96+ Good Loyalty Quotes to Understand

Someone who has been hurt by his or her dear ones can say that loyalty is indeed like a double-edged knife. But if someone is loyal to you, then that will be the most valuable thing. Without loyalty, relationships can break very easily.

Here you will find some of the best loyalty quotes that have expressed the merits and the consequences of being loyal.

Best Loyalty Quotes to Understand

-The people whom I love belong to me, and I belong to them. The loyalty that they get from me creates my identity more than anything else can. –Veronica Roth

-Love is like a friendship that has caught fire. It is mutual confidence, quiet understanding, forgiving, and sharing. It is also the loyalty that takes you through your good and bad times both. It matters less for perfection and gives way to the weaknesses of humans. –Ann Landers

-You must always hold sincerity and faithfulness as the first principle of your life. –Confucius

-The strength of a family is similar to an army and loyalty plays a very important role here. –Mario Puzo

-I always look for certain characteristics and qualities in the people I come across. The first quality should be honesty, respect being the second quality, and last but not the least, loyalty would have to be the third quality. –Summer Alice

-Loyalty is all about having one woman with you rather than having ten. –Robert Jordan

-I prefer getting absolute loyalty by taking fifty percent efficiency. –Samuel Goldwyn

-To be accurate, one percent loyalty is equal to a pound of cleverness. –Elbert Hubbard

-I never give up on people whom I know will never give up on me because they are loyal. –Carrol Byrant

-Whenever a battle starts, at that time the loyalty of the army is proved. –Martin Luther

-It is not at all easy for anyone to be loyal to someone they don’t know and that too when that person does not reveal much about him. –Megan Whaler Turner

-Loyalty runs in my blood and when I come across something or someone, I commit to it totally and nothing can get me away from it. I don’t need a paper to sign my commitment because I can make the same lawyer who made the paper break it. If someone shakes my hand, my commitment starts from that very moment. –Jerry Lewis

-We came into this world with feelings of hate and envy. If we give way to them then that will make us violent and the sense of being loyal will be gone forever. –Xun Zi

-If you are not ready to die for someone, then you must not expect them to die for you. –Jacqueline Carey

-When you read my stories, you must remember that the things that give you true happiness are the same now as they were back then. There are certain qualities like courage, loyalty, kindness, helpfulness, and truth that always remain the same and that is what will keep you happy no matter what. –Laura Ingles Wilder 

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-If you are unable to value someone else’s commitment then, your commitments will soon lose their value too. –Ram Mohan

-The basic step in the development of morals is the sense of harmony with other people. –Albert Schweitzer

-Being loyal to someone is a virtue and the only remaining virtue. –Milan Kundera

-Loyalty to an unfair reason is a distortion of honor. –Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson

-Friendship should be based on loyalty always where a friend is someone who will walk into your life when the others are walking out of your life. –Gary Moore

-We shared a bond together, which cannot be violated by even death. –Dee Remy

-No one can blueprint loyalty nor can it be produced on an assembly line. In short, no one can manufacture loyalty because it is the heart of the human, which is the center of dignity and self-respect. It is a force, which is sensitive to betrayal. –Maurice Franks

-Loyalty is either black and white or none. Sometimes you are completely loyal or you are not loyal at any cost. – Sharnay

-Loyalty is really the strongest glue that can make any relationship last longer. – Mario Puzo

-Loyalty and honesty are the key to a happy life. If people are always honest with each other that is the biggest key to success. – Taylor Lautner

– Loyalty is a twenty-hour job and a part-time one. – Jonathan Moyo

-Loyalty cannot be bought neither can you someone’s heart or mind or even their soul. You have to learn to earn those. –Clarence Francis

-Loyalty means that you will let someone know where he or she is going wrong and also help them to make it right. –Anonymous

-I know that I am completely loyal. My loyalty has been questioned many times. However, one quality of mine that will not change ever is my loyalty. –Anonymous

-I am loyal to those who did not let me question their loyalty ever. –Anonymous

-It is not about who is real. However, it is always about who is loyal to you forever. –Anonymous

-Respect and loyalty go hand in hand. If someone does not return it then you must know that they do not deserve it. –Anonymous

-I return loyalty to those who are loyal to me. I return distance with those who are disloyal to me. –Anonymous

-Some people will not be loyal to you unless they need something from you. When they do not need you, they will stop being loyal to you. –Anonymous

-You should not insist a person be loyal to you to the point where they will not even care for you any longer. –Anonymous

 -When opportunity starts controlling your loyalty then something is wrong with your personality. –Anonymous

-Loyalty is an act, which continues forever, and you d not get any points for your past actions. –Natasha Pulley

-Loyalty must never become your slavery. If someone is not appreciating you for what you are doing for him or her, then leave him or her alone. –Anonymous

-The love of your life does not need your gifts, status, or your money. All that he or she needs is your loyalty, honesty and wants to be your priority. –Anonymous

-We can learn to be obedient and loyal from a dog.-Robert Benchley

-When you betray someone who has done a lot for you, you should know it is you, who you cheated on for true loyalty. –Anonymous

-The qualities that I look for in someone are honesty, respect, and most importantly their loyalty towards me. –Summer Altice

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-Neither do we have the money nor do we have any possession. This is exactly why we know how to value whatever we have and that is friendship and loyalty. –Anthony Horowitz

-Loyalty is one of those things that you are willing to give to other no matter what you get in return from them. When you give your loyalty, you will get more in return. Through your loyalty, your other qualities will reflect back as well. –Charles Jones

-You can get compliments and attention from anyone but people who love you will give you all these along with respect, loyalty, trust, and honesty.-Charles Orlando

-Loyalty will mean nothing unless it sets the heart to do some self-sacrifice. – Woodrow Wilson

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-Often loyalty means that you would have to stay with people who you love during difficult times. It never means that someone gets the license to treat you badly but you, no matter what will stay with them forever. That’s a big difference you can make. – Doe Zantamata

-The stepping stones of achieving success are character, honesty,  integrity, love, faith, and most importantly, loyalty. – Zig Ziglar

-Everyone is looking for loyalty and consistency. It also looks for somebody who doesn’t give up easily. But first, you have to learn to be that kind of person and only then you will get that person, you have to be that person. –Anonymous

-You can earn someone’s loyalty with affection, love, and trust but not with the barbaric rituals. It is now time to leave behind all these old rituals. — Waris Dirie

-You have to earn trust, give respect and demonstrate loyalty. When any of these are betrayed, you will lose all three of them. — Ziad K. Abdelnour

-You must not ask someone to do something for you that even you are not willing to do. — Eleanor Roosevelt

-You must be loyal to the people who always supported you in your times of need. – Sylvester Stallone

-Loyalty is just like the precious pearl among the sand. Only those people can see the pearl who can understand this. –Anonymous

-When I come across new people, the first thing that I look for in them is their loyalty towards others. It helps to develop a sense of belonging and shows their humanity. – Haniel Long

-Loyalty is above everything else. At least that is what I believe. Either it is everything or it is nothing at all. –Anonymous

-Life teaches us that it is not possible to control the loyalty of a person. Even if you are being good to them does not necessarily mean that you will be treated or valued in the same way by them. Sometimes even the most trusted person in your life can turn out to be the person whom you cannot trust anymore. – Trent Shelton

-You can earn respect and appreciate honesty. While you can gain love and in return, you can give loyalty. –Anonymous

-As I am getting older, I am valuing loyalty even more. I can be fooled with kindness but my loyalty will speak for me. –Anonymous

-If you deserve my loyalty then you will surely get it. –Joyce Maynard

-We tend to seek loyalty in friendship. — Marcus Tullius Cicero

-You must lookout for the people who always look out for you because loyalty is important and it is everything. — Conor McGregor

Good Loyalty Quotes To Understand

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