70+ Best Newlywed Quotes for You to Share

Marriage is a sacred bond between two people. It is one of the most memorable days of one’s life.

If you are looking forward to some touching newlywed quotes to someone who has just got married then, you are just at the right place. Here you will find a compilation of some of the best new quotes by the renowned. 

list of Newlywed Quotes for You to Share

-In the marriage, you must learn to compromise and communicate with each other and not go to bed angry. This advice is always gifted and then regifted to all newlyweds. — Gillian Flynn

-The secret to lead a happy married life has always remained a secret. —Henny Youngman

-Before marrying a person you must first let them use a computer that has got a slow Internet to see how much patience do they have.  — Will Ferrell

-Happy marriages are when you marry the person you love and they bloom when you love the person whom you marry. — Tom Mullen

-Where you will find love there will always be life. — Mahatma Gandhi

-When you get married, you would want to be very happily married. — Audrey Hepburn

-I love you but I don’t know how, when, or where. I love you and that is all I know, without creating problems or without being too proud: I love you in every way because any other way of love is unknown to me. — Pablo Neruda

-A marriage is a sacred bond and it will be a happy one if you know how to deal with it. -Anonymous

-Not everything can be controlled with anger and especially not your marriage. -Anonymous

-A little bit of compromise, good communication, and more patience is the key to a successful and happy marriage. -Anonymous

-A perfect marriage is made of both sweet and bitter ingredients. -Anonymous

-The secret of a perfect marriage lies in finding the right person to marry. You know they are right for you if you love to spend time with them. — Julia Child

-When someone trips over love, it becomes easy to get up. But falling in love will make it impossible to stand all over again. — Albert Einstein

-Every heart will sing a song, and it will remain incomplete until another heart replies back. If you wish to sing you must always find a song first. When a lover touches someone, they become a poet. — Plato

-A happy marriage is similar to a long conversation but always seems to be too short. — André Maurois

-One day when you will be looking for your happiness, you will come across someone by your side, and then you will realize that your happiness is also helping you to search. — Robert Brault

-When n you love someone, you will be eager to marry them as soon as possible. -Anonymous

-Marrying your lover will make your marriage much more comfortable. -Anonymous

-It is great to spend your life with someone than to spend it all alone. -Anonymous

-I prefer to share one lifetime with you because it is better than facing the ages of this world all alone. — J. R. R. Tolkien

-When you deeply love someone or when they love you, it gives you strength as well as courage. — Lao Tzu

-Love is similar to a friendship that has caught fire. — Jeremy Taylor

-The secret to a happy marriage can be a secret but it definitely not impossible to crack it. -Anonymous

-Love knows no bounds because it can jump over the obstacles to reach our destination successfully. — Maya Angelou

-People can be often weird. When we find that kind of person we know that is totally compatible with ours, then we team up together and name it love. — Dr. Seuss

-The happiest feeling on earth is to feel the happiness of marriage. — William Lyon Phelps

-We gave each other the kind of love which was more than just love. — Edgar Allan Poe

-Marriages, are like the garden, which takes some time to grow well. But when it grows finally, its harvest is rich for those who had the patience and cared tenderly for the garden. – Darlene Schach

-Marriage is a holy ceremony that needs the patience to make it successful in the long run. -Anonymous

-Often marriages are made fun of but it is a serious relationship where you have to be funny. -Anonymous

-Marriages are good when people who love each other truly get to be together. — Jane Austen

-Chains cannot hold back marriages together. It is actually the tiny threads that can sew the people together through so many years. — Simone Signoret

-True love stories will never have any endings. — Richard Bach

-Love does not rest on any foundation. It is mostly like an ocean that has no exact beginning or end. — Rumi

-If you give me a flower each time I think of marrying you, then I could create my own garden. — Alfred Tennyson

-Love can free us from the pain and weight of life. — Sophocles

-A successful marriage needs you to fall in love a lot of times, but you must make sure to do it with the same person. — Mignon McLaughlin

-The beauty of marriage cannot be seen from the beginning itself but rather it will be beautiful when love grows and keeps on developing with time. — Fawn Weaver

-A perfect marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ gets to be together. It is perfect when two imperfect people learn to enjoy each other’s differences and accept them. — Dave Meurer

-Marriage is the happiest bond between two imperfect souls. –Anonymous

-It is absolutely amazing how a person walks right into your life one day and then you realize what you would have done without them. –Anurag Prakash Roy

-When you get to marry the person whom you have loved for so many years is a real blessing. -Anonymous

-Marriage does not mean only you get to rule or compromise but your partner has to do that as well. -Anonymous

-Marriage is a sacred bond but it is definitely not an easy task. You are just meant to work upon it just like you do with your other relationships. –Raymond Eido

-People who do not have a spouse will never get to experience any differences with their spouse. –Ngina Otiende

-That part of marriage where you will have the power to bring a change is when you look at yourself in the mirror. –Barnabas Achoki

-One fine day, you became mine and I became yours. We have to spend the rest of our lives together through laughter and tears but that is what living happily ever after is all about. –Kathy R Jeffords

-A happy marriage is actually the longest conversation between two souls that will always seem to be short. –Andre Maurois

-There cannot be greater happiness for anyone than going towards a door knowing that someone is waiting for you eagerly on the other side of the door. –Ronald Reagan

-You do not marry the person with whom you can live. You marry the person without whom you cannot live at all. –Anonymous

-A sound marriage is the one that will allow you to grow and change and will also make way for you to express your love. –Pearl S Buck

-It does not matter whether one of them is perfect or not because if they are just the perfect partner for each other then nothing else should matter. –Good Will Hunting

Newlywed Quotes For You To Share

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