75+ Open When It’s The Day Before We See Each Other Letter Ideas

Not seeing your loved one for a long time creates anxiety and stress. Even though distance makes the hearts grow fonder, it is always exciting to meet the people you love. Stated below are a few open-letter ideas for the day before you see each other. 

Open When It’s The Day Before We See Each Other Letter Ideas

Letters For Boyfriend

-All my wishes will be fulfilled when I am able to feel the calm in between your arms. With you here by my side, I will be home again, and that moment will be the happiest one for me. You have been on my mind regularly, and now I want to quench my thirst for love for you.

-I know very well that I am not perfect in any sense, but there you are, always making me believe that I am. And those habits of yours are what make me miss you more and more, and I can’t wait for tomorrow to see you again.

-In your eyes, I see the love that you have for me, and that brightness nearly makes me look away. I can see that you need me, and I am ready to do anything to fulfill all those desires of yours.

-I have promised to be yours forever without asking you for anything in return. But I need you right now; it has been quite a long since I last saw you; I want you to be mine too.

-I love all the beautiful moments that I have shared with you till now, the way you turn away when I look into your eyes. I want to witness that same shyness once again; I want to see love in your eyes for me.

-You stole my heart and walked this far away from me, and here I am left wondering about when you will return. Come back to me, and make me believe in the love that we once shared.

-I am proud of you, but at the same time, the thought of losing you terrifies me. I love you, and I am ready to fight for you against whoever it might be; if I know that it will make me see you once again, I am ready to do anything.

-I am ready to scream out to this whole world that you are yeh one who I love the most. But for that to happen, I want you to be here in front of me to stand witness to the confession that I am going to make.

-I have found my happiness in your happiness; the thought of your being happy and fine gives me pleasure unlike anything else. And this is how I perceive my love for you, my wish to give you everything that makes you happy.

-It feels like I have nearly gone crazy; I have started to find that silly smile of yours so lovable. You are the only one that can pull that off, and it makes me love you more fiercely than ever before.

-I have taught me to live my life to the very best that I can; you have been my hope in this harsh world. My life began when you entered it, and now you are the person most precious to me, and I want to see you just one more time.

-Good or bad, days come and go, but it’s alright as long as I have you with me to share all of my sorrows with. You make my life worth it, and to know that you are here gives me the courage that I need to live this life.

-I can’t promise you the sun or the moon, but I am ready to spend the rest of my life under them with only you. This is my promise to you, my entire life, and me myself, and it is all yours to have.

Letters For Girlfriend

-I am not an open person, but I am not timid or afraid either; when I see you tomorrow, I am going to show you all the love that I have for you. I won’t be holding myself back, not anymore.

-You are my light, and I am going to run towards you even if I am to get burned. For if I did not do that, I am going to end up only regretting the wrong decision that I made, and I don’t want to regret that.

-I want both of us to stay together forever; we are not the kind to give up on each other; we are going to last. This is not just a dream, it is the truth, and we are going to live happy lives after all the differences between us are erased.

-My heart cries, for it does not have you here by its side listening to its steady rhythm. My soul longs for you to make me whole once again; I want to be with you, help me enjoy all the virtues of life once again.

-My empty arms reach out to grab hold of you; it has been so long that I want to feel as complete as I was when I was with you. My eyes want to catch a sight of you, to witness the glow of your face, which lightens my life.

-You are so far away from me, and yet here I am, continuing to love you like crazy, but it is not like this is worthless. This is proof that the love that I have for you is in my heart, and it is beyond my sight.

-You are the only beautiful woman that I want to acknowledge my whole life, you are beautiful, and you are mine. And I am prepared to say this to the whole world; in this world of materialism, all I long for is you.

-I met you only once, and you had already started to change me, and that change was not something that I could hate. You bring out the very best in me, and that makes me want to know you more and more, till all I know is you.

-I care about you, and I am never going to let you get hurt, and in return for that, I do not want you to leave my side. I will always be there standing in between any danger that is to come your way, protecting you with all I have.

-Our love is going to last; it is not just going to work out for a few days and end up like it was nothing to begin with. No matter what we might run into, or however much it might hurt, I am going to stick by your side.

-I miss you, and I worry about you all the time, and I am not ashamed of telling you that much. I find it beautiful the fact that I can express myself freely to you without any restrictions.

-I am so wildly attracted to you that mere thoughts of you nearly drive me crazy when you are not here with me. This feeling of being lonely, not having you with me, the fear of being left alone, I don’t like it at all.

Letters For Husband

-It’s a wonder in itself that I have finally found a soul that I find more comforting and beautiful than my own. Such is the solace that I find every time I open up to you; your words and your presence in itself soothe me.

-I saw a beautiful couple right now, and the first thought that I had right after that was of you. That moment in itself tells how important you are to me; you are all that I ever seek.

-I understand you completely, and more than just that, I love you for who you are. You make me stronger, stronger than what I can individually be on my own, and I love it when you are with me.

-I had no control over myself when I fell in love with you, and even now, I can’t control myself completely when it has anything to do with you. You make me give up control over everything and the dominance that you project; I love the feel of that.

-There have been many beautiful moments in my life, but none was as glorious and beautiful as you. And for giving me that moment to live by, I admire you the most in the world; you are that special to me.

-I have always had insecurities and doubts about us and the future that we might hold, but there will never be holding me back from loving you. Despite my worries, you always seem so perfect to me.

-I don’t think that I am strong enough to solve all of your worries, but I am going to make sure that you won’t be facing any of the problems all alone. I will always be there with you in every step of life.

-I trust you; however far you might have to go away from me, this will never be enough to make me lose my faith in you. We are going to stay together forever, and whatever might come our way, we will endure it as one.

-You sometimes act like you are completely out of your mind, but I have come to live even those parts of you. However severe your episodes might be, you are all that I need and will always continue to be.

-For some reason, I always thought that I was incomplete, and now I have found that missing piece of me. You make me a better person than I am, and I love you with my heart and soul.

-However far you might have to go away from me, but I am sure that you will always find a way back home. You are not so weak to be trifled by your past; you are much stronger than what you chose to believe.

-I am grateful to have you in my life, and you are the only person who can make me smile even without saying anything at all. You are my joy, my resin to be happy; there is no way that I can imagine my life without you, not anymore.

Letters For Wife

-My day does not end till I get a text or voice call from you, and if I don’t receive any, I end up being restless. This is the way your thoughts dominate my mind; you rule over my heart, mind, and soul.

-You have no idea how much I care about you or how much you mean to me; there is not enough character to define what I feel. That is how much I love you, and it is not for words to express; it is for the heart to feel.

-I seek a chance from you to prove myself worthy of your love and affection; I will give you all that I have. I will make it into the best decision that you have ever made till now, and this is my promise to you.

-I can feel my emotions resonating with you, every emotion that you bear, I can feel that too. This is how close we have become in the time that we had to spend apart; now, I can’t bear the thought of being without you anymore.

-I love the feeling when you wrap me in your arms; it makes me acknowledge that I, too, have a home where I will always be loved. Your embrace makes me whole, and it takes away all the worries and insecurities that I have and makes me feel better.

-I mean it when I say that I love you; I mean it every single time. And I know that there is no need for me to tell you this every single time, but telling you helps me be assured, too, to know that I have you.

-You are, without a doubt, my other half, and I have no intention of losing you in any way it might be. I will try my best to be a perfect match for you, someone worthy enough to stand by your side in every step of life.

-Your arms are my world, where I am immersed in love, and that is where I want to belong for the rest of my life. There was nothing more that I could have asked for; the thing is that I have no intention of ever letting you go, so stay with me forever.

-When I am near you, I feel so excited; it is like I am on cloud nine, or like every wish that I have ever had has been fulfilled. This is how you make me feel; you take my breath away and yet bring me to life; you are like magic.

-There has never been a place where I could completely be long until I met you; you have given me love unlike what I have felt before. You have become my home, my paradise, and my life, and you will always continue to remain the same.

-Since the day you walked into my life, you have become the sole reason for my existence, the reason I live or breathe. All the desires that I have had till now have all been replaced by you; now, you are all that I wish for.

-I am full of flaws, and you are perfectly flawless, and yet you continue to love me more and more. And this, in turn, makes me fall in love with you harder; it is like you have become my entire world.

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