60+ Alluring Proposing Messages for Boy

How many times have we all fumbled to write something good to be able to propose to our crush? The number is many! So we have a collection of messages here that will help any girl to make her guy fall for her and say yes to her proposal! Enjoy!

Alluring Messages for Proposing to Him

-I have spoken to a lot of people in life but I have never spoken to anyone like you before so I want you to think about us!

-I really like to hang out with you, you know that I like you and you make me feel so wanted, I really want you in my life in a capacity more than a friend.

-You love to spend your time with me, I love to spend my time with you, I would spend all my days with you if I could, so I want to know do you feel the same as well?

-Please be with me for the rest of my life, because I cannot imagine my day without you!

-I find peace when I am with you, I find peace even when I am not with you but just talking to you, I know you feel the same way, so will you be with me for the rest of my life?

-My love for you will never reduce, please be with me for the rest of our lives!

best boy proposing messages

-You are the shining start that I had wanted to catch a long time ago, and I am glad that now you are with me, and I want you to be with me for the rest of my life!

-Of all the people I have come across in my life, you are the one I have lost my heart to, please be mine

-There are so many things that I am unsure of in my life but one thing that I am sure of is how badly I want you in my life and I really hope that you want the same!

– I could look at your face for the entire day without getting bored, and this would not have been possible if I did not love you, so I would want to know if you feel the same for me in any capacity!

-Hey, you know that I cannot think of spending my life without you and so I hope you will be my life partner and spend your life with me.

-You are the best gift that life has gifted me, please be with me for the rest of my life!

-I never thought that I would meet someone I could love so much, so I want you to be mine for the rest of my life!

-We have been a couple for more than five years now, so let us take this to the next level and let us legalize our relationship by getting married!

-I love you enough to be sure that I want to be with you for the rest of my life, do you feel the same?

best boy proposing messages

-I feel safe around you and no matter how long I stay with you, I know that I want to be with you more, I never get tired of you, so please be mine!

-I love the way you make breakfast for me when I wake up late, I know we are married, but I want to ask you again like old times and ask you if you would be my Valentine again for this year?

-Love can be difficult and we have fought the difficulties for so many days now so let us take this relationship forward!

-You are the only man whom I have been able to trust after all these years and you make me happy and make me laugh so easily, will you be my boyfriend?

-It might come as a surprise to you, but I feel that we can be more than just friends and if you feel the same please do not hesitate to tell me!

-Hey boy, let us take a while to analyze how deep our relationship is and how much we both care for each other, it is almost ridiculous that we are not a couple so I am asking you now if you would be my boyfriend?

-Let us show the world how to love and let us be together in this mission!I love you!

-Will you be mine if I tell you that you are the only boy I have felt such a deep connection with, or will you be mine if I tell you that you are the only man who makes me feel that I deserve to be happy!

-My last relationship made me feel hopeless but you have restored all of my faith in love and trust again, so I want to take this sweet relationship of ours a step ahead and propose to you to be my husband!

-From friends to high school couple to college sweethearts, to office colleagues we have been together for more than fifteen years now, and I cannot wait to be your life partner as well, so will you marry me?

-I knew it was your dream to be proposed by me and so I want to know if you will marry me and be my husband?

best boy proposing messages

-I promise to be the wife you can depend upon, I promise to be the wife who will take care of you, if you will marry me and be my husband!

-I have waited so long to be finally able to ask you this, but the wait was totally worth it, so will you be my boyfriend because I have not been able to stop thinking about you ever since the day I first met you!

-We both know how much we love each other and we both know we cannot stay apart, so please marry me and spare us both the aging of staying apart!

-I believe it was my luckiest day when I had bumped into you on that bus and I know today will be my happiest day when I ask you to be my boyfriend, I love you!

-You are all I need to be happy in my life, please stay with me forever!

Proposing Messages for boy

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