80+ Open when I Forget Something Important in Your Life Letters

One of the most important things in any kind of relationship is open when letters. Writing a letter when you forget something important in someone’s life means that you want to apologize to that person.

And you might also say that you did not do it deliberately. You might give your reasons for that. You might also convey that you were busy and forgot the important event. 

Open when I forget something important in your life letter ideas

Here are some examples of letters that you can write when you forget something important in someone’s life.

Letters for boyfriend

-Hey love, you know how busy I have been in the last week. So, I forgot the most important event in your life. All I can say is sorry. 

-Since our new boss has joined our office. Our life in the office has become hell. I hope you will understand my situation.

-Our work pressure has increased because the number of employees is decreasing day by day. I missed wishing you on your birthday. I am sorry for that.

-Dear love, your love is very important to me in my life. I can not afford to lose that at any cost. I am extremely sorry that I missed your birthday this year. But I will compensate for that.

-You are a piece of my heart. I can not imagine how I forgot that it was your parent’s anniversary yesterday. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart.

-I wanted to be with you on your first day at the court. But my boss called me, and I forgot that I had to go with you and said to him that I am coming to the office.

-I do not know what you are thinking about me at this moment. But I can only say that I am sorry that I forgot that yesterday was your first day at your clinic. I didn’t do it deliberately.

-Do not think that my love for you is decreasing as I could not message you before going for the exam. I was really busy yesterday. Throughout the day, I had to finish my assignments.

Letters for girlfriend

-I regret forgetting the most important day in your life. I do not know how I can forget this day. Please forgive me if you can.

-I know how much my love matters to you. And I also know that these things like forgetting something in your life would not matter to you that much.

-I was having a bad day. I did not talk with anyone, and in the meantime, I forgot to wish your parents on their anniversary. I hope they forgive me.

-I know that you understand me very well. I know you will understand that I can never forget something in your life until I am very busy. Still, I am sorry to you.

-I forgot to wish you luck before your university exams. But I can not explain to you how busy I was throughout the day. I hope you will understand my side.

-I know it was your first day at your badminton state trials. I should have been there to support you. But my father got ill. So I could not go. 

-I can not thank you enough for whatever you have done throughout my life. But you know it is my bad habit that I forget many important things. That is what happened yesterday. I am again sorry to you.

-You always wanted to be an actor. I always supported you. But I am feeling bad that I could not accompany you to your first day at the film set.

Letters for partner

-I know you would have been very happy if I remembered your special day, but I also know that it would not matter to you much as I forgot that because our relationship is what makes you happy.

-Though I could not be there present for you at your seminar physically but mentally, I am always there for you. And I know my darling would not mind that very much.

-I know it was a very big event in your life yesterday. But I was so busy with my sister’s birthday function that I missed your event. Please understand.

-You and my family are my life. I can never forget that yesterday was the first day of your business. But I forgot it somehow. But I hope you will not be very angry with me.

-My mom and dad came to visit yesterday, and as my mother was feeling unwell, we had to take her to a doctor. So, I forgot to wish you yesterday.

-It was my parent’s anniversary yesterday. I thought when you should come to celebrate it; I shall wish you your birthday too. But you did not come, and I forgot to wish you. 

-I still can not imagine that I forgot our anniversary this year. But I am telling you when I come back there will be a bigger party. And the celebration will be beyond your imagination.

-As far as I know you, I can say that you will not fight with me as I forgot something very important in your life. But it is also my responsibility to compensate for that.

-Yes, I forgot that your restaurant business started yesterday. But when I come back, I will give you plans about your restaurant that will blow your mind.

Letters for parents

-Dear mom, I forgot to wish you and dad on your anniversary because it was my daughter’s first day at school yesterday. I was very busy with that.

-Dear Dad, I am again sorry that I again forgot your birthday. I do not know how this thing is repeated year after year. So, again I am sorry.

-Dear parents, I know I am everything for you guys. But I also have some responsibility towards you. But I forget them many times. I regret it later.

-My responsibilities at my office do not allow me to attend many functions. I could not attend your anniversary this year. I hope you guys will forgive me.

-My son was very ill yesterday, as you know. So I missed one of the most important things in your life yesterday. But when I come, next year we will have a blast.

-Your daughter-in-law reminded me of your anniversary today. But then I remembered that your anniversary was yesterday and I forgot that. I am extremely sorry for that.

-I am only thankful to you for what you have done throughout my life. But I always make you upset. I promise I will not do this again.

-I always disappoint you guys when you have some expectations from me. But I have promised myself that I will not let you down from next year. Happy belated anniversary, mom and dad.

Letters for grandparents

-Hey grandfather and granny, I regret that I could not be present with you this year on your most special day. My days at my office are horrible, so I am unable to remember everything these days.

-Dear granny, my love for you is constant though sometimes I forget some important events in your life. A similar thing happened yesterday. I do not know what to say to you now.

-Dear grandfather, me and my parents are very upset because we wanted to attend your birthday this year. But my mother got ill on that day, and we became so busy that we even forgot to wish you.

-My loving granny, my love for you grows day by day because of what you have done for me throughout my life. I do not know how I can say sorry to you. I regret not wishing you this time.

-I know that you guys were expecting a wish from me, and you guys must be upset with me as you did not get that wish. But understand my situation, I am very busy with my board exams.

-From you guys, I learned how to love someone. You guys taught me to spread love. But I think I do not give you back that love every time. I am sorry I was not there with you yesterday.

-I should have called you before your surgery. But my exams were on back-to-back days. But that can not be an excuse. Can you forgive me this time?

-I have never done this in my life. Not even by mistake. I do not know how this happened this year. How did I forget your birthday? But I promise this thing will never be repeated.

Letters for children

-Dear son, as you know you there was a severe burn in your mother’s leg. And since then, she can’t even get up from the bed. I have to do all the work. So, I could not remember your son’s birthday this year.

-Dear daughter, just do not be angry with us because we missed calling your child before she joined the school for the first time. We love you guys very much.

-You and my grandchildren are our life. We always plan something for you on your special days. But this year, I was ill for three days, so I did not even talk to anyone.

-Dear daughter, we have been waiting for you to come back for a long time now. But yesterday I had to go back to the office for some work. So I completely forgot that it was your birthday.

-Your anniversary is something that we all enjoy together every year. But this year, as your mother is admitted to the hospital, I could not even wish you. We are sorry, son.

Letters for siblings

-Hey brother, you and your family are very much dear to us. We always celebrate our special days together. But this year, for my daughter’s illness, we could not even message you.

-Dear sister, yesterday was your first day in a basketball match. I always wanted you to become a sportsman. But I do not know how I forgot to wish you yesterday.

-Dear brother, you are a part of my life. I heard that your NGO is doing well. You told me to be present there on a special occasion, but I forgot that. I hope you will not mind that.

-My dear brother, I am really upset that I forgot your engagement date yesterday. I could not be present there with you. I do not know whether you will ever forgive me or not.

-Our families are so close to each other. We celebrate every festival together. But see I forgot your marriage date because I had to go to England for my job assignment.

-I went on a world tour while you had your birthday this year. I was so busy traveling that I forgot to wish you also. I hope I will compensate for that while I come back.

-My mother was very upset with me because I forgot to be there with you at your first music show. We have had so many plans for this since our childhood. I do not know how to say sorry to you.

Letters for friends

-I forgot to go to your party yesterday. I was very busy with my clients. There was too much work to do yesterday.

-I know you expected me to go and celebrate your success with you and your family. I wanted to go. But then I fought with my father, and I forgot everything.

-My friends are very much valuable to me. I cherish every friendship. And my friends have a lot of expectations from me. But not every time I can meet them.

-I am your best friend. And none can be upset with their closest friend for a long time. Please call me once, and I will explain my side to you.

-As you know, I remain busy at my office throughout the day. I have no other option as I can not leave this job. I am sorry because I forget many important occasions in your life.

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