88+ Best Never Let Me Go Quotes

When someone enters your life, then sweet rhymes of ‘Never let me go’ will become your favorite line. 

Love is hard to express, but it is necessary to build a connection. We understand your emotions, so we bring heartfelt quotes that help say to your partner, ‘Never let me go’ in words. Choose the best one from the below list: 

Best Never Let Me Go Quotes

  • Oxygen is not enough to keep me alive in your absence, baby, because I need you, and I am not happy to stay without you, so promise never to let me go; I love you. -Anonymous
  • You are worthy, and I always find myself incomplete without you, so never let me go, my princess. -Anonymous
  • It is tough to breathe when you are not around, so promise me to keep me in your arms and never let me go ever, babe! -Anonymous
  • No matter whether there’s sickness or troubles, I am happy to face it with you, so never let me go because my faithfulness is simply on you, and I won’t leave you, my love! -Anonymous
  • How could I leave your hand when I promised myself to stay by your side In every circumstance, so I ask same promise from you to not to let me go at any cost, my honey! -Anonymous
  • Don’t keep me aside from your life, not in this and also not in the one that will come because we are heavenly pair; love you, babe! -Anonymous
  • Darling! Never let me go because I intend to love you day and night, month and years to come, and yes, till death do us apart. You are my eternal love, my hubby! -Anonymous
  • Never let me go, my babe; my love is unconditional and pure. -Anonymous
  • I am your sweet love angel who wants to love you in every second, every minute, and every hour so don’t let me go but let me love you more and more. -Anonymous
  • My faithfulness is the dividend of my love, darling. So I am on your side in happy and sad moments, but please never let me go. Love you! -Anonymous
  • My sweetheart! As I stay with you every time, my desire to live is increasing day by day, so don’t ever let me go. -Anonymous
  • I am committed to being there to love you in every moment, so never let me go, my princess. -Anonymous
  • No matter how far your thinking goes further but my commitment to loving you can go beyond that, so never let me go, honey. -Anonymous
  • If tomorrow is the last day on the planet, then make sure I will be there on your side, my babe.-Anonymous
  • Never make a doubt on my feelings because my heart beats only for you, dear, please never let me go; you mean so much to me. -Anonymous
  • Our love story is my favorite because we are writing the history in love, so never let me go, darling, but be with me forever, ever. -Anonymous 
  • Never look here and there in your bad times because i will stay beside you no matter but never let me go; I love you. -Anonymous
  • When i look at your first time, i knew you are the perfect guy god has chosen for me, so let me love you and don’t me go away from your life. -Anonymous
  • You are my first; you are my last, its my commitment to stay with you all the time, so asking the same not to let me go, my love. 
  • If the world is going to end but my love will be waiting there to come even on the ending day so never let me go my boogie boo.-Anonymous
  • Yes! Love is sweet, but only if it is with you, so i want to stick with you until death does separate us. I love you, my prince. -Anonymous 
  • My feelings are thicker than the blood running inside the body, and it needs you all the time, so never let me go away, my love! -Anonymous
  • My beloved wife, i never imagined or dreamt the life could be so beautiful until i found you. Never let me go away, my love because i want to love you the same way you do. -Anonymous
never let me go quotes
  • No one knows what will happen in the next moment, but my love is sure; my passion is internal, my babe, so never let me go! -Anonymous
  • If  I have to cross the deep oceans, then it’s noting for me if you are on the other side if I have to climb the tallest hills, then i am happy to cross those hills if you are on the top; yes, my love is like this so never let me go, baby. -Anonymous
  • I am ready to surrender all my days. I promise to stay around you beyond the end times. Never let me go, darling, and never keep a doubt because i will never keep you alone. I love you. -Anonymous
  • You are my biggest addiction, so never let me go, my babe! -Anonymous
  • You are like a magnet, so it’s impossible to go beyond you; love you, my angel. -Anonymous
  • There are a lot to express about my eternal love feelings, but in brief, i am here in every moment, so never let me go, baby. -Anonymous
  • People say time is precious, but it is worthy if you are on my side in that time so never let me go away, my honey. -Anonymous
  • I promise to stay beside you like a patriot, so never let go, darling I will always keep you joyful, trust me, my babe love. -Anonymous
  • My love is just like the water of the river flows consistently, so darling, never let me go because I love you. -Anonymous
  • I promise to be stick with you just like the wings of birds stick with them. Never let me go, my lady, because you are everything to me. -Anonymous
  • No matter how many times I have failed in other things, my success is sure in your love, so never I go sweaty! -Anonymous
  • Never let me go at any point of life because I take a pledge to stay with you all the time, and I will be there to you until you grab myself tightly in your arms; love you, my princess! -Anonymous

Never Let Me Go Relationship Quotes

  • I love the way you hold my hand within your fingers babe, Never let me go, sweety, love you. -Anonymous 
  • If the world stands against you, remember I will stand with you, my honey; I love you! -Anonymous
  • Whether it is a night, thunder weather, or sunny morning, never let me until I will become your permanent shadow. I love my babe! -Anonymous
  • If I ever take your love as granted, scold me, slap me, but please never let me go, my babe love, because you are my only love! -Anonymous
  • I committed my life to you, and that’s the best decision of my life I ever make. My sweetheart! I love you and promise to treasure you forever. -Anonymous
  • My heart carries the arc of love, which keeps asking your direction, so never let me go but keep me with you wherever you go. Love you, babe! -Anonymous
  • We are the irreplaceable wings of love that will never be apart. Let me stick with you darling, love you! -Anonymous
  • I know I waited long to get you In my life, so I promise myself to stay committed with you till death, so never let me go, my love! Love you, my crush! -Anonymous
  • As the human need water to survive just like you mean so much to me, my love, so never let me go, my darling, babe-Anonymous
  • Never do things that make us separate from each other. Our love is an eternal babe! I repeat, it is eternal. -Anonymous
  • Sometimes, the situation may occur when our relationship goes beyond the track, but at last, our true love has the power to stick our bond of love to each other, my dear, ever let me go from you, my sweetheart! -Anonymous
  • I may not deserve this world’s costly things, but one thing is sure as a sun appears in the sky, I will never let you go, so you never let me go, babe. -Anonymous
  • It is you who knows when my heart wipes or when it is joyful, so never let me go, darling. -Anonymous
  • All season is cheerful if I have you, so never let me go, baby because you are my one and only. -Anonymous
  • Never let me go just like the honey never let its sweetness. I love you, baby girl. -Anonymous
  • Recognize my voice; you will always listen at your dark times, Recognize my hand you will ever see at the time of help because I promised myself not to leave you alone, so never let me go my heart! -Anonymous
  • Season comes and goes, but my love will be the same so never let me go, darling! -Anonymous
  • Do not cry for help in need; turn away, and you will find there smiling and ready to catch you in your arms. Never let me go, my babe, I love you, and I will always love you. -Anonymous
  • As the dog is loyal to its owner, I will be devoted to your love, my honey, so never let go! -Anonymous
  • I want to be there next to you all the time, so never let me go, my lady, until we tie hard in love to each other; I love you, my sweet princess! -Anonymous
  • From the beginning, my heart has chosen you, darling, so don’t let me go, my baby; I love you. -Anonymous
  • I determine to stand with you. Babe, Never let me go but let me take care of you. Love you, babe! -Anonymous
  • Today, I promise to make your life the most beautiful one, just like heaven, so never let me go, my love. -Anonymous
  • the essential memories fade away, but I never go with them; the lovely memories of mine I never see them fading, baby. ― Kazuo Ishiguro
  • Never let me go but let me come in your arms and hold me the way it is the last day on the planet so that death even couldn’t make us apart. Love you, my princess. -Anonymous
  • We are lucky to have a partner who never let us go, so be like one, and never I go. Love you, my babe! -Anonymous
never let me go quotes
  • People will take every effort to let you fall, but I am here to push you up, my babe, so never let me go away from you. Babe, love, I love you forever; you are my heartbeat! -Anonymous
  • If a person loves you truly, he will never make excuses to run from you but make excuses to love you always, and I am the second one, so never let me go, darling. -Anonymous
  • Be the one reason which forces me to hold you whenever I want to leave you. Never let me go, my honey, because I am in love with you genuinely. -Anonymous
  • Hey, my loyal honey girl is difficult to find, so never let me go, my love. -Anonymous
  • No matter what will happen, never let me go because whatever I say, do, or behave, my feelings are pure, and that’s enough! Love you! -Anonymous
  • Promise me never to let me go but make your world around me, and If the lousy time will come into our life when everything appears crowded, promise me to expand in love more so that we grow more. –Robert M. Hensel
  • Babe, smile, kiss me and express your feelings, tell me you will wait or not or hold me so that I could know you will never let me go.-John Denver
  • Never let me go no matter what people’s thoughts, opinions will say but be there always and love always. Love you, my honey!


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