199+ Lucky To Have You Messages For Your Amazing Companion

Love is simply a heavenly feeling. And this feeling becomes more special when your special one describes how Lucky He/She is To Have You ✨.

It might be difficult to tell the one you love how grateful you are for his/her existence in your life. But, to make him/her feel special, it is worth an attempt.

Following are some messages that could best describe your feelings to your partner.

Lucky To Have You Messages For Romantic Partners

Lucky To Have You Messages For Romantic Partners

-Fear remains miles away from me from the moment you entered my life. I am so very grateful to you for making me feel protective and secure.

-You are my dream, which still feels like a dream after its completion.

-My love for you was unmeasurable when I wanted to have you in my life. My love for you is still beyond measure when you are mine.

-More than my own life and breaths, I am grateful to God for giving you this life and breathing and sending me into this world.

-Since you came into my life, everything feels so sorted. You are my key(solution) to every lock(problem).

-If ever asked by anyone, my first and last wish will be ‘YOU.’ Envisioning life without you is like a body without a soul.

-Just like sugar to my tea, ice-cubes to my wine, lemon to my lemonade, password to my accounts, and pin to my atm, you are that much vital to me. We cannot go without each other.

-My life will be without you just like a laptop without an escape key, probably a waste.

-Just like Kardashians to her fans, your craze and charm are the same for me.

-I cannot describe how blessed I am because what I get as you in my life, others yearn to have it.

-I feel so overwhelmed whenever I caught you looking at me because, at those specific moments, I always saw a different kind of delight in your eyes.

-It says, you are lucky if your partner saw his/her whole universe in you or gaze at you like you are his/her winning a trophy or the lottery. I think I am blessed because you have claimed to see all this in my eyes.

I Am Lucky To Have You As My Life Partner

I Am Lucky To Have You As My Life Partner

-If there is any term more than lucky, then I want to pick that one. to describe my gratefulness for you.

-The fixed 440 watts smile on my face is your compassion.

-It has been so long, but not even a minor change is seen in you. Words become less to elaborate my gratefulness for you.

-I might not be much expressive, but to be yours and make you mine is beyond gratefulness for me.

-There come lots of happy moments in a day when I close my eyes and tears of gratitude start rolling down from my eyes, because of the feeling of gratitude to have.

-I am beyond blessed to have you in my life, who saw me getting failed but always reminded me of my victories.

-Not just your touch, even your gaze makes me feel like butterflies in my stomach.

-I am blessed to have a kind of love that deserves to be celebrated every day.

-Just like the keys of ‘U’ and ‘I’ cannot be separated on the keyboard; you and I are the same in this life.

-I have always prayed for that kind of love that you give me every day.

-Being crazily loved by someone feels more pleasant than loving someone crazily.

-It feels so heavenly when you get bulks of selfless love in return.

-I even don’t want to envision what the future has in store for us. I just want to cherish every single second of being loved by you.

-There are very few individuals who came and made a connection for a lifetime in the first meeting. I felt the same for you. 

I Am So Lucky To Have You In My Life Messages

I Am So Lucky To Have You In My Life Messages

-Coming into anyone’s life is easy but staying there forever is not easy. You entered into my life not just to stay here forever but to make it yours.

-I know dreams still can feel unreal after completion because I still can’t believe your existence in my life.

-I didn’t know that I have a heart that can beat for someone else before meeting you.

-After meeting you, I realize how only one dream can fulfill all of the dreams.

-Not just my lips and smile, my whole universe is smiling seeing you.

-Just like Juliet’s name cannot be completed without Romeo, my name looks incomplete without yours.

-I am more grateful for your existence on this earth than my own.

-What importance a key has to lock, the same is you for me.

-You are that someone special in my life, whom I saw in my dreams walking beside me holding my hand-in-hand.

-Some individuals can be vital to you in life, but only very few can be special to you in this life.

-I always wonder, seeing you, how only one individual can make you feel complete, secure, and protected at the same time.

-I feel amazed how only a person can make you feel complete or incomplete, with just his/her existence.

-When you hold my hand and walk beside me, I feel like a King/Queen of any Kingdom.

-Even walking with you hand-in-hand on a rocky way feels like a walk on the red carpet to me.

-Darling, you are the moon of my universe. I am fortunate and grateful for your existence in my life.

Lucky To Have You In My Life Quotes

Lucky To Have You In My Life Quotes

-My most beloved place to be is in your arms.

-I have decided to celebrate that day every year when you confessed your love for me.

-The day is as essential as Valentine’s is for all the lovers when you proposed to me.

-The most important pleasure is to feel grateful to have you in my life.

-Yes, I do believe that superheroes exist because I have two superheroes in my life, i.e., my father and you.

-You are more than perfect and impressive than my own man of dreams.

-Anyone can be someone’s first or last love, But I am the luckiest because I am someone’s only one, and it is beyond heavenly.

-You are the epitome of what an ideal partner should be like.

-I promise to love you until this earth stops rotating.

-The depth of gratefulness that I have for you is more profound than the oceans.

-I promise to love you until the stars stop twinkling and the moon stops shining.

-I always realize you are the only one who can successfully let my sorrows away just by holding me in the embrace.

-You are a magician of love who has filled my life and my heart with the gratitude of your love.

-I wonder whenever I look inside me, I find nothing but only the abundance of love for you.

-Thinking of you only has become a part of every moment of mine.

-Your thoughts are one of my favorite things in my mind.

-I always find myself lost in your consideration. I think you are a favorite of my mind and soul.

-Every beat of my heart is calling you and your name only. I even cannot envision my life without you because my world will cease without you.

-I know very well that your feelings for me are unreal and precious. I might not have told you, but emotions are mutual from my side too.

I Am So Lucky To Have Met You Messages

I Am So Lucky To Have Met You Messages

-You are that dream of mine that I can see all day and night.

-You are something that has my everything.

-If an imperfect person can be so right like you, then I don’t want any perfect person. I am content with my imperfect man.

-Your lame jokes are enough to make me laugh. I wonder how crazy I have become for you.

-I am lucky that I have got a full package of best friend, boyfriend, love, and soulmate in one person.

-You are my soulmate, which makes my soul feel complete.

-Do you permit me always to hold you close to my heart? Do you give me permission to scream loudly and tell this world how grateful I am for your love?

-If anyone ever asks me what is more precious for me, Diamonds or You. I will proudly say, to me, ‘YOU.’ 

-Looking into your eyes, I feel I am the blessed and favorite child of God because he blessed me with the best in the form of YOU.

-Even your lame jokes and sarcasm make me giggle. I wonder how mad and stupid you have made me.

-Before and after you have entered my life, I want no one but only you.

-Not more, nor less, I want just you and you only.

-It is the gratefulness of your love that makes me crazier for you every day.

-Millions and billions of individuals in this world, but my heart belongs and beats for you only.

-I am so fortunate to have someone in my life who is afraid to lose me.

-I don’t want to let you go from my life because someone told me always to hold tight, that person who never gets bored of your silly talks.

-Someone said to me, your soulmate never judges you. Therefore, I know you are my soulmate because you always let me do whatever I want and never judge me.

Truly Blessed To Have You In My Life Messages

Truly Blessed To Have You In My Life Messages

-It is said that never let go of that person who protects you like a brother and pampers you like a father. Therefore, I want to hold you forever.

-I don’t want to sound like a jealous and selfish girlfriend, but I can’t share you with any other.

-My biggest fear of life is envisioning life without you.

-My life has become better and fantastic since you entered it.

-I know I am going in the right direction in life because I can see my good karma in the form of you.

-Life would be poisonous and harmful without you. And, life with you would be a blessing and dreamy.

-Two joyful souls never create any dull moment.

-Magical moments start when YOU and I meet. You are a love magician for me. 

-You know each nerve of mine. You know all the tactics to make me happy and cheerful, even in my weakest time.

-I feel grateful that you made me believe in the beauty of true love.

-Living with you is worth living this beautiful life.

-Who needs a paradise when I have you with me in this life?

-You give me butterflies and nervousness at the same time, just by staring at me.

-The way I connected with you, I have never connected with anyone in my entire life.

-The moment I fell for you is the most cherished moment of my life for me.

-Climbing mountains and crossing oceans are not challenging if it has to be for you. I promise to give you the same happiness that you provide me with your love.

-Being spoiled with your love is the best feeling ever to me.

-Your name has been written on my heart and soul, and no one can erase it or replace it in this lifetime.

-You are my forever, and I want you forever.

-I always believed that there would be someone who would accept me with all my flaws. And then you entered into my life and strengthened my belief.

-After meeting you, I came to realize why it is said that you get some kind of sign from the universe when you meet someone special.

-You are my man, who has a heart of gold and a million-dollar smile, which makes my heart flutter.

-I feel the luckiest to have you in my life because of all your love and care.

-More than anything, your honesty, and caring nature always takes my heart away and makes me feel more and again for you.

Blessed To Have You In My Life Messages

Blessed To Have You In My Life Messages

-My love, you came into my life like a beautiful blessing, and I’m forever grateful to have you by my side. You fill my days with joy, and I cherish every moment with you. Blessed to have you in my life!

-Darling, you are the light that brightens my world and the anchor that keeps me grounded. Having you in my life is a true blessing, and I can’t imagine a day without you. I love you endlessly.

-To my beloved partner, you bring so much love, laughter, and happiness into my life. Your presence is a gift I cherish every single day. I feel truly blessed to have you as my companion on this beautiful journey of life.

-In a world full of uncertainties, you are my constant source of love and support. Your unwavering presence in my life makes me feel truly blessed. Thank you for being my rock and my confidant.

-Each day, I wake up grateful for the blessing that is you. Your love has transformed my life in the most wonderful ways, and I am thankful for the love we share. You complete me, and I’m so lucky to have you.

-My love, you make every moment magical, and your smile warms my heart like sunshine on a rainy day. Being with you feels like a dream come true, and I count my blessings every day for having you in my life.

-Life’s journey is sweeter with you by my side. Your love and care make every obstacle seem conquerable. I feel blessed to have you in my life, and I’m excited about all the beautiful moments we have yet to create together.

-You are the missing piece to my puzzle, the one I’ve been searching for all my life. Having you in my life completes me, and I feel incredibly blessed to share this extraordinary bond with you.

-My dear, your love is like a guiding star that leads me through both calm waters and stormy seas. Having you in my life makes me feel blessed beyond measure, and I’m grateful for the love we share.

-From the day we met, you’ve filled my life with love, laughter, and happiness. You’ve shown me what it means to be truly blessed in love, and I’m forever thankful for your presence in my life.

Lucky To Have You In My Life Quotes For Him

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