90+ Tips To Make Your Boyfriend Realize Your Importance

In a relationship, everyone is important to each other but sometimes men forget the importance of their women or girlfriend in their life.

If your boyfriend has taken you for granted because you love them so much then here are some methods to make him realize your importance.  

Tips to Make Your Boyfriend Realize that You are Important

Prove that there is more than just physical needs. Remind your boyfriend that you are not in a relationship for sex. Remind him that you are lovers and lifetime partners. You have feelings too.

Do not let things be in his way always.  If you do not feel like doing things that your boyfriend is doing, then say no to him. Do things in your way. 

Take the initiative in bed. Having sex comes on the list of important things in a relationship. Try to make him go crazy and tease him that will make him come back to you for more.

Do not accept excuses. Do not tolerate your boyfriend’s behavior and faults. If you do that then he will take you for granted and can hurt you more often. 

Spend some time outside your relationship. You should not always depend on your relationship for fun rather you should take some time off and make new friends and take up new hobbies.

Give your boyfriend some space. Let your boyfriend enjoy some alone time because men like to do things in their own time and have fun. 

Make yourself your priority. Your priority list should start with yourself and you should make your boyfriend that you will not always neglect yourself to keep him happy and satisfied. 

Try to get the attention of the people around him. Try to make the people around your boyfriend love you be it his parents, friends, or siblings. 

Do not take care of him every time. Stop running to help your partner whenever he is in a problem or is sick, let him do his stuff on his own. This will make him realize your importance.

 Be more confident. Everyone is not born with high confidence, if you are trying to gain that then show off in front of your boyfriend. This might make him jealous. 

Go out alone. If you go out with your boyfriend every time and come back unsatisfied then start going out alone. Make plans without your partner and go out. 

Appreciate your boyfriend. Like getting appreciated. So does your partner. Show your boyfriend that you appreciate him, and you love him. 

Take out time for each of you. Spending time around him always can make him forget that he needs to make some effort for you too. So, the time you take out it should be for both of you. 

Trust your boyfriend. Make your partner believe that you trust him, and you understand him more than anyone else. 

Limit your tolerance level. Do not tolerate your partner too much for the things that he does to you. Instead, limit your tolerance level to a limit and never let him cross that. 

Stop doing more for your boyfriend. Often you will try to do as much as you can do for your partner, but he might get used to it. Do for yourself more. 

Make him realize that you chose him. If your boyfriend takes you for granted, then he will start to think that he is your only option and hope. Do things that will remind him that you chose him.

Be full of expressions. Do not hide your experience from your boyfriend rather speak to him directly and honestly about it and work it out together. 

Make yourself feel special. The first thing you should do is to feel that you are special and believe that you deserve to be loved by your boyfriend and be valued. 

Say No to your partner. If your boyfriend is asking you to do work that is not of your liking, then say no to him. This will make him give respect to your choices and decisions. 

Make your boyfriend reach you. If you are the one who tries to reach him and answers his calls and messages as fast as you can. Stop answering or take your time to respond to him. 

Do not make yourself free for him every time. In the process of being a fantastic girlfriend you will always try to be free for him and that will make him value you less. 

Be hard to get. When you first met him, he tried his best to get your love so do the same with him now or you can challenge him because men like challenges. 

Make him miss you. Stop being with your boyfriend every time, if you do not spend some time apart with him then he will not miss you. Be stronger than your boyfriend expected you to be. 

Be nice to yourself. When you are doing something for both of you then do something more for yourself this will make fear that he is losing you. You have a lot to do than just pleasing him. 

Focus on the positive aspects. During a conversation mentioning negative aspects is normal but you can prove your importance by focusing on the positive aspects and making things work. 

Divide your chores. Being a woman, you can have a habit of doing all the household chores, but you should not do that instead divide your household chores with your partner. 

Tell him when he is unable to please you. You will try to be silent even if something is bothering you too much. You should not do that. Tell him that you are not pleased with his actions. 

Leave if nothing changes. Even after discussing your problems if your boyfriend does not take any heed then the best option is to leave him because he is not giving you any importance.

Surprise him in bed. Surprise your partner by being the first one to make a move instead of your boyfriend, it will make him want you more. 

Make his best quality less important. You can try to give less importance or neglect his best quality and at the same time make him realize that something more is needed. 

Make him show that other people value you. Sometimes letting other people approach you and start a polite conversation in front of them will show that you have importance in other people’s life. 

Do not say to your boyfriend that he was a catch. If you say to your boyfriend that you thought him to be a cool one or something like that. It will make him more confident, tell him that he was try-hard, so you accepted him.

Talk to your boyfriend about your exes. The great way to make your boyfriend realize your importance is to tell him how wonderful your exes were.

Ask your boyfriend about the things that he cannot provide you. It can be a nasty way but asking for things that he cannot provide you will make him feel less superior and he will give your needs more importance. 

Politely pinch him. The best way to pinch your partner about his habits by sliding into the conversation with an innocent gesture. The effect can be far-reaching. 

Remind him if he is forgetting your worth. You can tell your boyfriend that you liked him a lot because he knew your value. This will make him value you again. 

Make him believe that he will lose you. If you can make your partner feel that he is going to lose you then he might realize your importance in his life and will try to win you over again.

Flirt with others. The best way to make your boyfriend realize your importance can be by making him jealous and that can be done when you flirt with other men. 

Stop nagging. If you used to complain and nag your boyfriend then stop it. After you stop it will make him realize that something is missing or wrong. 

Be silent. Instead of trying to do anything you can try to make your boyfriend realize your importance by doing nothing and staying silent. 

Set boundaries. Setting important boundaries in your relationship will let your partner know that he cannot take advantage of you or any nonsense will not be tolerated.

Telling your feelings is not enough. Sometimes discussing your feelings with your boyfriend is not enough, you should try to act the way you are feeling in front of your boyfriend to make him realize. 

Hand out with your friends. When you are out with your friends having fun, your boyfriend will be all alone then he will understand your importance in his life. 

Make your schedule busy. The best way is to start concentrating on your career and keeping your schedule. Not being able to spend time with him will make him want you more. 

Focus on yourself more. When women get into a relationship, they forget to take care of themselves in the process of keeping themselves happy. Start working on yourself and make yourself better. 

Decide for yourself. Instead of asking your boyfriend to make your decisions do it by yourself and stop them from making decisions for you. 

Do things alone. You will always have a lot of things to do together with your boyfriend and it’s cute, but you have to stop doing that and have to start doing it alone. It will make him realize your importance in his life. 

Start ignoring your partner. When you are always there for your partner, they forget your value so stop being there for your boyfriend every time and let him be on his own. 

Do not have sex. The best way to make your boyfriend realize your boyfriend can be to reduce the number of times you have sex with him. It can work. 

Try some new moves. You can impress your boyfriend by making some new and sex moves in bed. It will make him love you more. 

Cancel their plans at the last moment. You can make your boyfriend feel that you do not care about his feelings by canceling plans that he had planned for both of you at the last minute. 

Be active on social media. If your boyfriend sees that you are very active on social media, it will make him feel jealous and the jealousy can make him realize your importance. 

 Improve yourself. If your boyfriend notices that you are improving day by day, then he will get attracted to you and will try to be with you every time. 

Ask for a break. If everything fails, then you can tell your boyfriend that you want a break from the relationship. He will realize your need in his life. 

Make your boyfriend feel special. You should not only make your boyfriend feel special if does anything for you, sometimes make them feel that way without any reason or for small things also. 

Quality time should be spent. To make him feel important you should try to spend more quality time with your boyfriend after completing your work. 

Try to get emotionally attached to him. You should try to create emotional intimacy with your boyfriend, and which can be done by sharing your dreams, desires, wishes. 

Instead of proving to be a good partner. Do not prove that you are a good partner instead be one. Show your gratitude and be positive around him.

Sit alone for your meal. If you and your boyfriend have a rule or something to sit together and have your meal, then break that. He will realize when he will be sitting alone having his meal.  

 Go to bed before him. Usually, couples go to bed together but to make them realize your importance go to bed before he does.

Do not go to parties with him. If your boyfriend likes to party too much and after he gets you, he takes you to every party that he goes to. Stop going with him, this will make him feel alone and will come back for you. 

Go out with your family. Leave him alone at the house and take your family out to spend time with them and enjoy yourself. 

Spend a weekend with your family. A weekend without you will remind him of your presence around him. So, plan and stay with your family for a weekend or two. 

Go for a sleepover at your friend’s house. Sleepovers are best and if it is with your friends then it will be a blast. Let your boyfriend stay all by himself alone in the house and you do sleepovers.

Go for solo trips. Solo trips to refresh your mind and recharge yourself. He might feel bad if you go without him, but it works.

Talk to your friends over a call. When you and your boyfriend are together, talk to your friends over a call instead of talking to them. 

Use headphones all the time. Wear your headphones whenever you are with him it will make you unapproachable and he will start missing you. 

Stop flirting with him. Whenever your partner is in the mood and starts flirting with you, resist it. Not a good thing to do but it works.

Look beautiful. Every day try to look beautiful because it will attract your boyfriend more to you and he will love you a lot.

Stop looking out for him. If your boyfriend takes you for granted and believes that you will come to him only then prove that wrong. Learn to handle yourself on your own. 

Leave some of the tasks undone or incomplete. You can avoid doing the tasks that you used to do for him or leave them undone. While doing the tasks he will realize your importance.

Stop giving your opinion. If your partner asks for your opinion before doing anything then stop giving him opinions until he realizes your importance.

Miss his birthday events. You can plan and organize his birthday parties as you do but do not attend them for one time if you want to make him realize your importance, it is hard though.

Get upset more often. Make him convince you by getting upset for his actions and let him try to make you feel like lifting your mood again. 

Be unpredictable. Your boyfriend thinks that he knows you properly then try to be different. Do things that he will not expect from you. 

Stop giving gifts. Your boyfriend will expect on days that are special for both of you but do not give a gift one time. It will make him feel bad and he will realize that something is wrong.

Be less romantic. If you are being less romantic, then the thought that something is wrong will meddle in his mind. 

Give hints. If you want your boyfriend to know that he is not giving you importance as much as you need without confronting, then start to drop hints. 

Take the help of your friends. You can make your boyfriend realize your importance in his life by doing an act or drama with the help of your friends.

Consult a relationship adviser. There’s no harm in going to a relationship adviser rather you will come back with some great ideas to revive your relationship again. 

Forgive his mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and so does your partner. You can make him realize how important you are by forgiving him for his mistakes.

Start living apart. If you are living with your boyfriend then you can book a hotel or go back to your place until he realizes and comes back to you. 

Be successful. Work hard in your career and achieve your goals as soon as you get successful, he will feel your importance and will come to you. 

Follow your passion. If you left your passion in between after getting into the relationship on the advice of your boyfriend then restart it. 

Start getting casual. Stop getting excited to meet him or talk to him instead start being casual when you are with him. 

Stop giving him importance. If you are not getting importance, then you should also stop giving importance to him. This idea can be bad but if nothing works then it’s worth a try. 

 Love him more. If your boyfriend is forgetting your importance, then start loving him more and be very passionate to make him understand what he is doing wrong. 

Start beating around the bush. Do not tell your partner everything directly instead either ignore him or tell him indirectly. Which he might not understand. 

Leave the conversation. If the discussion is not important to you then you can leave it between and leave, it will make him realize that you have your preferences, it is rude though. 

Tips To Make Your Boyfriend Realize Your Importance

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