86+ Attracting Messages For Him

Are you looking for a unique way to attract your boyfriend? What about sending him lovely love messages?

These sweet, romantic, and cute lines are relatively simple but cool enough to melt your partner’s heart. So, pick the one you like the most and share via social media or text.

Attracting Messages For Him

I am lucky to be your girlfriend. I am super excited to spend a romantic evening with you. 

Babe! I spend every minute thinking about you and wishing you are also thinking about me. 

I still remember the secret you told me yesterday evening and hope we will soon implement it to make our relationship joyful.

I promise you to follow the two most essential things that you always want to see in our relationship. Love you, my superhero!

You were looking handsome yesterday. So, I was thinking to let you know, Babe!

What a lovely Shirt you were wearing today! I was amazed to look at such a dying personality. Well! You look good every day. Love you!

The way you hug me is my favorite thing about you, honey.

Every friend of mine is jealous of me because you are my boyfriend. 

I want to ask you how you could manage to stay so long without meeting me? Because It is difficult for me not to see your lovely face for a while.

Hey! Did you like my profile picture? Do you want me to talk or meet?

You have solved my biggest problem. I can’t even imagine how to face that situation alone. Thanks, my sweetheart!

Life seems entertaining and joyful in your presence. I dream every night to be with you.

I receive hundred of compliments from my friends and family because I am your girlfriend. You are a wonderful guy. Love you, babe!

What if we both die tomorrow? What if the world will disappear or destroyed by natural calamities? So, let’s spend every minute with each other.

I am shocked to see the world has still a person like you. Yes, you are really like a true king, which every girl wants in her life. A million hugs to you, my honey! I love you!

I don’t even dare to watch horror movies, but I am super excited to watch with you because I feel safe when you are with me. 

If someone asks me to change one thing about you, I would change your location to stay us together. I love you, honey!

Although you are not here, a thought is enough to make me brush throughout the day. 

How you could not even see whatever step I am taking to bring myself closer to you. Because I love my honey, and my love is pure. 

I want to let you know for a long time I loved you since the day I saw you the first time. The same day my heart told me you are the same person I wanted for a long and maybe God has created us to be together always.

You have kept the keys of my heart and settled my soul on fire. Come and live in whenever you want, but please don’t go back. Love you, darling!

I am reflecting the shine of you through my eyes, my face and my body. I appreciate you for loving me more and more in different ways. 

My dear sweet love, I carry you in my heart wherever I go. Now, I want you in person. Hope we will meet soon.

Infinity means forever, and you are my infinity. 

If meeting you is just a fate, then becoming your partner is the decision of God, who brings us together and watering the love of seed day by day.

I love to build memories with you. You are a priceless soul. 

There are lots of boys in my class, but you have touched my soul. So, I promise to be yours; you promise me to be mine always. 

Whenever I look at you, my heart seems like it is going to burst, yes my love, It is the beautiful feeling of love.

I still remember the day when you said ‘Hello’ for the first time. That magic is different. That magic is unforgettable.

You are my super world, superhero, my teddy bear and my koochie poo. No one could take your place. You are my breath. I love you.

Whenever someone said write whatever you have in your mind. I always write your name. 

I believe I never found a person who is sharp enough to make my life sharp. You are fantastic, my baby.

You are like the oxygen to keep me alive every day. I love you, honey!

My heartbeat! We both exist for each other. I feel like as I am at my home because you give me the comfort of home. Love my boo!

You are the safest place on this earth. Please promise to be with me forever. 

You smile has something which is prettiest than the rainbow. It is essential to keep my life colourful, my hero. 

Your presence shines my world through your spark just like the moon spread its light on the earth during the night. 

You owe everything to complete a girl, and I am proud to found you. 

You and me making a beautiful pair which no one could ever replace. I love you, darling!

Please tell me the name of the perfume you use because the fragrance of you not spread in my life but my soul too. 

Babe! I am crazy about your love completely. Tell me the secret behind it?

I want to dive into the water of love with you. Are you ready?

I crave you just like the bee is craving for honey. 

Baby! You are my remote control because you are controlling my heart.

You are like a magnet, and I am your iron. Whenever you come in front of me, I feel attracted. I love you. 

Let me tell you the secret? We are the heavenly pair. God appoints you to protect me. Isn’t it?

I am your butterfly, and you are my wings. I need you badly to fly in the love of the sky. Darling! Let me help me to raise myself to new heights. 

Every person is addicted to something. You are my only addiction.

I am shocked after knowing that love is a strong and powerful emotion to make your life worthy and happy. You make me realize it. You are such a fantastic person. Love you, my baby.

Do not worry, baby! You are safe. What’s your plan for today?

I never think how my life could be if you are not in it. I am proud to be your girl. 

today, I want you to make one promise, a promise to fight for you because I love you.

I respect your every effort to keep me happy. Let’s grow more in love with each other!

You have everything a girl needs in a man to keep her happy throughout life.

You drives me crazy In your love. You are hilarious. Sometimes you are out of your mind, but you are the person I want.

Do you know which special thing you have? There is nothing that seems impressive when you are not around. 

Sometime, your weirdness forces me to punch hard on your face. Don’t be that much crazy, my baby.

Hey! I love your last name. How it seems with my name?

You are cute, and you are mine. Don’t ever think to love somebody else.

I appreciate and grateful for you to be the reason of my life to think forward. I love you, my world.

From your eyes, smile, face, hair, laugh and humor, you are such a great lover. 

You sometimes looks stupid, but I like the passion you owe in love.

I still remember the moments of beautiful evenings we shared, so I’m going to plan again and wear your favourite dress. So, are you coming?

You are the perfect definition of love. Tell me where you have learnt that?

You are glue and my you’re broken pieces of glass. Stick me hard with yourself. 

I feel as I am into my home whenever you hug me.

You might not be perfect. You have so many flaws. But, you are an ideal man to me, and that’s all matters in the end.

It would be the best feeling when I get a chance to wake up next to you every morning. So, when shall I expect that?

I am unable to quit loving you. I’m quite pleased to be together with you. It looked just like yesterday when we met my honey. 

My heart sticks to you. I won’t ever deceive you. I am going to like you with my soul and spirit. I promise you to hold your hands. Love you, babe!

I am not the best. You are maybe not the best. However, two different people might be ideal when they are together, excellent for each other.

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