50+ Ways to Make Your Brother Feel Wanted

We all tend to suffer from an emotional void once in a while and want to feel wanted and needed by the ones who are near and dear to us. If you have a brother and want to make him feel wanted, here are some tips to help you make your life easier. 

Tips to make your brother feel wanted

Genuinely compliment him. Compliment your brother genuinely as and when you can. This is a great way to make him feel wanted. And it will also keep him happy and satisfied at all times. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much more he tries to do and achieve just to get these general compliments from you.

Appreciate his skills. Appreciate your brother’s skills more often. Appreciation is a way to show and make your brother feel wanted. He will begin honing his skills and also acquire further skills. After all, for him to be appreciated by his sibling, that’s you, will mean a lot to him.

Tell him how he is better than you. Whenever you get the opportunity, tell your brother that he’s better than you, and also express in what ways he’s better than you. He will appreciate what you’re doing and try to better himself even more. He may even be inspired to inculcate your qualities and strengths as well.

Make him aware of his potential. Make your brother aware of his potential. Encourage him to do things where his potential can get ample openings and exposure. Also, inspire him and motivate him to pursue those things in a well-organized and channelized pattern. He will be encouraged to do and achieve a lot more than he has been doing till now.

Help him defeat his greatest fear. Help your brother defeat his greatest fear. Until you help him overcome, this fear is bound to increase. Your trying to help him to overcome and defeat his greatest fear will make him feel wanted and loved.

Rebuild his lost passion. Help your brother rebuild his lost passion. Pursuing this passion again can recharge and rejuvenate his mind and soul and make him see life from a different and more happy perspective. This can also help him take charge of his life and put it back on track again.

Enhance his confidence. Enhance your brother’s confidence as much as you can. When he is confident that he can achieve a lot more, work will be easy for him. So go ahead and push your brother’s confidence level to greater heights, and sit back and see him achieve great heights in life.

Make him love himself for what he is. Make your brother love himself for what he is. Also, people usually tend to stop loving themselves just because they tried to be someone or something else, which, more often than not, is practically not achievable at all. So make him feel more wanted and loved by making him see and love himself for what he is truly.

Go creative with his social media. Why not push your brother to go creative with his social media? Who knows, maybe his talents will get noticed, and he may strike big soon. Even if that doesn’t happen, at least he’ll have a great following and will be in much demand over social media. Also, this will also make your brother feel wanted.

Make him know more people. Make your brother know more people. The more people he gets to know, the wider scope and perspective he’ll have. It will also give him a sense of direction and purpose. And to top it all, he will be elected to know that he’s so much more wanted than he ever was previously.

Teach him to leave his mark everywhere he goes. Teach your brother to leave his mark everywhere he goes. Also, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he has to be the best in whatever he does. Rather, it actually means that you want him to come across as a really beautiful human being wherever he goes. This will not only make your brother more wanted and loved but will also make his interactions most cherished.

Keep praising him. Keep praising your brother whenever you can. This will make you feel brother wanted, loved, and happy. He will always try to aspire and achieve a lot more. And most of all, he will always keep on doing things in such a way that he gets more praise from you.

Spend a great amount of your time with him. Spend a great amount of time with your brother. Not only will he feel wanted by this activity of yours, but it will also make him happy to have you around. It is also a great way to ensure that you can keep an eye on him and take care of him whenever required.

Convey your love. Go ahead and convey your love for your brother. Express explicitly to your brother the way you love him. This will make him come closer to you, trust you more, and confide in you as much as he can. It is also a way in which you can make your brother feel wanted.

Hug him. Give your brother a hug more often than you usually do. It is a way to express that you love him and also that he is special to you. It is a great way to make him feel wanted and loved. You are his sibling, after all, and you have every right to go on ahead and hug him as often as you can.

Use warm gestures towards him. Always use warm gestures towards your brother. This will make him feel wanted. And, it also will keep him happy and recharged at all times. This can also instill a confidence level in him and also make him perform a lot better at whatever he does. So go ahead and start using warm gestures towards your brother.

Be a good listener. More than half of the good conversation is listening. A good listener is always a very good conversationalist. So whenever your brother speaks from now on, inculcate a habit within you to become a good listener and encourage your brother to talk more on a topic.

Take his advice into consideration. Whenever your brother gives you some kind of advice, make sure to take it into consideration, even if you don’t follow it. He is your brother and will always have your well-being in his thoughts and decisions. And anyway, it doesn’t hurt in any way to take your brother’s advice into consideration, at least.

Be genuinely interested in his dreams. Make sure that you are genuinely interested in your brother’s dreams and aspirations. If you are more interested, you are bound to research more and be able to give your brother the best possible advice he can ever get. And it is also a fantastic way to make your brother feel that he is wanted.

Give him your full support. Your brother may be lagging behind just because he doesn’t get the correct kind of support. And getting the support that he needs can also make him feel that he is wanted. So why wait for anyone else, or any outsider for that matter, to give your brother support? Go ahead and give your brother the full support that he needs, and let him excel in what he does.

Show your care by refining your ideas. Show your brother that you care by defining your brother’s ideas. This will make him realize that you not only understand his ideas and respect them, but you are also here to make sure that his ideas are far more refined, acceptable, and achievable as well.

Celebrate his success, even if it is a small one. Celebrate your brother’s success, however small it may be. It will make him feel wanted, loved, and appreciated. This will also encourage him to try and achieve bigger and greater successes. And you will love to see the bright glow on your brother’s face just because you celebrated his success.

Always ask for his opinion. Always ask for your brother’s opinion. This will not only keep him charged up and feel wanted but also ensure that he actively participates in all that you do and takes charge whenever he can. This is a great way to help deepen the bonds between the two of you and make your relationship a more cherished one.

Never refuse his offer to wander with him. Whenever your brother wants you to wander off with him, never say no. Instead of refusing his offer to wander with him, take the opportunity and spend more time with him. He will feel that you regard him as very important and also that you really want to be around.

Trust him exclusively with your secrets. Trust your brother exclusively with your secrets. Not only will your brother feel more wanted and trusted, but it will also enhance his responsibility and reliability. This will also bring about a sense of great mutual respect and understanding.

Include him in your secret plans. Include your brother in your secret plans, whatever they may be. Of course, make sure your plans are legit and not harmful to anyone at all. By letting him in and including him in your secret plans, you’re actually making your brother feel more wanted and trusted. You’ll be amused by the seriousness with which he treats this secret plan of yours.

Skip plans to stay with him. Skip all your plans to try and stay with your brother. He deserves this little importance. And it can also show him how much you want him. When he feels that he is wanted, he will always try to do as much as he can to reciprocate all that you’re doing for him.

Prioritize him over others. Always prioritize your brother over others. This shows your brother how much you care for him, the importance you attribute to him, and will also make him feel more wanted. This can keep him happier and more positive, thereby also ensuring that he achieves a lot more.

Share your favorite things with him. Share your favorite things with your brother. This not only lets him in in your private space and life but is also symbolic in showing him that he is important and also making him feel that he is really wanted. This may instill a great sense of responsibility and maturity in him.

Save something extra for him. Always try and save something extra for your brother. It actually shows the kind of respect you have for him. And it also expresses that he is always in your thoughts. This can also lead to making him feel more wanted and loved. And that way, he can also become a far more positive person than he really is.

Tell him why you are blessed to have him. Whenever you get the opportunity, always tell your brother why you feel you are more blessed to have him in your life. This creates a deeper brotherly love and also shows a kind of appreciation that you have for your brother. It can also make him feel a lot more wanted and loved. This can also lead to a far better relationship between the two of you.

Give him something that symbolizes your love. Give your brother something that symbolizes your love. It is a fantastic way to make your brother feel wanted and loved. It also shows how much you care for him and value him. This can build a great atmosphere of positivity between and around the two of you. So go ahead and give him something to symbolize your love for him.

Stop him when everyone else leaves the room. When everyone leaves the room, always stop your brother from leaving. Make him spend some time with you. Make this time just for the two of you. It will not only make your brother feel wanted and loved but will also make him feel how much importance you attribute to him and how much you actually value him and his presence. It can work wonders for both of you and your relationship.

Make him aware of his popularity. Make your brother aware of his popularity. He may not even know or perceive how popular he already is. When you make him aware of how popular he is, he will be pleasantly surprised and will also thank you for making him realize that he is so popular. It will instill within him a feeling of being wanted, a feeling of importance, and also of satisfaction that he has never had before.

Show him his bright future. Always show your brother the bright future that he has before him. Then inspire him to pursue his aspirations and dreams. It will not only make him feel wanted and important, but it will also motivate and inspire him to achieve those goals, dreams, and aspirations quicker than he otherwise would have been able to.

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