100+ Sweet Messages to Say On Wedding Day

Are you searching for the best messages to say at your wedding to someone special? Don’t worry!

We have many beautiful lines full of love, fun, and emotions. You can pick your favorite one from the below list. You can also write these messages on greetings along with gifts. 

list of Sweet Messages to Say On Wedding Day

_Babe! There is nothing more gracious to be your wife. Congratulations! May God bless us with blissful marriage life!

_Darling! I pray all the upcoming years of togetherness will be full of blessings and happiness in Jesus’ name. Congratulations!

_Heartiest congratulations my love! I am feeling top of the world and I think we are the most adorable couple! 

_Dear husband, I wish God will bless us with sincerity & wisdom to run our relationship of marriage with purity. I promise to be an ideal couple! May God bless us! Congratulations!

_Sending my warm regards on this special wedding day. May the lord release eternal blessings on us. Thanks for your everlasting commitment. Let’s enjoy!

_Finally the day has come which I was waiting for a long time. My prayers are answered. Congrats and God bless you!

_Please accept my heartfelt congrats on getting an intelligent wife like me. May God bless every corner of our life in the coming years. 

_Get my good wishes for my husband on this beautiful day of the wedding. Congrats honey!

_Hey girl! Now no more MISS, but it’s time to be Mrs. Congratulations on our wedding. We both look cute together. Excited to spend blissful life! 

_Wow! It’s our big day which we have been wanting for a long time. I hope you both will like my gift. My blessings and wishes are always with you. Congrats! Love you!

_Hey Mr., Thank you for making me Mrs.! May our marriage life will be full of joy, blessings, and sweetness!

_I wish our love will shine brighter and our togetherness will fill with sweetness with each passing year. 

_I pray God will release the world’s joy and good health in our life on this blessed day of marriage. Congratulations

_My affection and love are with you! Congrats to the world’s sweetest hubby! Promise to be there always.

_I ask God to fill our marriage life with all the essential ingredients of a relationship such as love, wisdom, humor, romance, and understanding. May our relationship last forever! Congrats!

_Heartfelt congrats to the perfect husband! Our marriage party may go within a day but may our happiness and love will remain forever until the last breath! Have fun and lots of blessings!

_Sweety! Good luck with starting the new chapter of life! I love you.

_May godly love will enter our life on this beautiful day of marriage. Congrats and lots of blessings!

_ Marriage is not about celebrating the one day, but it’s a long journey that may have many ups and downs. May the Lord bless us with wisdom and understanding to maintain our relationship at a good level. Congrats!

_I just want to let you know I am happy to be your partner for your whole life. Wishing you affection, good health, and abundance in every part! Congratulations dear love!

_Just like the lighthouse shines in the dark, I wish our marriage life will always shine in the years to come. Hearty congratulations!

_We are the perfect pair made in heaven. I wish the time ahead to be filled with the wonderful grace of God, love, and joy. Happy married life!

_ Here are the warm wishes on our big wedding day. I know, words are not enough, so I have chosen the best present and sent it along with this greeting. I hope you will like it. Congrats!

_On the occasion of the wedding, I wish we will become good friends and share joy and love which every relationship requires. Congrats!

_Here are my best wishes to my love on this wedding day! I am hundred percent sure no one is happier than myself in our marriage. Love you, babe!

_Congrats dear love! Here’s my secret tip to follow for successful marriage life. Always say to me at the time of argument, ‘Yeah! I understood you are right’. I hope you will apply. Well! Jokes apart, May god will bless a peaceful and happy marriage life. 

_I can’t wait to enjoy a delicious meal after the occasion. Love you, my babe! Congratulations dear!

_ Take my suggestion for a successful marriage life: Respect, love, romance, and the most important are, don’t forget to scrub the toilet. Congrats!

_Darling! Please take my good wishes on our wedding day. Happy marriage life ahead!

_ Marriage means the love story has come to an end and a wrestling match has been begun. Are you ready? I believe we will get the best in everything!

_Secret of blissful wedding life remains secret to all. Keep smiling, and congrats!

_Now we are going to be one soul from two bodies. May our marriage life be filled with comedy, laughter, and joy. Congratulations!

_Marriage is a wonderful experience. Finally, We are blessed to get you as my life partner. Now I can’t wait to annoy you throughout your life. Congratulations!

_ Marriage is a beautiful and simple relationship if it maintains it with care and love. Congrats! May our honeymoon be full of enjoyment!

_One of the happiest days of someone’s life is when he/she gets married to his love. And, I am blessed with that day. A very congratulations darling! Much love to you!

_Marriage is an adventurous thing but being a bachelor is not less than fun. Well! Now you have to be responsible. I know you will tackle everything with wisdom. Good wishes on entering into a new life!

_Baby! You can’t even think how excited I’m excited about our wedding. Congrats!

_Congrats dear on entering into the new world of marriage! Marriage can be hard sometimes, but if we nurture everything with love, then everything will become easy. Hope we will soon hear the news of having kids. God bless us!

_I can see the purity of love through our relationship. My heart is filled with joy and love. Congrats on this big day!

_I love to attend wedding parties, and now, I am super excited about my event because it’s our marriage. Glad to see the spark of joy in our eyes. Congrats, dear! Have a blissful married life! Don’t annoy me much!

_We both are the perfect pair made in heaven. Warm regards for our marriage!

_Initial days of marriage are filled with excitement and joy. I am happy to witness your love on our big day. Accept my warm congratulations, dear!

_Hey sweetheart! Congratulations on our blessed day of the wedding! There is no doubt that our relationship will last till eternity. 

_By looking at your lovely face on our big wedding day, I wish I will be the perfect someone who will also love you in the same way as you love me. Let’s promise to be an ideal pair! Love you forever! Keep smiling always!

_I know you will turn our marriage into a beautiful relation with your crazy everlasting love. Wishing a passionate, honest & blissful life together!

_To the world’s number one wife please accept my congratulations and gift. I hope you will like it. Love you forever!

_Marriage is the day of promise to hold each other’s hand till whole life. Wishing you good luck and congrats!

_I can see the bright future ahead of you. Enjoy the joy, laughter, and some bittersweet moments of togetherness in the years to come. Congrats!

_Family is a blessing. It’s a miraculous place to exchange love, understanding, and care. Maintain such a godly relationship of marriage with positivity and love. Congratulations!

_My beloved hubby! As we begin the new life together, my deep love and heartfelt wishes are always with you. Congratulations! 

_Wishing you good luck, strength, patience, and joy on the day of our marriage. Hope we will enjoy the beginning days of marriage full of excitement, love, and romance. 

_Hey, darling! We are truly excited to be a part of this special day. We pray our married life will bring tons of happiness and love. Congratulations! Love from my side!

_I wish we both will always be on each other’s side at the time of ups & downs. Nurture the relationship with trust and honesty. Have a wonderful married life ahead! Congrats!

_Here are my warm wishes on this big wedding day to the world’s cutest wife. We both are the perfect match. Congrats!

_May our love grow stronger day by day after the marriage. Wishing you a very congratulation! Stay happy! Stay blessed.

_Welcome to the new world of love and responsibility! Congrats! 

_It is very difficult to find the right partner to whom we could surrender our whole life, and I finally found the one. Congratulations.

_We wish you a long-lasting married life! Let’s hold each other’s hand with trust, care, and faith. Congratulations on starting the new chapter of life. Love always!

_Sending warm wishes on the brightest day of our marriage! I know you also get a hundred blessings, wishes, and suggestions. Still, my wish is special; after all, we are best childhood buddies. Isn’t it? Well! Congrats, dear! I need one more party but in private.

_I wish the joy and excitement you feel at this moment will remain through the years.

_The day of our marriage will end within a day but I pray love between you and I will always grow. Love and best wishes guys!

_I wish the love we are sharing now will increase as we grow old with each other.

_I’m glad to be a part of our big day. All the very best for your new life!

_We are wishing you a lifetime of happiness, joy, and love in your marriage.

_May God bless you today, tomorrow, and always!

_May God will fulfill all our dreams and bless our married life.

_Hey, you are no more friends but turn into a family. I hope you both will have lots of enjoyable moments together. Everyone knows that we are an ideal couple.

_Marriage success lies in understanding, sharing love, handling each other at their worst, celebrating little moments of happiness, forgetting flaws, and accepting imperfections. Congrats dear on becoming family!

_Love is another name of kindness and patience. It never fails so always fill our marriage life with love. Congratulations!

_Marriage is that kind of relationship where one person is not at all wrong at any cost and another person is Husband. Understood? Congratulations to both of you!

_What a great day for our family! I am happy to see you in a bridal dress. Finally, my girl is ready to run my family with her wisdom. My best wishes are with you sweaty. Congratulations and much love!

_I am sure the person who is standing beside you, will be the best husband. Now, your magical days have begun. Congratulations on this wonderful day. Love both of you.

_As we are getting married, may you experience more love with each passing day. Congratulations dear! Have a great married life!

 Sweet Messages To Say On Wedding Day

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