15 Moments When A Man Realizes He Lost You

The man a man and a woman loves is different. The woman tends to give her all in a relationship while the man tends to remain a little apprehensive about all of it. It is due to this reason that a man tends to lose a good woman.

They are unable to see the dedication and love and take things for granted. 

That should not be belittling to the woman in any sense. The man might initially think that they are unburdened but sooner rather than later they will realize that they have lost something precious. 

Here is everything to know about moments when a man loses you. 

Why does a man lose a good woman?

It is a well-known fact that a man gives more preference to visual pleasures than real emotions. When things are going wrong, they tend to be enamored by a woman of beauty.

Therefore, even if you, as a woman, poured your heart out to him and faced your emotions head-on, it is not going to matter much. It takes a long time for a man to realize what he has done and what he has lost out on.

How does a man realize that he has lost you, one of the best woman that he ever had

The man might look all happy and relieved at the onset but it is the eventuality that is going to hit hard. Men tend to hide how they feel and all the emotions get bottled inside. However, everything has a time limit. 

There is going to be an explosion soon and the kind of emotions encountered that time can be highly overwhelming. Life and love teach a lot of good lessons and losing out on a loved one is one of the most important ones. Therefore, it is imperative to see when a man realizes that he has lost out on the best.

When he is with an only materialistic woman

The universe has its ways of doing things. To compensate for the woman he has lost, a man might just be with a woman who does not love him but his belongings. He will soon realize that love is more important than these materialistic pleasures.

He will feel lonely even when he is with someone and he will realize your importance, even more, the person who always puts materials outside your priority list.

When he feels love-deprived even on being with multiple women

A man feels that he can replace a woman with another woman easily. Therefore, it is common for them to start going out with someone immediately after a relationship is lost. They long for that importance and love and sometimes resort to multiple partners to get the same. However, he will start missing you soon. 

He will miss your touch, your jokes, your silly laugh. Soon he will realize that you are irreplaceable in his life. No amount of association with another woman is going to help him in any way. Soon, he will start longing for your company.

When he needs someone more than a friend

There is no denying the fact that friends are one of the most integral parts of life. However, there are certain situations where you need someone more than a friend. For example, if you are in some kind of emotional turmoil. Your friend might be able to help you with a problem and provide a potent solution to it. 

However, a man will never get the kind of love and affection that he expects during a troubled time from anyone else than a woman partner.

He will feel hollow as he will not have anyone to express his love as well. That is when he will also realize that you were not just his lover but his best friend as well.

When he gets bored of parties and realizes that it is not the only enjoyable thing in life

A man tends to overcompensate a bad phase in life by going completely over the top with certain things. Partying is one such thing that looks very enjoyable and happening but not for long. These are all momentary pleasures that a man seeks to forget what he has lost out on. 

However, after a certain period, even partying starts becoming insignificant and rightly so. No amount of extra effort at socialization or drinking will solve the problem. It gets boring soon and he will start missing you more than anything.

When he looks at the selfishness of others and realizes that his woman was one of a kind in that aspect

The world is a selfish place. Everyone has an agenda in mind and works towards it. It is very easy to take advantage of a vulnerable man. When the realization dawns upon him that the last person who was completely selfless with him was you, he will accept your true worth. 

You are the only person who did not have any ulterior motive when you were with him and it is really rare to get someone like that in life. Your selfless love will come to the forefront even better.

When people run out of patience with him

A man who loses out on a very good woman like you will surely have some flaws. The catch is that not everyone will be fine with the problems. People are going to run out of patience with him eventually. 

The kind of treatment that he gets from others will further convince him that he has made a big mistake. No one will sit around and accept anything and everything that he does. You were the only one who did so. Now there will be no one who will treat him the same.

When he realizes that he cannot have deep conversations with anyone

As one grows up and starts adulting, there are certain topics and things that start to have more significance in life. Everyone craves to have someone with whom they can gel at a very intimate level and have deep conversations. Sometimes, even best friends are not able to feel the void. 

When he realizes that you were the only person with whom he could have such kind of conversations and now he has lost it, the reality is going to hit him hard. These conversations sometimes have secrets that he could confide only to you. Now that support is gone.

When he misses out on a connection that is real

Throughout life, a person meets a group of other people who come into their lives by chance or intention. However, no one has any obligation to stay. They can walk in and out of life at will. 

When a man realizes that the only person who was here to stay with you for the long run was you, he is going to regret his decision to separate. Finding a person with a connection as real as both of you had is very rare and he let it go. He will probably never have a real connection in life again.

When he realizes that the world is a cruel place and there is very little room for kindness

The world has no respect for anything unconditional. Everyone wants something in return for all the commitments that he or she makes. It holds for everything except for the love that you had for him.

The only person who did not have cruel intentions in his life was you and it is not going to be the same now. The only fair thing in his life was you and he has thrown it all away.

When he realizes the worthiness of having someone who loves deeply

Sometimes, it is the deep love and care that one for someone can become slightly suffocating but it is simply the way how something is perceived. The deep kind of love is also something that has a lot of value. Being worthy of such a kind of love from someone can be very special. 

Imagine having someone who only has your well-being in mind and no other malicious intent or materialistic inclination and suddenly that person is gone from your life. It can feel extremely hollow and distressing at the same time.

When he sees and realizes his mistakes as a boyfriend

It is very easy to overlook all the faults that one has. It is a natural behavior to think that whatever one does is right and everyone else is wrong. It is a problem that is more commonly seen in men. They have a harder time accepting that they were wrong. 

Even in a relationship, the man does not tend to understand his mistakes and keeps shifting the blame to the partner.

However, sooner or later, he will realize what he was doing was wrong. He is going to be utterly apologetic about it and will regret behaving the way he did.

When he cannot find that bond even on being intimate with other people

Having a physical relationship is again something that a man finds easier to get involved in. They do not tend to attach a lot of emotions to being intimate with someone. However, it is a well-known fact that when you are in love with someone, the kind of bond that you develop with that person on a mental level is beyond anything. 

He might become intimate with several people after he loses but he will not find comfort in anyone else’s arms.

He will want to come back running to you because he will realize his mistakes but it might become too late for setting things right. He is going to regret everything even further then.

When he sees the woman with someone else and realizes that she has truly moved on

This is going to be the ultimate nail in the coffin for a man who has been in a relationship with a woman. When a woman moves on, she truly does and there is no looking back for her.

As a woman, you deserve better and maybe your next relationship is the answer to all your woes. When you feel extremely happy and content with a new partner, that is when reality will hit your former male partner like a truck in the face. 

He will realize that he was the problem and you were putting up with all his tantrums for the longest time possible. You have had enough and now you are at a happy place. This will rip his heart from his chest and he will come to terms with the disaster that he has done.

How will the woman know if a man regrets losing her?

Even though it is not good for validation, it is natural for a woman to know whether her man has realized his mistake and regrets losing her. Therefore, as a woman, how will you know? 

The first thing that a man does is to try and set up communication again and apologize for the past mistakes. It is a cue that he has come to terms with the reality that he was at fault. Look out for sudden contact from your ex-partner to confirm that he is feeling it now.

What should a woman do when she comes to know that her partner regrets losing her?

The decision lies with the woman entirely. She can either decide to forgive him or move on without giving him any closure. It will surely make him regret all his decisions and take her for granted even more.

When things go sour is when all the problems start. Even if a relationship does not work out, it is important to remain grounded and prioritize the things that matter. Spend time with friends and family and keep yourself occupied. Things will soon get better and everything will only remain as a distant memory.

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