71+ Making Love Quotes to Know

Lovemaking is beautiful and everyone enjoys it and wants to know how to get better in the art of making love.

So whilst it may be the sweet nothings that you whisper in your partner’s ears or romantic and passionate texts that you may want to exchange with each other, quote on making love are really in demand these days because let’s face it, nobody is that shy anymore. So take a read at this collection and may you enjoy it!

Here are Making Love Quotes to Know

-Lovemaking, what she had always believed was something more than just an act of pleasure between two individuals. It consisted of all the things that a couple should share like commitment and trust, dreams and hopes, and a promise between the two that no matter what the future has in store, they would make it through together. When the love is great, the tragedy that happens after the love is over is big as well. -Nicholas Sparks.

-I think my mother is to be blamed for my bad sex life because she only told me that the husband stays on top and the wife usually stays below and my husband and I had followed this advice for three years and we slept in bunk beds separately. –Joan Rivers

-Making love is a form of art and like other art forms the people who are the best at this, cannot say how this is done. – James M Barrie.

-Music can be compared with making love because it might be all or it might be nothing. -Isaac Stern.

-Making love means engaging in communion with a woman and I consider the bed to be a sacred table and that is where I derive passion and purification from.  -Omar Sharif.

-The best lovers out there are the most selfish men because they are smart enough to invest their efforts in giving pleasure to a woman so that they get to collect a bigger and better dividend to please themselves. – J.G.Ballard.

-If you are in love, you are making love all the time, even if you are not. The meeting of two bodies is like the overflowing of a cup. The two can remain together for days and hours. It is like beginning a dance on one day and finishing it on the next day. -Paulo Coelho.

-Making love can be compared with music because at times you want it tender and soft and at other times you desire it to be more aggressive and hard. -Jeff Buckley.

-Everything in this universe revolves around sex except sex itself because sex represents power. -Oscar Wilde.

-Whatever may the question be, lovemaking is always going to be the answer. -Woody Allen.

-If you must know the difference between love and lovemaking then it is that love gives rise to sexual tension and making love is the outlet of that tension. -Woody Allen.

-In an ideal world, you could make love to a person without having to actually love that person or give them any place in your heart, and each kiss and each touch is a piece of your heart which you are not going to see again. -Neil Gaiman.

-In a world where peace is so scarce, making love should be more instead of random sex and then the world would too get to see a difference. -Anonymous.

-It is amazing how an activity can have two entirely different meanings on the basis of its two names, the two names being lovemaking and sex. -Anonymous.

-Lovemaking is an amazing activity that has the power to make you complete and so content. -Anonymous.

-It is strange that whilst so many people can boast of experiencing great sex, only a few can have the privilege of making love. -Anonymous.

-It is so strange that nobody can replace lovemaking with sex even though they both require the same act. -Anonymous.

-People who think sex is better than making love have definitely not experienced the latter. -Anonymous.

-Sex and making love may look like the same activity but they definitely feel a lot different. -Anonymous.

-What can be a more sensual activity than making love? -Anonymous.

-You definitely need to be in love with the person you are having intercourse with to call it lovemaking, otherwise it is just having sex. -Anonymous.

-I would never cheat just to experience the few minutes of the thrill of sex when I know already how wonderful it feels to be able to make love to the person I am in love with. -Anonymous.

making love quotes

-I am certain people who have amorous relations with a number of different people, just have sex with them and not lovemaking because making love requires unconditional love for one person. -Anonymous.

-I was used to having sex but when I had it with my boyfriend, I realized why it is called lovemaking for the first time. -Anonymous.

-There is really no exact word to describe the sensations the body and mind feel while making love. -Anonymous.

-I wish everyone gets to make love which is not so common as having sex. -Anonymous.

-Making love is as beautiful as the flow of spring, as melodious as the chirping of morning birds. -Anonymous.

-For someone who has not experienced lovemaking, it is very difficult to understand the actual sensations of it. -Anonymous.

-One cannot be educated about making love, only when one has experienced it, one realizes what it is. -Anonymous.

-The most simple explanation of lovemaking is having sexual intercourse with someone with whom you are irrevocably in love with. -Anonymous.

-May we all be blessed enough to experience something as magical as lovemaking at least once in our lives. -Anonymous.

-There is nothing more wonderful and magical than making love with your beloved. -Anonymous.

-Lovemaking cannot be experienced without being in love. -Anonymous.

-Sex may not be able to satisfy a person emotionally, but you will know for sure that you have made love once you feel satisfied emotionally. -Anonymous.

-You will never regret making love because the experience that comprises this act is beyond expression, it is magical and amazing. -Anonymous.

-Making love is beautiful and an experience that is incomparable with anything else. -Anonymous.

-My girlfriend taught me the difference between lovemaking and sex and I am forever grateful to her for that. -Anonymous.

-Lovemaking is an art and like all art, to be good at it, the artist needs to put his heart and soul into it. -Anonymous.

-You will not know what lovemaking is unless you have experienced it. -Anonymous.

-Making love feels heavenly, it is the most wonderful sensation. -Anonymous.

-Nothing compares to the beauty and the satisfaction that comes after making love with your beloved. -Anonymous. 

-I would never want to stop the process of lovemaking, it is the best sensation that your body can get. -Anonymous.

-I am sure all those people having sex casually will never understand the sweet experience that love-making can give. -Anonymous.

-I think the best gift for my boyfriend this Valentine’s day will be a beautiful session of lovemaking. -Anonymous.

-Lovemaking is a wonderful journey that ends with sex and leaves a smile on both of the participants’ lips. -Anonymous.

-A person who has made love with his or her beloved will never be satisfied with having sex with any random person. -Anonymous.

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