100+ Monday Affirmations for Your Lover

Your week starts with Monday and when the start of the week is good then the rest of the week shall pass with a positive note. Here are some Monday affirmations for your lover which will help them to start their week with a positive thought.

Here are Monday Affirmations for Your Lover

-Today is Monday and also the start of the week which you shall start with positive thoughts on your mind.

-For you, Mondays shall always bring new things to your life.

-You should keep yourself charged on Monday so that you can deal with any kind of situation positively.

-No matter what, I shall always encourage you to start your week with a huge smile on your face. 

-You should always try to make your Mondays productive.

-I will always help you to make your Mondays productive so that you are able to achieve your goals easily.

-You should be accepting all that God has offered to you with an open heart on this new day of the week.

-This Monday, keep yourself open to what God has to offer.

-You should trust the timing of everything that happens on this day because everything has a reason.

-Whatever happens today, always know that there is no expiry date to it.

-Love, you should just start this week with a big smile and with positive things on your mind.

-Start this week with brand new plans and focus on changing them into reality.

-Today is Monday which is the starting day of a week and wait for the best things to happen on the upcoming days.

-Monday is a day where you will get to turn your plans that you have planned into a reality.

-I would just tell you to start this new day with the best that you can bring into it.

-Today is the day when you will get another opportunity to plan out the future that you are looking forward to.

-Monday is the day when you should brush off the negative thoughts and start your week on a positive note.

-Today is the day that will give you the opportunity to create the future that you have always wanted and I will definitely help you to be positive in your life.

-You have always encouraged me to make my Sunday productive. 

– I know it will be a long week for you and today is the start of the week which I will turn into a special one for you.

-The entire week will be a long one and this Monday I shall encourage you to start it off positively.

-Monday is your day and you should know that it is also the time when you should try to deal with everything that comes on your way confidently.

-Be confident and I know that you will be able to deal with everything this week has in store for you effortlessly.

-Start your day effortlessly and the rest of the week shall be fine love!

-Monday will help to renew your mind and prepare you well enough so that you are able to focus on your goal better.

-One day your sacrifices will get justified only because you have made the effort to do so.

-Only you are responsible for making the most out of this week.

-Be creative on this day because when you will look back you will realize how blessed you are to be what you are today.

-Try to make the most of all your Monday’s love and you shall be fine for the rest of the week.

-Mondays are for turning your plans into reality.

-Try to connect yourself with God on Mondays so that you can have good and positive thoughts on your mind.

-Mondays are for you to plan out how you would like to spend the rest of the week.

-It is Monday and also your day to get in touch with your spiritual roots.

-You have to make your Monday a fruitful day so that it can make the rest of the week fruitful too.

-None but only you are responsible for starting your week on a positive note.

-This Monday is here for you and I would just encourage you to try and plan all your dreams on this day.

-You should be thankful because you have the prospective to do something good and fruitful in your life.

-Mondays are the best part of the week because you can do something really productive and creative in your life.

-Baby I know that Mondays are always the best days for you as you are able to do creative things in your life.

-You are worthy enough because you are getting to earn a good amount of appreciation on this day.

-Let go of all your negative thoughts and keep the Mondays to revitalize yourself with positivity.

-You should always think about doing good things on Mondays.

-Love, you should consider doing something lovely to start this new day of the week.

-The more you are optimistic, the more productive your Mondays will be.

-God is giving you time to recharge your mind so that your Mondays are spent well.

-Plan your actions today and the rest of the week shall be great.

-Invest your energy today and create a better week for yourself.

-You have to create your own time and use it positively.

-You shouldn’t be taking stress on Mondays because you have got the entire week to do that.

Monday Affirmations For Your Lover

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