199+ Naughty Flirty Quotes To Make Hearts Flutter

Spice up your conversations and add a dash of playfulness with our collection of ? Naughty Flirty Quotes!

Whether you’re looking to ignite the spark with your partner or charm that special someone, these witty ? and seductive lines are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

From cheeky one-liners to saucy compliments, we’ve compiled the perfect arsenal of flirty expressions to tickle your fancy. Get ready to unleash your inner flirt and explore the art of playful banter in this tantalizing compilation!

Naughty Flirty Quotes For Fun

naughty love quotes

-Twice a day I think of you and that would be when I am alone or when someone else is with me. –Amit Kalantri

-Did you know that you are the hottest biscuit that exists on this side of my gravy boat? –Erin McCarthy

-A day without you is like a cloudy day with no sunshine. -Kenna

-Can we be naught today and save Santa from this trip? –Gary Allan

-Hello stranger! I think it is time for you to stop being a stranger to me. -Anonymous

-Would you mind if I ask you to come over? -Anonymous

-Did you know that the easiest way to get over somebody is to get under somebody else? –Kerry Cohen

-Do you even know how special and precious you are to me? I just wonder if you know that I am the luckiest one to have a person like you in my life. –Hassan Ali

-I love you so much that I get dizzy every time I look at you. – Jesse Tyler Ferguson

-Whenever I feel like smiling, the only thing that I do is close my eyes and think about you. –Rakii Retondo

-You are the most adorable person in my life and I get to study your soul with a telescope and your feet with a microscope. –Victor Hugo

-If I make the first move in texting you, will you make the first move in loving me? -Anonymous

-I could keep on flirting with you until the last day of my life. -Anonymous

-It is really getting harder for me to spend my days without you. -Anonymous

-I like when things are hot and when you are hot too. -Anonymous

Naughty Romantic Quotes

naughty lines for crush

-I like spicy and hot foods and I find them to be more appealing when you look hot. –Julie James

-I can see that I am very much attracted to you and I would not hesitate in asking you to come over to my place tonight because I see that you are already ready for bed. –L.A Casey 

-I feel like I have loved you for more than a thousand years and no day has passed when I did not miss you. –Christina Strigas

-Darling, if you come over now you will have me ready at your service. -Anonymous

-It is not going to be easy but we have to work it out because we both know that we want each other forever. –Nicholas Sparks

-It is going to be difficult but let us try to work at it only because we want to have each other for the rest of our lives. –Nicholas Sparks

-You are clever like the devil and pretty as the angel. –Holly Black

-Goodness is itself a reward and don’t you think that we should be rewarded for being naughty? –Lauren Bacall

-I just want you to love and trust me enough so that I can love you and stay with you and build a happy life together. –Francine Rivers

-For both of us, the home is not just a place but it is like a person and we should be glad that we both are finally home together. –Stephanie Perkins

Naughty Lines For Crush

naughty flirt quotes

-I love you not just for what you are but I love you because of the person I become when I am with you. –Roy Croft

-I cannot think of anything other than you. Despite myself, I only imagine being with you so that I can kiss you, grasp you, and caress you for the rest of my life. –Honore de Balzac

-I would not hesitate to shoot myself if you are the bullet because I would love the feeling of having you inside me. – Maygin Nikki

-I consider myself lucky to have been blessed with an angel like you. -Anonymous

-I love flirting with you because I know it always makes you smile. -Anonymous

-It is high time that you start accepting how much you love me and just come over and propose to me. –Anonymous

-Nobody gets my silly jokes as you do. So, would you like to hear more of it for the rest of your life? -Anonymous

-Morning love! Would you like to share your day with me? -Anonymous

-I had a dream about you this morning that I had asked you out for a coffee and I have heard that morning dreams come true. -Anonymous

Hot Flirty Quotes

naughty flirty quotes

-I am the luckiest woman on earth to have found a life partner like you. -Anonymous

-Mornings could not have been better than this if you were not there and I request you to make my mornings the best part of my days. -Anonymous

-I am really bad at starting a conversation so would you care to start one? -Anonymous

-Please come to me and have me for the rest of your life because no one is there to do so. -Anonymous

-I just finished reading a book that I know you’d love and so, you ought to come across at my place to take it. -Anonymous

-Isn’t it a great idea to watch a movie tonight getting cozied up together? -Anonymous

-Stop thinking about me. I am getting distracted. -Anonymous

-No one is perfect yet you are close to perfect. -Anonymous

-Just turn around and go to sleep fast so that I can have you and cuddle you in my dreams. –Colleen Houck

-You are just enough to drive me crazy and send me on my knees. –Grace Willows

-I have got my eyes on a pretty angel and that is you. You are the only thing that I see and I just want your emotion and love forever. -Drake

-If you are in this room then I want to be with you. When you are gone, I just think about you. You are the one I want to have at my back during a fight. –James Patterson

-You are the only one with whom I want to talk and the sun is always shining when we are together and when we are apart it looks like a cloudy day. –James Patterson

-From the beginning till the end, the only thing that I know about is that I love you from the moon and back. -Anonymous

-I will love from the beginning and till the end of my life and it would be everything for me. –Ella Frank

-Did you know that in my eyes even god would not be able to command you? –Kele Moon

-I am just a naughty fish in your pond waiting for you to catch me. –Janet Fitch

-Dear love, I am just getting crazier day by day because I want you and I cannot wait for you to come and my body wants the same. I just want the whole of you as soon as possible. –Georgia O’Keeffe

-Don’t misunderstand me but I love when I get to be your morning lollipop but I want to eat too. –Pamela Clare

-Just forget about everything that you see around yourself and imagine that only you and I exist in this world- Olga Goa

Naughty flirty quotes

hot flirty quotes for him

-There are only two times a day that I think about you. Firstly, when I’m alone, and secondly, when I’m with someone else on my bed. -Amit Kalantri

-You are the hottest piece of biscuit on this end of the gravy boat, and I wanted you to know this. -Erin McCarthy

-let us save Santa the trip by being naughty together. What do you say? -Gary Allan

-I have often heard that the best way to get over someone is to get under that person. I need to try it out, and it seems so bad. -Julie James

-I loved you for hundreds of years without stopping, yet I missed you in all of them. -Christina Strigas

-Kissing can burn 6.9 calories every minute, so do you want a workout together sometime?

I am shaved and as fresh as a daisy, waiting for you to water me again, baby.

I need you to know that I’d love you even if you’re not naked right now.

I do have a dirty mind, I won’t deny, and yes, you’re running through my mind right now, and that too, naked.

I was planning to send something sexy and hot on your way, but the mailman ordered me to get out of the mailbox!

-All my life, I have waited to be put down by you, so do it now!

-Pressing all the right switches is the best thing you can do with me, so why wait?

-I think I am excited to learn about the flavor you possess. Do you mind giving me a sample of it?

-There is hardly anyone here to tie my hair. Would you mind doing it for me?

-Jumping upon you while I give you a mouth-to-mouth breath is something that I have been looking forward to this weekend, love.

Dirty Relationship Quotes

hot flirty quotes for her

All my inappropriate thoughts have you in them. All my nastiest fantasies revolve around you.

I haven’t done anything productive today except picturing you naked in front of me.

Such nice clothes you’ve got, but they’d look better if they were to lie on my bedroom floor.

Can you please come over wearing the dress I gifted you last week? Yeah, I know I didn’t give you anything!

This isn’t being a flirty babe. I’m just extra friendly with someone who’s just super attractive.

I have always seen you as a bar of dark chocolate, and my heart always wants to devour you.

My eyes always search for you in different places, and all I want is you all over me throughout the day.

This life of mine will become futile if I cannot taste your lips at least once.

-The day I have seen you, my heart just danced around in the rain waiting for you, Darling.

-You never know how much I have to wait for you to quench the thirst of my soul.

-This ripped body of yours is made to be eaten by me; if not me, then none will be able to touch you even.

Dirty Love Quotes

dirty flirt quotes

-The way water flows through the curves of your body makes me more thirsty and want to drink water from those crevices of your body.

-This rain that makes you so wet is similar to mine while we are on our bed.

-Levelling up all day to match those abs to mine so we can think of something else instead of cuddling.

-You are just like peanut butter, so smooth and crunchy that I cannot resist myself to put all over my white bread.

-So, let’s flip a coin. If it’s headed, I’m yours; if it’s tails, you’re mine. Deal?

If I had a penny for every time I imagined you naked, I would have been a billionaire by now and surpassed Jeff Bezos!

There’s nothing greater than waiting that I hate in this world, but if it’s waiting for you, I would gladly do it without a complaint.

My heart is already yours, but why do you want my heart only when you can have my ass as well?

If we date, I’m going to take you out to eat, then once we get back home, I’m going to eat you out.

Can you guess what I’m thinking about right now? Well, you’re on your mind and running through it naked.

The sole reason I learned how to flirt was to be able to woo you. I wanted you in my life so badly.

Dirty Romantic Quotes

romantic flirty quotes

My love for you is quite similar to that of a fart. It flows so smoothly and effortlessly.

You can’t dominate me, honey. Well, you’re not my boss, at least not as long as I’m naked!

Leave aside the stock market; even my pants are falling for you.

There’s no way I will eat all these on my own. Let’s have it together, and I’ve also got to eat you out!

You are a killer! Your lips are like a gun, your smile is like the trigger, and your kisses are the bullets. Do you want to kill me?

How bout we spend the evening together? I’ll order all your favorite snacks and drinks, and you have me to feast upon.

In case you are wondering, I just got home from work and will hop in the shower. Do you want to join me?

When you are willing to commit the same mistake twice or thrice, ensure she is steaming hot!

-The main motive of life is channelizing all your energy to a perfect hole, and I hope you find your channel soon!

-The love that makes me crave for you also makes me feel on top of the world. Does that mean I am on top of you because you are my world?

-Whenever I am standing behind you, why do I feel like hugging you from behind and having a moment of physical intimacy with you?

-My bed of mine is craving for you, and maybe it will be better if I send out these invitations to you so you can come over soon for some action!

-Life has thrown me at you with such force that it has become difficult for me to get up from your lap and focus on anything else.

You are not very lovable; my testosterone levels go high whenever I see you all over me, spread like butter.

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