65+ Tips to Make Your Sister Feel Wanted

It is almost every human being’s nature to feel wanted and needed. This makes people sense a feeling of inclusion and involvement with people around them. Here are some ways by which you can make your sister feel wanted. 

Tips to make your sister feel wanted

Thank her for being born. This is a great way to make your sister feel wanted. And after saying this, you will be amazed to see how much she warms up to you. So go ahead and thank your sister for being born and make her understand that her existence really makes a difference.

Gift her unexpectedly. It will work wonders if you go ahead and buy your sister a gift and give it to her when she least expects it. Not only will she be surprised to get this unexpected gift, but she will feel important and wanted. 

Give her something exclusive. If you wish to make your sister feel wanted, then give her something exclusive, something unique. This could be something that she desires but can never dream of buying. When you see her face brighten up, you will be glad that you gave her this exclusive gift.

Make her a part of your secret plans. Go ahead and make your sister a part of any secret plan that you have. To make her a part of your secret plans, will tell her how important she is to you and how much you want her to have fun as well. She will feel wanted and will be more drawn to you.

Share some of your secrets with your sister. Make her feel that you trust her with these secrets of yours. She will immediately feel that she is wanted, and she will guard your secret as closely as she can.

Sincerely appreciate her. Whenever you appreciate your sister, make sure it is a sincere appreciation that you put forward to her. Not only will she cherish the way you appreciate her, but she will also feel how important she is to you. And this can encourage her to do a lot more.

Genuinely praise her future plans. Get to know your sister’s future plans. Then praise her and her future plans wholeheartedly. She will feel that she has made the right decision and choice. She will feel more responsible. 

Help your sister to find passion. Make her realize that it is the passion within her that would make her pursue her passion with greater vigor. Once she realizes this, she will automatically be more passionate about everything that she does. And then on, she will remain ever grateful to you for having helped her find passion.

Always compliment your sister’s passion. This will make her feel wanted on the one hand and will also encourage her to do whatever she does with more focus and deep feelings. It’s a great way to uplift your sister’s emotions as well.

Show her why she is special. Show your sister why she is special and also explain why she should feel wanted. These are great ways to embed in your sister’s heart the belief that there are people who care for her and to whom she means a lot more than anything else.

Do something only for your sister. This will not only make your sister feel special and important but will also make her feel quite wanted as well. And it’s a great way to show her that exclusive things can be done for her as well.

Share your problems with your sister. This is a great way to show your sister that you feel she is responsible and mature, that you can share your problems with her because she’s dependable, and also make her feel more wanted. All this will make your sister pretty pleased with herself.

Give deep thought to her solutions. Even if you feel at first that this is not relevant, give your sister’s proposed solutions ample thought by trying to deduce where these solutions can be most effective. Just giving her solutions deep thought will make her feel that she is quite wanted and valued.

Always express your love for your sister. To express your love for your sister directly to her will make you realize how much you truly love her, how much she’s wanted, and how important she is in your life.

Give your sister a warm hug. Once in a while, when you give your sister a warm hug, she will not only feel wanted, but she will also feel very special. And this warm hug once in a while can keep her perked up and happy.

Listen to your sister. Who knows, she may come up with ideas and plans that are unique but practical as well, perhaps things that you wouldn’t have been able to think of otherwise. When you listen to her, you also make her feel more wanted and important.

Go ahead and ask your sister about her day and how she spent her time. She will feel wanted, and it will also express how important she is to you. It’s a great way to deepen your bonds with your sister and also make her feel renewed and refreshed too.

Always be genuinely interested in your sister. This will not only show her how much you care for her and how much you need her to be open with you, but it will also make her feel more wanted and special. And when you are genuinely interested in her, you can automatically get to know a lot more about whatever is going on in her life.

Give your sister time. When you make time for your sister, it shows her how much you care for her and how important she is to you. This will not only make her feel happy and wanted but will also show her how exclusively you treat her. This will automatically make her more drawn towards you.

Trust your sister completely. By trusting your sister completely, you are showing her how much you respect her, how much you value trusting her, and also how close you want her to be to you. This will also ensure that your sister guards your secrets completely.

Show her that you believe in her. Make her feel more wanted and trusted. And when she sees that you believe in her, she will also start believing in herself a lot more. This will bring a level of confidence in her that will help her forge ahead through life.

Congratulate her on her success. Your sister may achieve some success. Make sure you are sincere. Use emotional words and gestures when you are congratulating your sister on her success. This will push her to achieve many more successes.

Celebrate her win, even if it is a little one. However big or small your sister’s win is, celebrate it. When you celebrate your sister’s wins, you make her feel she’s wanted, and her efforts are well appreciated. She will automatically strive to win many more times.

Make your sister socialize as much as you can. This will not only give her ample exposure but will also ensure that she becomes more interactive with a variety of people. This will also increase her acceptability, which will make her feel more wanted and will make her realize how much you truly care for her.

Take your sister out as often as you can. It is a great way to spend time with your sister while also making her feel that she is much wanted and loved. To go out with you will make her feel a lot safer and will also make her happier.

Make her aware of her environment. Unless your sister is aware of the environment that she lives in, she cannot properly take care of it. Once she becomes aware of her environment and realizes how impactful it truly is, she will love you even more for having made her aware of it.

Plan some awesome stuff with her. It could be something fun that both of you may enjoy. You could always arrange something playful as well. Whatever you plan, make sure you do it so that your sister feels wanted. This would be a great way to make her happy and also make her feel a lot more loved.

Organize a party for her. When you organize a party for your sister, you can always have her friends and your family over. This is a great way to make the party only about your sister and also make her feel important and wanted.

Help her in making friends. If your sister’s friends circle is good, it will be a great way for her to learn a lot of things and become more open. This can also make her life easier and more fun. And it will also help her to realize and feel that she is wanted.

Choice of words is a vital factor. Whenever you are talking to your sister, make sure that the words you use do not negate her, the topic, or the situation at all. Your choice of words is vital and one of the integral factors that will help drive your point through. Make sure you use words that will make your sister feel more wanted and loved.

Don’t deny if she offers you to go out. If your sister offers you to go out, don’t deny it. She may want you to have your own space, or she may want space for herself. She could offer you to go out for a multitude of reasons. 

Decorate your sister’s room whenever you can. This is a great way to express your love for her and also how much you want her to live better. She will cherish these little gestures of yours for as long as she lives while also trying to reciprocate these little gestures and favors in the strangest and the most amusing ways you can imagine.

Bring your sister her most wanted thing. There must be something that your sister wants the most. Just go bring your sister this most wanted thing. This will show her how much you care for her and how much you try to make her happy. It will give your sister a feeling of being wanted and loved.

Take your sister to some new place, someplace where perhaps neither of you have been to. This could be a new restaurant, an art gallery, an exhibition, or any other place at all. Just make sure that your sister hasn’t been to that place anytime before. 

Try cooking something that your sister loves to eat the most. When you serve the dish to your sister, she will not only be excited and enjoy the food, but she will be ever so grateful to you for cooking it for her. You will be amazed at how she expresses her love for you.

Get yourself a DIY kit. Then make or build something from it. Next, give this to your sister. She will be pleasantly surprised to see how much she is wanted and how special she is to you. She will not only appreciate what you have done for her but will also cherish this gift of yours forever.

Always be kind to your sister, come what may. However gross or unbearable a deed your sister may have done, make her realize that you are still being kind to her and explain why she should not do such things. Normally also, make sure that you are kind to her.

Care for her. Care for your sister at all times – whether she is ill, or she needs you, or maybe just like that. When you care for your sister, she realizes how much you love her, and she will also feel more wanted. 

Enlighten her. Go ahead and take every available opportunity to enlighten your sister. When you enlighten and empower your sister in various ways, you make her realize how strong you want her to be and how concerned you are about her safety and general outlook. 

A book might change her life. Go ahead and buy your sister a book which she can go through thoroughly and learn a lot out of it. Such a book might even help to change your sister’s life. Such a gift will also make her feel more wanted.

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