65+ Monday Night Date Ideas to Make the Day Less Stressful

Who wouldn’t love to escape reality? Not me, for sure. And the one way you can do that is by going on dates with your partner. Dates are the gateway to ease your stress and to have so much fun πŸ₯³ with each other. 

This way, you can understand how important it is to take a break for a while so you can jump back in stronger. So, why don’t you go on a date today? Yes, you! You literally can go on a date with your partner πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘¨ right now! 

You just need to get dressed and not worry about where or what you should do. Why, you may ask. Because I am here to tell you what or where you should go to have some fun!

Here are a few Monday night date ideas just for you!

Everyone hates doing anything on Monday. Starting from waking up to go to work to finally getting ready for bed. We push ourselves to do what has to be done. But you can make your day and even your week go smoothly one way. Which way, you may ask? 

Then go through the below ⬇️ few Monday night date ideas that I have listed just for you so you can make your entire week, not just yours but even your partners!

But before that, I would like to recommend a book by Rebekah Smith, “Date Night: Unique Date Night Ideas You Will Love!

Cook your own meal!

Cook Your Own Meal

One way you can try and light up your mood for the whole week is by cooking πŸ₯£ together! You can make your favorite dish together by watching a tutorial or reading a recipe online. Make sure you don’t get lost in each other that you might even burn the food.

“Cooking with you is my favorite recipe for happiness, and the secret ingredient is always ‘us.'”- Unknown

Go out for dinner

If you don’t want to cook food and stay at home, you can always head out! Is there a restaurant 🍽 on your mind that you have been wanting to go to? Now is the time! Dress pretty and go to the restaurant together and enjoy your dinner! Also, don’t forget dessert, my lovely couple!

Play board games

You can play a few board 🎲 games and order food if you don’t feel like going out or cooking food at home. Pick your favorite kind of game; let it be mystery games, snakes and ladders, or even Scrabble! Enjoy your game night and get recharged for the whole week!

Watch a movie

Watch A Movie

Do you love watching movies together? Then pick your favorite movie and enjoy your Monday night! Make sure you have some popcorn 🍿 and maybe even a glass of wine or anything that you would like. A movie night will always be fun when you watch it together.

Bake a cake

Do you love pastries? Do you feel like eating one? You can head to the bakery and buy a cake for yourselves! Or you can do it in a fun way. You can bake. See the recipe online and go ingredient shopping if you are missing any. And then enjoy your cake πŸŽ‚ together! 

Sign up for a cooking class

A cooking class is always fun since you will learn how to cook and maybe even cook it for your partner one day. Cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea, and not everyone’s a chef πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ So sign up for a cooking class and enjoy your Monday night!

Spa night

Spa Night

One of the most refreshing ways to start off your week is by doing a spa night πŸŒ™ together! Put on your masks and enjoy your Monday night drinking a smoothie together. Not only will both of you have fun, but also will be refreshed for the whole week!

‘Would you rather’ game

If you have nothing to do or don’t feel like doing anything, you can play. Would you rather? Frame your questions or find a few online and start off your game! Make sure you have a glass of wine 🍷 ready, so you don’t get bored.

Street food

It is no bad thing if you want to have a cheat meal! Junk is fine, but eating it every day is not healthy! So make sure you keep Monday nights for street food πŸ•! Roam around the city for a while and find the best street store where you want to enjoy a delicious dish!

Ice cream

You can always go out for ice cream 🍨. After dinner, an ice cream is a must, isn’t it? So, head out for an ice cream. You can take a walk since you get some more time to spend with each other. Buy some ice cream on the way, and enjoy your Monday date night!

“As we share this ice cream, I’m reminded that our love, like this dessert, is a delightful combination of different flavors.”- Unknown

Go for drinks

Go For Drinks

Starting off your week with a few drinks 🍻 is what you have to do. So go out for drinks or pop the bottle at home. Wherever it may be, you will vibe well together. You have time to talk more and spend time if you order takeaway!

Take a stroll together

Take A Stroll Together

You can take a walk πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ if you want to relax and let yourself feel the cool breeze. Nights always give romantic Vibes, especially when you are walking with each other just talking about random stuff.

A walk is always a good idea to forget about your work and spend time with each other.

Short picnic

Pick a park with a view and head there before sunset πŸŒ‡ so you’ll have more time to spend with each other. You can pack all your essentials like snacks and books if you love reading or can even listen to music if you’d like.

A karaoke night

A karaoke night is perfect if you want to sing away all your worries 😟. Literally, pick a song that suits your mood and sing your lungs away. Pick your favorite songs to sing, and have a fun date night! Nobody is going to judge you since it is just the two of you!

Learn something new together

A relationship is not all about having fun, making love, and being there for each other. It is more than that. It is to grow with each other. So pick 🀏 something that you’ve been wanting to learn and start your learning journey together.

Escape room

You can head to the nearest escape room and test your brain 🧠 a little. Choose your perfect game and start your adventure, even if it is not real. See who’s going to find clues faster, and just remember to have fun.

Mini Golf

Have you been mini-golfing ⛳️ together? Then, now is the perfect time for you to have fun. Start off your Monday with a nice game. See who gets the most points and make a small bet if you’d like to, as well. 

Plan for a trip

Plan For A Trip

If you don’t have the mood to go out for a date πŸ“… but still want to do something fun, then this is for you. You can plan your dream trip. Wherever it might be, check the places you want to explore and plan it properly.

Recreate your first date

Recreate Your First Date

How was your first date? How did you feel when you saw each other? Do you remember what you wore? Then, it is time ⏲️ for you to recreate your date! Act like it is your first date and recreate those exact moments when you were on your first date.

Let’s take a short quiz to see how alike both of you are, shall we? Why not?

  • What is your favorite season?
  1. Summer
  2. Autumn
  3. Winter
  4. Spring
  • If you could travel right now, where would you go?
  1. Beach
  2. Explore the city.
  3. To the mountains!
  4. Resort
  • What is your favorite genre?
  1. Rom-coms.
  2. Mystery/thriller.
  3. Horror.
  4. Murder documentaries.
  • Are you an early riser or a night owl?
  1. An early riser, for sure.
  2. Night owl.
  3. Depends!
  • What is your ideal date night?
  1. Watch a movie.
  2. Dinner below the star-lit sky.
  3. Cooking a meal or ordering food at home.

So that is all, mate! I hope the quiz was fun and even helped you see how alike both of you are!

Watch sunset together

Watch Sunset Together

What is more beautiful 😍 and romantic than watching the sunset together? I know, right? Then, catch the sunrise, pick a spot, and enjoy the sunset together. Nothing is going to beat this moment ever, like ever.

Jigsaw puzzle

Pour yourself a glass of wine and bring out your jigsaw puzzle. If you don’t have one, you can always buy it. Have fun playing the game, and enjoy your Monday night date! While you start your puzzle 🧩 game, you can listen to music or even talk to each other!

Paint and sip

Do both of you love art? Do you want to bring the artists in you out? Then get your paints and canvas and just enjoy! Paint 🎨 whatever comes to your mind or maybe even each other’s portraits! Remember, you don’t have to be perfect!

Blanket fort

This is a perfect and fun date idea right at your home! You can build blanket forts with each other! You may even eat 🍜 inside of it and live in it. You get the chance to become kids again, right? So then go ahead and do it!

Attend a comedy show

Head to the nearest comedy 🀣 show and enjoy your Monday date night! No matter what, you will laugh till your stomach hurts; I am not kidding. You can go for dinner after the show has finished and finish it off with a kiss!

Visit an aquarium or zoo

You can visit an aquarium, mate! You will be amazed πŸ‘ when you enter the aquarium and watch how fishes live their lives. It’s interesting to know about various kinds of life, so go and visit an aquarium.

Head to a bookstore

Head To A Bookstore

If you love reading books and are running out of books to read, then you can head to a bookstore, which makes a fun date idea! Buy the books πŸ“š you have been wanting to buy and just get home and cook dinner to finish the day!

Go for an evening hike

An evening hike is perfect if you are still not exhausted after your work! Wear your sneakers πŸ‘Ÿ and start your adventure! Make sure it is a short hike and you return before sunset, as there’s a probability you might get lost in the dark.

Visit a garden

Being with nature is so refreshing and relaxing at the same time. So head to a garden and enjoy your evening date! Pack some snacks, or you can even stop for an ice cream 🍦 if you’d like! It’s going to be fun, nonetheless.

Star gaze

This is my favorite and romantic date idea! Go start gazing, mate! Nothing is more romantic than to be with each other and watch the stars. Drive πŸš— to a place that’s far away from the city and enjoy the peace and quietness.

A trip down the memory lane

You never know how far the both of you have come if you don’t look back. So take a seat and talk about all the fun things and also the hard times. Only then will you know how precious πŸ₯° your relationship is.

“Our journey down memory lane is a reminder of the love that has grown stronger with each step, and it fills me with gratitude and warmth.” – Unknown 

Go bowling

Go Bowling

A fun way to spend an evening, especially a Monday night evening, is by going bowling! You can go bowling 🎳 and have a little competition! See who gets the most points and make a few bets if you’d like to spice up the game a little bit.


So, mate, that is all the Monday night date ideas I have for you! Always remember that taking your partner on surprise dates will make them so happy you’ll see their excitement πŸ₯³! And if it’s Monday night, you would have made their whole week!

Also, please drop a few comments to let me know if you had fun on a Monday night, and also let me know if you have any queries or want more of such from me!

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