299+ Touching Messages To Get Your Ex Back

It is tough to win your ex back. But, if your partner has some feelings, then the process is easy. The below list of Messages to get your ex back will help you let him/her know your feelings, emotions, or thoughts.

It involves some funny reminders of the past, bittersweet memories, and valuable moments ?.

It also allows you to apologize ? if you have made mistakes. So, take the help of these messages. I am sure it will work: 

Thoughtful And Apologetic Message To Get Your Ex Back

Thoughtful And Apologetic Message To Get Your Ex Back

-I’ve had time to reflect, and I realize my mistakes now. I’m truly sorry for any pain I caused. If you’re open to it, I’d love the chance to make things right between us. ?

-I never stopped caring about you. I hope we can put the past behind us and start anew. I’m -here if you ever want to talk.

-I miss the bond we had and the laughter we shared. I’m sorry for the distance that grew between us. Can we consider giving ‘us’ another chance?

-I’ve learned a lot about myself since we broke up. If you’re willing, I’d like to show you the positive changes I’ve made. Let’s talk.

-I want you to know that I’ve been working on being a better person. I owe you an apology for my past behavior. If you’re willing, I’d love to reconnect.

-Our time together meant a lot to me, and I never meant to hurt you. If you’re open to it, I’d like to see if there’s still a chance for us.

-I’ve been doing some soul-searching, and I realize now how much you mean to me. I’m sorry for my part in our breakup. Can we consider starting over?

-I hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to say that I miss you and the memories we made. If you ever want to talk, I’m here.

-Breaking up was hard for both of us, but I believe our love was real. I apologize for my role in the end of our relationship. Is there a chance for forgiveness?

-I’ve been reminiscing about the good times we shared, and I deeply regret the bad times. I’m truly sorry, and I’d be grateful for a chance to make amends.

Interesting Messages to Get Your Ex Back

Interesting Messages To Get Your Ex Back

-Whenever I visit that restaurant, I miss those days we used to have coffee every evening after office. Missing you badly!

-I couldn’t resist myself to wish you on your birthday. Still, remember how we had a great celebration last year. Do you also miss me in the same way or not?

-My mom offered me freshly baked cookies and the smell reminds me of you. 

-I was scrolling Facebook on my phone when I saw the cute picture of You and Me taken on the lake. That instantly thought of you. 

-An evening walk holding your hands around your favorite beachside is one of the best places I ever visit. I know how much you love this place as well. 

-I saw your post on Instagram and wonder how much you have changed in a few months. Well! You look better now.

-I wish I could go back in time when we both had a lot of fun.

-I realize I am the reason behind all messy things. Have you ever thought to give us another chance?

-I apologized for what I did. Can I expect forgiveness?

-It is difficult to pass a single minute without your presence. Hope you are also missing me. Let’s forget everything!

-Today! I am promising to treat you with love and care more than before. I will respect you. Please leave anger and give me one more chance in our relationship. 

Long Messages To Get Your Ex Back

Long Messages To Get Your Ex Back

-I know, I gave space to you for some time to tackle my own issues. Now, I understand you are the solution to all my problems. Can I get you back?

-Too much time has passed. Let back on our relationship track!

-I’m set to do whatever you want in our relationship. Just want your presence.

-I still miss your promises that you did to stay with me forever.

-I am missing your cheerful face when you used to smile hard every time when I snatched chocolate from you. 

-Honesty must be on the top to keep a relationship alive. Your absence has taught me this. Can you forget everything and move back with me?

-I’m fed up with single life. Miss you every second, every minute, every hour, my love!

-I remember how you put effort to make me feel special every day. I want to feel the same again. 

-I am tired to see you in my imagination whenever I close my eyes. Now, I want to look at you in person. 

-I know, I broke your trust but if you give me another chance, you will notice how much I have changed. 

-A smile appears on my face whenever I think about you. 

-I miss how we talked on the phone all night when we used to tease one another. I wish to start it again!

Text Messages To Send Your Ex To Get Her Back

Text Messages To Send Your Ex To Get Her Back

-I feel your absence when I eat, when I sleep When I work, I miss you everywhere, I beg you to fill that missing part now. 

-I admit I love you truly. I find my surroundings quiet without you. Please come back. 

-I tried hard to busy myself so that beautiful memories of us could not annoy me anymore. It is out of control. Come soon!

-I want you to know, my heart wouldn’t want you to let go. Please come.

-I guess, you are missing me in the same way as I do. Do you?

-I hate to be your Ex. Because God has chosen us to your last. Forget whatever happened and let’s do a new beginning with excitement by eliminating previous mistakes. 

-I never miss you alone but I miss both of us. At last, we are born to be together. 

-Every ‘Move On’ doesn’t state that a relationship has come to an end. Every relation of everything deserves a second chance. 

-I never thought earlier loneliness is such a worst thing. I wish one day you will realize my pain and soon, we will be back. 

-You will be glad to know I am learning every little thing you always want to see in me. I know one day, we are going to be together. 

-Separation is difficult because we are connected by a soul. 

-I remember our fights, sleepless nights, kisses, laughter, cuddle, bites, and much more. I believe it will never last.. 

Message For Ex Girlfriend To Come Back

Message For Ex Girlfriend To Come Back

-Every day I feel your absence is like how a sick person misses the day once he was healthy. I need you badly to remain active in body and spirit. I know! You will be back soon. 

-People think I am over you. It is a lie. And, you already know it. 

-My friend insisted I eliminate all memories or gifts we had exchanged together. But, I trust you will come back and amaze all of them. 

-Even, you dumped me but I’m ready to forget everything. Let’s patch up again! 

-I can’t control my eyes to drop tears when I think how I giggled when we used to meet up every weekend. Let’s live those times again!

-Life is the shortest journey. Why there is a need to waste in silly fights? So, let’s meet up at a party like before at our favorite venue.

-Revenge is not at all compulsory when two souls are ready to forgive each other’s flaws. Have you decided about our relationship?

-I don’t want your forgiveness. I want you. 

-Relationship is not about reaching a destination. It is about enjoying the journey. So, pack up your bag once more!

-For a long time, we were not in touch, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t miss you but I am preparing myself as per your needs. What’s up now? Let’s catch up again!

-As long as I try to forget you, my love grows faster than before. 

-I wonder how my heart beats faster than before when I think about you. Is it love? If it is then let’s listen to it more time. 

-Mistakes are also required for improvement. I believe we both learned from our flaws, now, the time has come to connect once again.

Get Your Ex Back Messages

Get Your Ex Back Messages

-I don’t know what breakup is, and, I don’t want to know even, the only thing I know, is we are meant to stay with each other, till our last breath. 

-You are my favorite mistake. I want to repeat it again. 

-Do you miss those night conversations? Can we have it again?

-I don’t want to text you again but I want to see you in person. 

-People call you my ex-boyfriend. I call you my soulmate. Which one do you like the most?

-I am tired to hug you in my dreams now I want to give you in reality. 

-Imaginations become real. When you are going to prove it?

-Our relationship started with a beautiful beginning so it deserves a beautiful end also. Any chance?

-Genuine sorry doesn’t need long explanations but deserves forgiveness. 

-Forgiveness releases heavy burdens. Try, please!

-A person who carries the heart of forgiveness is holding great character. And, I know, you are having that kind of pure character so let’s join again and taste the joy of our relationship one more time. 

-Never apologize for who you are. But, a relationship demands little sacrifice to make your partner happy that you understood and needs you to test whether you‘ve learned or not. 

-I want to feel the same peace when I used to live when we were together. Are you ready to give me one more time?

-Even the biggest mistake can turn into a priceless gift with a simple apology. Do you want to take that priceless gift?

Message To Win Her Heart Back

Message To Win Her Heart Back

-All broken pieces can be joined together with simple forgiveness. I wish you will understand my sorry and give the gift of your love we used to have earlier. 

-I can’t bear the burden of a heavy heart filled with your bittersweet memories. Please take it and fill it with your love and give me back. 

-An apology for the worst behavior is the right action in the future. I’m ready to do it. Do you want to see it?

-You are merciful as you said once. So, can you reveal that mercy upon on our relationship by giving it one more chance? 

-Sorry has emotions if someone feels it. I hope you respect my ‘sorry’. 

-’ I love you and ‘Sorry’ is key to every successful relationship. Don’t you think we missed the second part ’Sorry’? Let’s begin with it. 

-No more fights, no more stupid talks, no more chit-chat, life seems boring…let’s make it interesting!

-There is no power on the earth that can destroy the bond of our love. I understood where was I wrong, now, love again, cheer again, and enjoy again. 

-We had very little time to understand each other so our relationship became worst in a short span of time, but improvements can work wonder if you want. 

-It is you who keeps me strong and alive. Without you, everything is big nonsense.

-I understood a relationship should be based on two people’s opinions…how about beginning from the first by erasing everything about the past. 

Text Messages To Win Her Heart Back

Text Messages To Win Her Heart Back

-I miss your weirdness and am ready to see you again. 

-My doubts were wrong my love! I am sorry. 

-Loneliness is my only friend after you left. Please fill it with your presence. 

-Your arms are the best place where I feel safer. Can I get that place one more time? 

-You are the perfect one I ever want in my life, I realized once you left so accept my sorry and move back.  

-I hate my anger. I promise to eliminate it from my life if you will be back. 

-I spoke my bad words in anger which became the reason for our breakup. Please let me a chance to replace those words with loving ones. 

-I pray daily to get you back so that we will celebrate our life one more time better than before by removing every single misunderstanding. Missing you!

-Whenever I wear your favorite dress I miss you, I miss you in me, and I could sense your presence around me, I think, we should think the second time to give our relationship a second chance. 

Love Messages To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Love Messages To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

-I’m aware your heart is hurting, and I’m the person who causes too much suffering in your life. I know I don’t deserve a second chance but I want you to know, I love you so I improved. Let’s patch up again with the new spirit of love.

-I am taking responsibility for all the hurt I caused you and promise you to keep things balanced or straight between us. Please now leave anger and come back into my life.

-I hate whenever I think how I hurt you. Please give me an opportunity to make your life more joyful. 

-My entire life is turning on the wrong track so our relationship was also affected. I’m blaming no one but myself, I wish I want to be like you like before my prince charming!

-I wouldn’t take you for granted anymore. I’m sorry my darling!

-I am turning weak day by day in your love. Your love makes me strong. Forgive me! Let’s love again!

-O my love! You’re the girl of my fantasies. I ask forgiveness to make your life a nightmare. Sorry and love you.

Messages To Get Your Ex Back

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