71+ One-Sided Love Quotes to Share Now

One-sided love is one of the purest kinds of love which does not inculcate any kind of expectation within the lovers.

They are really satisfying and relaxing as you do not have to give some extra effort or have to depend upon the other person to make you happy.

But sometimes, it makes us really unhappy and lonely seeing the person we love with somebody else and it makes us sad thinking about the fact that they can never be ours.

Here Are Some One-Sided Love Quotes.

-You might not feel the same for me and only consider me as a good friend but my love for you will always remain that much alive and fresh for the rest of my life –Anonymous

-You might have moved on very much easily but a portion of you has remained inside me and will be retained for the rest of my life which I never will be able to remove –Anonymous

-I will never request you or beg you for loving me back, I am really happy with the love I carry in my heart for you and it is enough for me to live forever –Anonymous

-I may love you very much but it brings down tears in my eyes every time I remember the fact that you love someone else and you can never be mine –Anonymous

-I still remember the day, I got to know that I have to live all of my life with the one-sided love I retain in my heart for you because on that day you got engaged to someone else –Anonymous

-Today I feel really exhausted and heavy with the hope that one day will come when you will be able to understand my love and will love me back but I think I will have to wait forever –Anonymous

-It really hurts very much when you get to know that the person whom you have considered your everything considers you as just a friend and loves someone else –Anonymous

-You get really hurt when you realize that you mean kind of nothing to the person who is actually the whole world for you and you have loved him like nothing else –Anonymous

-I am sure about the fact that I will never be able to forget you in my life despite knowing of the fact that you have become someone else’s because your eyes are captivating –Anonymous

-I love to sleep and dream because every day in my dreams you come to me and confess that you love me but in reality who have fallen for somebody else –Anonymous

-It was my fault that day after day I have thought that you are my love and you love me as well but today I have got to know that you have only thought of me as your favorite habit –Anonymous

-I love closing my eyes because as soon as I close my eyes I can see you and me together because you reside in my heart and rule it and it helps me forget that you do not love me –Anonymous

-I really feel thankful and relieved that I have not proposed to you yet because your attitude has clearly stated that you have never liked me as a lover and I will settle down in peace with me one side love –Anonymous

-I consider one-sided love to be one of the greatest sufferings in this world which gives the sweetness of experiencing love and the pain of not getting it for the rest of your life –Anonymous

-If you ever feel that your partner is not giving any kind of effort or not struggling even a bit to keep you in his life then you must realize that you are staying in a relationship with a one-side love –Anonymous

-Sometimes you might also become ready to give up your own life to save someone whom you love the most but they will just leave your hand as soon as they find the love of their life –Anonymous

-One-sided love is sometimes very relaxing because they stay in your life without  generating any kind of expectations and heartbreaks –Anonymous

-One-sided love gives you a different level of relief, you do not have to share it with anybody, you do not have to brag about it, what remains is completely yours –Anonymous

-I sometimes wonder I have I fell in love with you because to me you have become a kind of dream which is never going to happen in my real-life –Anonymous

-There is no such loss or investment in case of the one-sided love, you really do not need to give continuous effort to keep your partner happy, you stay yourself happy and love immensely –Anonymous

-You might not become mine in this life but that does not give me any kind of regrets because I feel lucky that I have got to love such a wonderful person like you, be it one-sided –Anonymous

-Today, I take an oath that my one-sided love will never come in your way of happiness and I will always try to be a true friend to you despite knowing that you are going to marry someone else –Anonymous

-I promise you on this day I will never let our friendship spoil for the one-sided love I carry in my heart for you and I will support you forever for all the decisions you will be taking in your life –Anonymous

-It is really sad and depressing when you realize that the person you have loved the most is nowhere else to support you when you need him the most because your love for him is one-sided –Anonymous

one-sided love quotes

Quotes About One-Sided Love

-The most amusing thing in this world is that you can love someone really hard despite knowing that the person is not going to love you back –Anonymous

-I really do not want for a day to come when you will love me back but I badly wish for the day when God will give me enough power  so that I can stop having a love for you –Anonymous

-The most depressing thing in this world for me is the thing when you realize that the person whom you have considered to be the one only considers you as a casual friend –Anonymous

-I really feel amazed when I think that despite knowing that you love someone else I cannot cease hoping that one day you will be mine –Anonymous

-Every day I keep on doing things and putting hard efforts to impress you so that you give me some attention and get to realize my one-sided love and love me back –Anonymous

-I do not really feel sad even after knowing the fact that you can never love me because I have realized that love cannot only be enjoyed by getting it, one-sided love has its own different flavor –Anonymous

-It is really a thing of amusement that despite knowing the thing that you can never be mine how hard I am trying to get your love in my life –Anonymous

-It is really a thing of unhappiness that you cannot make that person yours forever whom you are retaining in your heart as your love as she is in love with some other guy –Anonymous

-I really do not know why I have fallen for you but I have fallen for you very hard and now it has become very difficult for me to accept the fact that you can never be mine -Anonymous

-It the unsatisfying true fact that how harm I may try but I will never be able to make you mine because the way I love you, the same way you love someone else –Anonymous

-For me, the most difficult thing is to pretend before you that I only  you consider as my friend and witness your romance with someone else despite loving you the most –Anonymous

-To me, this one-sided love is like a thing of rejoicing, a place of independence because in this space I can be totally me, express my love in all my way without anyone judging or interrupting –Anonymous

-I am totally looking forward to the fact that I will have to keep my one-sided love a thing of a secret for the rest of my life and have to appreciate that you want to be happy with someone else –Anonymous

-Truly, there is no such confusing thing as that of a one-sided love where you get really perplexed whether to be happy thinking about your happiness with someone else or to be sad thinking of never be able to make her yours –Anonymous

-I have completely understood the thing that though you cannot be mine ever but I will have to give my total effort to make you happy in whatever way you want to be happy –Anonymous

-The most amazing fact about the one-sided lover like us is that we retain a lot of hope and affection within us and a single drop of love can induce a volcanic eruption within us –Anonymous

-I have never felt such hopeless in my life because recently I got to know the thing that you are madly in love with someone else and it is only making me mad because I love you so much –Anonymous

-Probably, it has become a universal thing that all the one-sided lovers are actually those persons who can sacrifice their every kind of happiness and can willingly die for them without any expectations –Anonymous

-One-sided lovers are truly unconditional lovers who can give away their everything without the hope of getting anything in return from their lovers –Anonymous

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