50+ Open When It’s First Big Trip Anniversary Letters

Love in itself is the greatest that a couple can experience. But going on a long ride, trip or camping with your partner, nothing can be better than that. This is the way real memories are made, the beautiful moments that will continue to stay with us throughout our lives. 

Open When Letter Ideas for When It’s The Anniversary Of Our First Big Trip

Letters For Boyfriend

-Our love has been a long journey, a journey in which we didn’t know where we were headed to and how to go there. But when I look at the way we have ended up being, it brings nothing but joy to my heart. 

-When we started dating, we used to be confused and didn’t know what to talk about, how to express ourselves; this trip helped us a lot, we found in our hearts to talk freely to each other.

-Love that we bear in our hearts for each other; this story of ours has been full of adventures. We have been low, we have wanted to quit in the way, we have thought of just giving up, yet we keep up marching on forward together. This is the adventure that we have lived and enjoyed, and I want to keep doing it for years and years to come.

-The time that I have spent with you has been the best of my life; each time I had you beside me, it was all that I ever wanted. I don’t want to recall the part of my life that I had to live without you; it was only after I met you that I started to feel alive. The time that I have spent with you has been the best; the most memorable memories that I have made are all with you.

-Curiosity and passion that we have brought in our lives after we started going out, now I can’t even think of living a life without it. My life was dull and colorless without you; there was nothing in particular that I lived for; I had no passion or compassion. 

-You brought life into my world; you ignited the fire in my heart to live once again; the life with you in it is best lived.

-I sought action and adventure for most of the life that I have lived until I found you. You in yourself are an adventure that I want to live in for the rest of my life. You intrigue me, make me feel alive, keep me excited; if it is with you, I am willing to spend the rest of my life at this very spot.

-We dated only for a little while, but the journey for all the years to come started only from there. We didn’t know each other completely, but it was from that moment we started to trust; we made bonds and promises to stay together. This is where our journey started, we fell in love, we became a family, your wishes became my own, and now I want to fulfill all of those.

-You have been my destiny as well as the destination; just looking at you changes my way of looking at things. You are the special someone that I have always been looking for in my dreams, and now you stand before me in reality. You being here alone is a dream come true, and the changes you bring into my life are much more interesting and lively than that.

Letters For Girlfriend

-I love the thought of waking up in the morning with you near me; the thought of you being with me is more comforting than anything else. I have gotten used to you, not in the way that I would want you to go away from me, but in the way that I can never give up on you. 

-I feel as if I have become completely dependent on you; even the thought of being without you is unbearable to me.

-The real purpose of life is to experience it thoroughly, and I have been able to do it only with you. Life without you used to be distasteful; you have brought joy and happiness in it. The life that I once thought of only being meaningless, you have given meaning to it, and now you direct its purpose.

-I can never forget the day when I fell in love with you, it was magical, and you were the spell that made it for me. The very existence of yours in my life is nothing less than magic; being with you feels as if you are breathing life into me. You made me able to see the magic that this world in itself is; if I had even a minuscule possession over it, I would like you to be my spellcaster.

-I didn’t know the beauty of love until I met you; the comfort it gives me when you rest your head on my shoulders is unimaginable. You make me feel everything so lively and perfect; you are the person who has changed my viewpoint of looking at this world to such a great extent. The moments when you rely on me, those are which make me want to cherish you more and more.

-I didn’t know you personally, but I fell in love with you, maybe it was out of curiosity, yet you are everything that I need now. We practically used to be strangers, yet we came to know each other, we fell in love, and now we live as one. 

-Now, you have become the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with, from a stranger to a person that I can not imagine living without; we have come a long way.

-You are never old enough to not dream, achieve your goals, or fall in love, and I got all of those when I met you. You are everything that I could ever ask for, your being here with me is my greatest happiness, and for your sake, I only want to keep smiling. You bring happiness into my life and make it into something that I am happy to live.

-Memories of moments when we fell in love, I hold those memories dear to my heart. You, to me, are unforgettable, the person that I love and trust most in this world; I hold each memory of yours in my heart. And above all, that is when I confessed my love for you.

Letters For Wife

-In a world that has a person as beautiful as you in it, how could I ever get bored of it? You are the reason for my joy and happiness; before you, the world in its whole entirety was meaningless to me. You brought me to open up my eyes, and in doing that, you also opened my heart, and now all it desires for is you.

-I wish we could stay like this forever, this is the most fun I have ever had, and all the fun I have these days is only with you. With you in my arms, always happy and smiling, this is how I want you to be with me for all my life. I want to make you happy, bring all the joys that exist in this world to you.

-You are the most beautiful person that I have seen in this world; you are even more beautiful than the world that you are a creation of. You are the one that has opened my eyes to the wonders of this world; you helped me in being able to experience all of those. For this reason, for being the person to reach me to walk in this dark world, all I wish for is your happiness.

-There is no other way I could ever stay away from you; things might happen, we might fell out of life, but you will always continue to be the person that I trust the most. More than a lover, you have always been my best and a trusted friend; there is nothing that I can help only to myself, and not let you know of that.

-Being with you makes all of my emotions run wild, and I want that to happen all the time because when the face you make seeing this happen is the brightest. You make me lose control over myself, I want to tone down my emotions, try to control them, but with you being close, I can’t do it.

-You are the beauty that I equate to that of the entire world, and now that I have found you, I will never let go of you. You are the most beautiful and perfect person that I have seen in this world; your beauty belies the steel of your backbone. The strength of your resolve and character that you bear is opposite to the innocent look of yours.

-Life is a journey, and your company has made it worthwhile; only with you being by my side have I truly been able to live it. Life has been long, and I did not know how to live it perfectly until I met you. You teach me the important prospects of life; you teach me to live, to be strong and to keep on moving forward.

Letters For Husband

-When you are with me, you make me lose sight of rationality, you make my heart run wild, and make me want to do the things that I can think of, only being crazy. You are the person who can tame this wild heart of mine, and each time you try, you successfully make it yours. You bring me under control; you guide me when I need help; you pick me up when I fall; I don’t have anything more than I can ask you for.

-Even day I see the sun, the moon, and the stars, yet when the thought of the most beautiful prospect of this world comes to my head, it is always you. Among the night sky, the stars, and the moon, I only see you.

-With the goal of happiness in our sight, our love story in itself has become a true adventure. I do not consider myself worthy of being able to achieve everything in this world, but if it is for your sake, I am willing to give it all I have. Our happiness is all that I wish for; to fill your life with joys, fulfilling every desire that you hold is my only goal.

-The love I carry for you in my heart will never lessen; exploring, dreaming, and discovering, is what we have always been doing, and I am not ready to give up yet. Only with you have I been able to find the meaning of my life; I can not give up on either one of you now. And for some reason, if I were ever forced to make a choice, you would always be my priority.

-My love for you is like a story that is meant to continue forever, never to end. Our meeting, introduction, falling in love, our date, our engagement, everything has been like the storyline of a romance novel. But this is not the story that will end just at a few of 200 pages, our story is engraved in our souls, and this will continue to be for eternity.

-My love for you will end only on the day when, when the sight of the full moon does not make the tides churn in a glance. The turbulent churning of seas under the sight of a full moon is what life in this world is like, full of motions, actions and results. Without this initial pull and push, even the untameable seas pose their strength.

-Your love for me has not tied me down; you are not a burden; you are the person that has freed me from what I have been carrying for most of my life. I used to be bound by the pain, worries and sickness of this world until you came and liberated me from all this. You gave me a purpose in my life; you made it meaningful.

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