How To Make Your Girlfriend Realize Your Worth: 85+ Tips

Everyone is important in someone’s life and in relationships too. Most of the men who are in a relationship wish to hold an important place in their partner’s life, and that’s everything for them.

At a certain point in time in a relationship, a female partner stops giving importance. She must be made to realize the importance. 

Tips To Make Your Girlfriend Realize Your Worth

Prove that she is special. Your girlfriend will understand your importance when she is not you and when there will be no one to make her feel special all the time as you did.

Do not be appreciative. If you have been a boyfriend who appreciates your partner all the time, then stop doing it. She will automatically understand that something is wrong and will know your importance. 

Stop creating emotional intimacy. In your relationship, if you were the person who always created emotional intimacy, then do not. Let her be the one from now to create such things.

Stop being a good partner. Your partner might get complacent if you are being way too good with them. Let them know your importance and do things accordingly. 

Ignore her. The easiest way to make her realize your importance is to start ignoring her. Whenever she tries to talk to you, ignore her and go.

Do not be always available. As a boyfriend we might tend to be there for her as much as we can but if they forget your importance stop doing that.

Let her do things. If you have been ignoring her then you don’t need to do anything just sit and ignore her. This time let her make an effort to convince you. 

Stop replying to her messages. To make her realize your importance you should stop replying to her messages. This will make her think that something is wrong. 

Take time to pick up her calls. If you tend to pick up her calls as fast you can then stop doing that. Take your time and if you are not free then do not pick up only.

Say no to her. If you are a boyfriend who says no to your girlfriend then you should start doing it. You should say yes to your partner only if you have the wish.

Make yourself busy. You should start focusing on your career more than your girlfriend, keep yourself busy with your work. She will come to you when she realizes your importance.

Do not text or call her first. in your relationship, if you are the person who makes calls and messages to your female partner then do not do that. Let her do that now.

Do not do the chores. If your chores are divided between you and your partner, then intentionally forget to do your chores. She will realize when she will have to do it on her own. 

Let her know about your actions. You can get frustrated if your girlfriend has started to take you for granted. Do not be silent, show her by your actions that she is forgetting your importance.

Do not get easily convinced. Be hard to convince, if you can get convinced easily then she will not value you because she knows that she can persuade you whenever she wants.

Spend time with your friends. Try to invest more time with your friends, she will realize your importance when you will not be there with her. 

Take care of yourself. Men always have the intention to take care of their partner more than themselves. Instead, start taking care of yourself, they will come to know after some time that something is wrong. 

Make your own decisions. If she was the one who used to make decisions for you then take away that authority from your partner sometimes. 

Do things alone. If you have the habit of doing things together which is a common thing in a relationship. Start doing it alone, your absence will make her realize your importance. 

Know your value. You should be silent thinking that you deserve all this. The most important thing is to know your value and importance in your girlfriend’s life.

Tell her. If you feel that she has stopped giving you importance, then instead of doing anything you can directly speak to her about it. 

Spend limited time on your phone. If you spend too much on your phone because of your partner, then limit your timings and follow it strictly.  

Reduce your meeting time. If you meet your partner more often and spend too much time with her. Reduce it until she realizes your importance again.  

Start to live your life. Have fun, go for sleepovers at a friend’s house, spend a night out. Show her that you can have fun without her. 

Stop being transparent. Even after being transparent to your partner she is not giving you the importance and stops being transparent. Let her realize your importance in her life. 

Do not talk about yourself. During a conversation, you should stop talking about yourself as you did earlier. Let her go on speaking. It can help you to be a good listener. 

Show her that you have trust. Do not let your partner think that you are losing trust in her, let them know that you trust her. It can make her more attracted to you. 

Let her know that you are not pleased. Do not keep quiet if you are not being pleased in your relationship, make her understand that your needs are also important. 

Keep yourself first. If you have been keeping her first then it’s time to put yourself in front of the line and her after you. Then she will realize your worth.

Allow her some space. Your partner might stop giving importance to you if you are with her every time and everywhere. Give her some space and my time. 

Stop being the initiator. If you are the initiator of every activity in your relationship, then stop taking initiative. Let her initiate and engage with you. 

Do not accept excuses. If she misbehaves with you or does not give you respect but at last tries to give some excuse to cover her mistake do not accept it. Let her realize. 

Let her change things. You should not always be the one who changes things in your relationship if it is not working. Leave it to her for some time and sit back. 

Stand for yourself. Men always have a habit of not standing for themselves. If she tries to break your morale, then tell her strictly. This will make her realize that she has done something wrong. 

Be interesting. Women are attracted to men who are interesting and intriguing and if you are that kind of person. Stop doing it, she will come back to you when she realizes your importance. 

Do not provide her everything. Men always try to provide their partner whatever they ask for and if you are able to do that then she will take you for granted. Do not fulfill every wish that she makes. 

Be a loyal one. Make your partner believe that no other person can be as loyal as you can be to her. She will give you importance in her life. 

Build your boundaries. Sometimes building boundaries can make your partner realize that they have been not giving attention to you as much as you deserve. 

Get into productive work. Instead of spending a lot of time with your girlfriend, invest in works that are productive and will make you better. 

Stop tolerating her. You should always push your limits of tolerance because you love her. Set a limit and if she crosses it tell her that. 

Let her reach you. Stop trying to reach her or look for her every time, you should do things that will make her reach you. 

Take off the crown from her head. Every man tries to keep a crown over their partner’s head, but sometimes they forget to give your importance. If it happens take the crown off until she realizes. 

Remind her that you were the chooser. If she was the one who proposed to you, then to make her realize your importance you can remind her that she approached you first.  

Tell her how good your exes were. A fun and good way to make her realize is to talk about how good and beautiful your exes were, they will get jealous and come back to you. 

Do not value her abilities. A person has great confidence in their abilities, if you do not give importance to them then it will make them realize that you can do well without her. 

Talk about other females with her. A female will get jealous if you talk about other good females with her and they will feel your importance.  

Make her understand what you feel. Even after dropping a lot of hints about your feelings, sit down, and make her understand what you need from her. 

Show your differences. If she is not giving you importance then do exactly the opposite of it and do it everywhere, she will automatically get angry with herself and will keep you at the top of her priority list. 

Time should be for both of you. If you spend time together then it should be for both of you not only for her because you both are important. 

Go out alone. More often go out with your girlfriend to parties and events if she does not give you importance. This can work. 

Let her be on her own. If she remembers you only when she is in a problem or is upset, then do not go in aid. Leave her to handle herself on her own for this one time. 

Let the people around her love you. If you are out with your partner’s friends, then try to be the center of attraction and make them fall for you. She will get attracted to you after this. 

There’s life outside your relationship. Prove her wrong and show that you have a life outside your relationship, and you do not need her every time to be happy. 

Do not let things be her way. If you allow her to make you work or do things according to her way, then stop doing that and do it in your way. If she likes it or not. 

Stop compromising. If she does not value you then you should not even compromise your wishes and wants to fulfill her needs and desires. 

Look for your comfort. If you often do things for your partner by getting out of your comfort zone and even after that if they are not important to you, then you should not do it also. 

Reduce giving compliments. If you give compliments to your partner before she even asks for it then do not. Let her ask you or you stop giving her compliments. 

Stop being clingy. If your partner knows that you are clingy and you will always hold on or wait for her then stop being. Show her that if you do not feel nice then you can leave her. 

Do not let them be dependent on you. If your partner is too dependent on you, but she doesn’t give you importance then do not do anything for her. Let her realize her mistake.  

Make yourself happy. Men always feel that they will be happy if their partner is happy. Do not forget yourself while following the path to keep your partner happy. 

Stick to your plan. If you have plans on how to make your girlfriend realize your importance in their life, then follow them. Do not leave it in between. 

Stop taking her help. If used to take her help if you had any problem be it in your work or life problems. Stop asking for help. They realize that you need them, and they will start to give you more importance. 

Do not take her advice. If she is the person who likes to advise you then stop taking it from her. She will feel that she is not important to you. 

Flirt with other women. Do not feel shy to flirt with other women in front of your girlfriend. Make her jealous and make her want you more. It can be a risky method, but it works. 

Avoid her when she tries to be intimate. When your partner is in the mood and tries to be intimate with you, be smart, and avoid it. This action will make her think that she has done something wrong to you. 

Keep your mouth shut. The best way to play this game is to be silent. Do not speak to her if she even forces you to do so. 

Take care of your appearance. If you are good looking but you have stopped taking care of your appearance, then start again. Your partner will get attracted to you and will fall for you again. 

Show her some new moves. You can prove your importance in your girlfriend’s life by impressing her with new moves in bed. 

Get in shape. Start working out and bring back yourself into shape. It will attract her to you. 

Look sexy. To make your partner jealous and want you more be the sexiest between the two. 

Avoid her on social platforms. Stop tagging your girlfriend on social media platforms in your posts for some time. She will realize when she does not get tagged by as usual. 

Ditch plans at the end moment. If you want to make your partner realize you can try ditching her plans at the last minute. 

Intentionally forget her to introduce. There will be plans where she will meet with your colleagues or friends. Your first action will be to introduce her, but one time forget intentionally to reduce her to your friends. 

Know how to handle every situation. Your partner will always give you importance if you are the person you can handle any situation very well. 

Act like you are into some other girl. You can make your partner realize your importance by doing a drama that you are into some other girl. She will start to take an interest in your life.

Plan a solo vacation. The distance can make your partner realize your importance, so you can plan trips on which you can go alone. It is hard but it’s worth a try. 

Consult a relationship adviser. If it gets too much for you then there’s no harm in consulting an adviser to make your relationship bring back on your track. 

Talk to her parents. If she is not being able to understand it then you can positively ask her parents to help you out to make her realize your importance. 

Tell her that you want a break. if you do not get importance in your partner’s life and this can hurt you. Tell your girlfriend that you want a break. This can make her realize your importance in her life.

Ask her friends to help you. A female will never ignore her best friend’s words. Based on this you can ask her best friend to help you out to help her realize your importance.

Take her side. To make yourself important in her life sometimes take her side even if she is wrong and fight for her.

Love her more. The most beautiful way to make her realize is to love her. Love her to a level where she is bound to give you importance in her life. 

Connect with her emotionally. If you can connect with your partner emotionally then she will give you a place in her life where you will be very important to her no matter what.

Ask her about the problem. There might be a chance that you might have done something wrong to her and she is not giving you importance for that very reason. Ask your girlfriend and work it out among yourselves.

She can be a decoy. Your girlfriend can stop giving you the importance to see that if it affects you or not. If that is the case, then act normal and do not do anything. First, be sure.

Talk about the breakup. If your partner is not realizing your importance, then your last and the hardest option is to talk about breaking up. Who knows after you start talking about it might make her realize your importance.

Ask her to imagine a life without you. On a random note, just ask your girlfriend to imagine or give a thought about living without you. It might help you to make her realize how important you are to her. 

Tips To Make Your Girlfriend Realize You're Important

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