow in my life or I have never been hurt by anybody in my life, you are like magic -Anonymous

-I am actually lost in ecstasy when out of the blue you come to me by running and suddenly hug me hard and whisper in my ears that how much you love me -Anonymous

-Wish I could spend even my working hours with you because your thoughts keep running on my mind all the time and I cannot resist it anyway -Anonymous

-I can keep all the mere happiness aside and can choose you with a closed eye because you have never been an option for me, you have always been my first choice -Anonymous

-I can leave everything for you because you are the one who is ready to sacrifice all your beloved things for the sake of me and my happiness -Anonymous

-People always say that true love is very rare to be found out nowadays but I feel that I am too much lucky that I am having such a great life partner like you -Anonymous

-Love and relationship is like a sailing boat which has the ultimate destination of happiness and you are the boatman in my life who has led me to find out the key to happiness -Anonymous

-You are like a flower whose aroma spreads all over the garden or a room and makes the space and the people residing in it piously and pure and here the person is me -Anonymous

-Whenever my eyes cannot find you, I start badly missing you and my heart surely finds you by connecting to your heart -Anonymous

-We always try to find solitude and solace in the arms of those with whom we fall in love, the day I met you, I have found my ultimate peace in the innocent smile of yours -Anonymous

-I was a complete non-believer of love and the miracle things but then you came into my life and I started believing that magic does exist and a person can magically change someone’s life -Anonymous

-I can barely think of a day or any kind of work that I can do without you because you have taken the place of everything in my life and you have become my everything -Anonymous

-Peace can only occur to somebody when they are with somebody who can love them immensely and can support you in all the hard situations and you are one of them -Anonymous

you and i quotes

When in Love, or Rather True Love, We Have Got to Make Sure that Our Beloved Person Feels Special. to Make Sure You Bring a Big Smile to Their Faces, Here Are Some Beautiful Quotes. Check Out Best You Quotes for Your Beloved One

-Life is kind of vicious circle, if you do something good to you, you get back the same thing, I now, believe I might have done something good that is why I am having you -Anonymous

-At times, our perspectives may differ but at the end of the day we both know that nothing can change our love for each other and we cannot live without each other -Anonymous

-Many people have tried a lot to create a rift between us and break our relation but it was our love and the trust and respect between you and me which have made our togetherness possible -Anonymous

-We may not be perfect for each other but together we are trying to make things perfect and that is the most perfect thing one could ever achieve in a relationship -Anonymous

-I have never seen in my life a girl as pure and as charismatic as you and that is why I badly want to be with you and spend the rest of my life with you -Anonymous

-In my life, I have demanded very little and was always prepared for settling with a very meager amount but fortunately, I have got you and that’s much more than my wish -Anonymous

-Each and every single day I pray to the almighty for our love to touch eternity and for your well being because you mean the whole world to me -Anonymous

-I wish to God that may our love becomes infinite and never-ending and may our relationship becomes enough strong so that it can withstand all the upcoming ups and downs in my life -Anonymous

-You are like the rose whose thorns have been become invisible for me and all it can give me is some sweet memories and a feeling of goodness -Anonymous

-I was very much puzzled that whether I would ever be able to find someone who would love me for the rest of my life and God kindly sent you in my life and made me the luckiest -Anonymous

-I have seen people changing their minds and priorities in a day and I have seen you who can sacrifice anything in her life for me only, I have you and I am more than privileged -Anonymous

-I might have done something really good and sympathetic in my past life because it is my goodwill only in this life that I became lucky to have you as my life partner -Anonymous

 Lovely You And I Quotes To Share

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