140+ Never Have I Ever Questions for Partner to Boost Chemistry

The game “Never Have I Ever” has been a staple in my life for a very long time whenever I go out with my friends🧑‍🤝‍🧑. It is essentially the best game I can imagine. But why not incorporate it into the questions posed to couples? 

I took it as a challenge and devised some questions❓ to ask my partner; as it turned out, we had a lot of fun and learned a lot about each other’s lives in the process. 

Check out the questions below and make sure to put the phrase “Never have I ever” before each one.

Past relationships

Past Relationships

Everyone has a past. Some are positive, some negative. I told my partner about the positive and terrible things that had happened to me in previous relationships❤️. 

The questions I’ve posed here also helped both of us understand how odd the relationships must have been. Why not have some fun?🎉 Take the chance.

  • After our breakup, we remained friends with an ex.
  • I regret ending a relationship.
  • Patched up within 24 hours⌛ with an ex.
  • Been in a long-distance relationship.
  • Kept a former relationship concealed from a partner.
  • Cheated on a partner.
  • Been in a relationship that my family and friends🧑‍🤝‍🧑 didn’t approve of.
  • Ghosted someone after a date.
  • Introduced an ex to my family.
  • Had a crush on someone while in a relationship.
  • Had a mutual breakup💔.
  • Written a love letter✉️ to an ex.
  • Dated people who are much older or younger than myself.
  • Been in a relationship where I felt taken advantage of.
  • Been in a relationship with someone from a different cultural background
  • Had a relationship that ended due to distance.
  • Been in a relationship for less than a month.
  • Been in a relationship with someone I met on the internet.

Social life

Social Life

Did you know that one of the primary reasons couples fail👎 in the long run is a lack of knowledge of each other’s social lives and the importance they play in them? 

The following questions taught me how essential friends are to my partner. If you want to learn more, attempt the following questions.

  • Been the life and soul of the party🎉
  • Went to a party without informing my boyfriend.
  • Developed a crush on a common friend.
  • Canceled plans with my boyfriend to spend time with pals.
  • Been assigned as the designated driver🚕 for a day
  • Crashed a wedding or party to which we weren’t invited.
  • Lied to avoid attending a social function.
  • I took a selfie🤳 with a stranger.
  • Done karaoke in front of a crowd.
  • Pretend to be someone else.
  • Spilled a drink🍻 on somebody at a party.
  • Started a dance circle or a conga line at a social gathering.
  • Tried to set up one of our pals with someone else.
  • Pretend to enjoy a social activity just to make you happy.
  • Accidentally insulted somebody during a social gathering.



It is necessary to set boundaries for oneself at times, regardless of the type of relationship you are in. Privacy, in my opinion, is just as crucial as passion in a relationship. 

It can sometimes reveal the level of trust existing. To learn more, read the questions.

  • Read my partner’s text messages without their permission.
  • I went through my partner’s items.
  • Looked into my partner’s web history.
  • Withheld a secret🤐 from my lover that I should have shared.
  • Pretended to be unaware of something my partner was withholding from me.
  • Revealed my partner’s personal information without their permission.
  • Inadvertently shared a secret that my lover told me confidentially.
  • Installed covert cameras📷 or tracking gadgets to spy on my partner.
  • Disturbed my partner’s personal space or privacy out of jealousy.
  • Concealed something from my lover out of fear of their reaction.
  • Turned down my partner’s desire for privacy or alone time.
  • Read through my partner’s diary📕 or journal.

Conflict resolution

Conflict Resolution

It is natural to have differences of opinion and choices in a relationship, which can lead to conflict. 

All that matters in times of rage is how properly you communicate🗣️. The questions I’ve posed can help you determine whether you’re on the correct track of treating each other with respect.

  • Avoided discussing an important issue to avoid disagreement.
  • Raised my voice during a debate.
  • Give someone the silent treatment after a fight.
  • Apologized for something I didn’t think I had done wrong merely to terminate an argument.
  • Walked away from a dispute without attempting to resolve it.
  • Brought up previous concerns during an argument.
  • Employed passive-aggressive conduct to show my annoyance.
  • Overlooked my partner’s point of view during a conflict.
  • Made assumptions about my partner’s intentions without first seeking confirmation.
  • Refused to negotiate during a conflict.
  • Kept grudges from previous arguments.
  • Used ultimatums to get my way during a debate.
  • Refused to accept responsibility for my role in a conflict.
  • Stormed out of a room during an argument without settling the problem.
  • Used avoidance or distraction strategies to get out of a difficult conversation.
  • Used sarcasm to express my aggravation during an argument.
  • Let a problem fester without addressing it.
  • Blamed my partner for my own emotions or reactions.
  • Interrupted a conversation or a fight with my partner.



The one piece of advice I ever give to anyone who asks for it is to never pass up an opportunity to have fun. 

You will not be sorry but will only remember it when you are old. I asked my boyfriend the following questions, which helped me figure out his likes and dislikes. You should also check them.

  • I took an impromptu road trip with my boyfriend.
  • Attempted an extreme sport or activity with my partner.
  • I went camping in a distant area with simply my spouse.
  • Traveled to a foreign nation with my girlfriend.
  • Gone on a zipline or canopy trip with anyone else.
  • Taken a couples’ dancing or cookery class🍚 in another nation.
  • Been on a safari or a nature trip with my partner.
  • I went on an exciting amusement park ride with you.
  • Gone on a spur-of-the-moment weekend excursion without much planning.
  • Tasted a new or unusual meal while traveling with my companion.
  • Been on a scenic helicopter🚁 or hot air balloon tour.
  • Toured a haunted or abandoned location with anyone else.
  • Been on a couples’ spa retreat or a health retreat.
  • Gone on a kayaking or canoeing expedition with a partner.
  • Attempted a difficult outdoor sport like rock climbing or white-water rafting with my companion.
  • Taken a scenic train ride🚂 with anyone?
  • I went stargazing⭐ with simply my companion in a secluded location.
  • Gone scuba diving or snorkeling as a couple.
  • Gone on a hot air balloon🎈 flight with anyone else.
  • Gone on a hiking or backpacking trip with a partner.

Health and Fitness

Health And Fitness

When I realized my partner was as enthusiastic about movement and fitness as I am, I knew he was a fantastic match✔️ for me. 

I appreciate that he understands and supports what I do. The questions that assist me in figuring out what my spouse enjoys are listed below.

  • Done a fitness challenge or race with anyone else.
  • Tried a new activity or workout class with my partner.
  • Made a healthy dinner from scratch with my friends.
  • Been on a long hike or nature walk with my partner.
  • Taken part in a couples’ yoga or meditation class.
  • Encouraged my partner to start a new fitness interest.
  • Taken a dance or aerobics class with friends for enjoyment and exercise.
  • Attempted a new healthy cuisine🥗 or diet with my companion.
  • Taken part in a charity walk🚶 or run with anyone else.
  • Suggested to my partner that they prioritize their mental health and well-being.
  • Tried a new outdoor sport or activity with my partner.
  • I took my partner on a wellness retreat or spa weekend.
  • Set and achieve a health and fitness goal at the same time.
  • Helped my partner achieve a specific fitness goal.
  • Gone swimming🏊 or taking a water aerobics class with her.
  • Tried a couples’ fitness routine, either at the gym or at home.
  • I went on a bike ride🚴 with a friend for exercise.
  • Had a friendly fitness competition with my partner.
  • Do mindfulness🧘 or deep breathing exercises together.
  • Gone on a weekend trip focused on outdoor activities and fitness.

Career choices

Career Choices

One of the most important decisions you will make in your life will be your career🧑‍💼. I always go to my boyfriend when I’m confused about my career route, and I enjoy how logically he solves it in minutes. 

The questions I’ve suggested can help you understand situations and how to manage them.

  • Made a major professional shift without first consulting with my partner.
  • Collaborated on a project or a business endeavor.
  • Accepted a job simply because my partner thought it was a good idea.
  • Moved to a different city🏙️ or nation for the sake of my partner’s job.
  • I took a risk that my partner didn’t agree with.
  • Felt envious or competitive toward my partner because of our separate occupations.
  • Sought my partner for career advice and then ignored it.
  • Celebrated a professional milestone or achievement with my partner.
  • Financially supported my partner while they pursued a passion project or dream employment.
  • Argued with my partner regarding work-life balance.
  • Picked a job only for the sake of financial security💸, even if it wasn’t my ideal professional path.
  • Assisted my partner in negotiating a job offer or contract.
  • Felt insecure about my professional accomplishments in comparison to my partner’s.
  • Explored the prospect of forming a business with you.
  • Talked about my long-term job ambitions and intentions with my girlfriend.
  • Put my partner’s job ahead of mine for an extended length of time⏳.
  • Given my colleague positive input on their job.
  • I went to a work-related function or party🪅 with my partner.
  • Assisted my partner in preparing for a job interview.
  • I gave my partner career advice that they did not follow.


Being in a relationship with little communication can be as exhausting as anything else. One of the most beneficial things I’ve done for myself was to ask questions of my partner, which made both of us feel like we were playing a game but increased the connection of our relationship. 

I sincerely hope that the never-have-I-ever questions that I have provided here will aid you with exciting games 🎲 night with your significant other. 

Let me know in the comments which questions made you both laugh the hardest.😂

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