10 Myths About Long-Distance Relationships You Should Know

You must have come across the term “myth” at least once in your life. It is nothing but an idea or story believed by many but is not true.

People believed it without any justification. Now coming to ‘Long-distance relationships, it has always been a favorite topic of debate but with black marks and welcomed by frowning faces. 

Myths About Long-Distance Relationships to Know

We might have seen in several movies or shows where they try to glorify the concept of a long-distance relationship that works but often in real life people get crazy and showed a lot of advice that usually ends with “this won’t work”, much too our dismay.

Well, we never know unless and until we step into it, it is always about experiencing rather than passing comments from a corner. Now here we are busting ten myths about long-distance relationships! 

They will never work out.

Now, this is not something new. Every Long-distance couple might have heard this once and most probably more than once. Because people can simply come up with such statements which will not only bring negativity into your relationship but a lot of confusion and might even lead to self-doubt. 

Instead try to look at the brighter side, interact with a couple who have successfully survived a long-distance relationship (if you ever come across). This will not only instill faith but can do a lot of wonders to your relationship. 

Why do you think a long-distance relationship will not work out

What? A long-distance relationship? That is not real!

What A Long Distance Relationship That Is Not Real

It is disappointing how some people still have the misconception that you need to be close to each other once you’re in a relationship.

For those who choose to do long-distance even after knowing it is going to be a difficult journey, hearing things like “Long-distance relationship isn’t real” can be truly disheartening. 

It is a journey that both the partners have chosen to take forward. Remember distance can never ruin a relationship, but doubts do. 

Loads of “talking”. 

Loads Of Talking

It is understood that while being in a long-distance relationship both you and your partner tend to miss each other frequently but it’s okay if you couldn’t also. You can always share everything with your partner, your daily routine, your hobbies, interests. 

But excessive talking also has its downsides so a good relationship can also work without being constantly in touch. 

What is the best way to communicate in a long-distance relationship

More talks not necessarily good.

More Talks Not Necessarily Good

Too much talking can be a bad idea when it comes to a long-distance relationship. Just think about the fact that if this were not a long-distance relationship, being in a regular relationship wouldn’t have demanded such a huge time alone for talking.

It is not fine to spend so much time talking to your long-distance love that other significant areas of your life would be fading away in the long run. 

It is always a good idea to build your world, a place where you truly belong, focus on your personal goals, and do not forget to have a positive approach as well.

Long-distance is not about daydreaming about your partner most of the time. But also investing time for yourself. A little less talking will not do any worse. 

Do not go to bed irked. 

Do Not Go To Bed Irked

Though some of you might believe it is not a great idea to sleep with an argument running in your head which in that case does not sound good at all.

When you log off to sleep, which is usually at the end of the day you feel drained, and this ultimately results in you spilling words out of exhaustion, tah-dah another big argument has begun even without you knowing. 

At night, you would not care to think with your head, and this can stir your partner’s emotions. Rather you can opt for a six-hour sleep, the next morning you can think about it while taking a shower only to realize you came up with a better perspective than last night.

Why should you clear miscommunication before going to bed

Asking someone to make time for you is a sin.

Asking Someone To Make Time For You Is A Sin

Firstly, remember you are not asking a stranger to make time for you. Let us rephrase this statement. “It’s completely normal to ask your partner to take some time for you”. One can never expect their partner to impulsively make time for you so pick up on the hints they throw at you. 

As we all know communication is the key to a successful relationship, be it regular or long-distance. Talk to them openly about how you feel and the warmth you require. Once you start talking things out, everything will change.

Never start a heavy conversation while in a long-distance relationship. 

Never Start A Heavy Conversation While In A Long Distance Relationship

We all have a lot of inner fears, frustrations, conflicts, and naturally, we tend to overthink and mess it up. Do not wait for the next reunion with your partner to open up about things.

When you wait for the next time, and you meet your partner for real it’d be too late, and keeping it away from your partner will create a lot of unwanted tension between you two. 

You might be miles apart from your partner but never hesitate to start a heavy conversation, it will only do good and ultimately leads to a very strong emotional bond between the two of you.

How to avoid heavy conversation while in a long-distance relationship

You should stop going out with your friends!

Don’t you think it’s unfair to even think like this? Imagine your partner controlling you from miles away checking upon you unnecessarily, asking you not to hang out with a particular friend, being possessive and all. Isn’t it annoying? To be honest, if this is happening to you take it as a hint that your relationship is problematic or getting toxic. 

Make sure you keep your jealousy and insecurity at bay. Losing a whole bunch of friends for a single person does not sound like a good idea.

Talk to your partner about why it is important to have a social life apart from your relationship and encourage them to maintain a healthy relationship.

The feeling of finding the “perfect person”.

The Feeling Of Finding The Perfect Person

Falling in love is a beautiful feeling. Your lifestyle changes, you start to think about things from your partner’s perspective, you constantly try to make them feel comfortable and the list goes on.

Nobody is perfect and we know it. Especially in a long-distance relationship, you and your partner might be still getting to know each other and certainly, you cannot jump to conclusions. 

It takes time to completely understand each other, and some may even try to only look at the positive aspects and deliberately ignore the negatives, which will only end up in chaos.

Mutual acceptance and understanding go a long way in relationships and one day you will realize it is like the different dimensions of a prism. Finding the one perfect for you is all that matters.

Sealing the gap means ‘perfection’. 

Predominantly, couples in a long-distance relationship may have this tendency to rush things. A very common misconception is that once you seal the gap between you and your partner, things shall automatically become perfect. No, let me remind you of the consequences a carelessly taken decision can cause to your relationship. 

Things can get awkward too. Haven’t you heard the phrase “good things take time”? Yes, it is true how a little bit of waiting is always the best choice rather than making decisions without giving second thoughts. 

Why is it necessary to give space in a long-distance relationship

Beware! Myths can be perilous. 

To conclude, if you have come across any of these myths, make sure you hear them once and never take them to your heart. Myths are just a set of misinterpreted societal notions. Just keep in mind that all you need to have is a clear-cut idea about what you are expecting in a relationship and to be vocal about it with your partner. 

Never shy away from openly talking about the way you feel. In a virtual space, things can get complicated but always find time to set personal boundaries and let your partner have their own space.

Understand your partner, empathize with them, support them whenever they need you, and do not let them feel left out. Love is love and does not let these myths spoil the fun.

 Why do long-distance relationships fail

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