55+ Open When It’s A Month After You’ve Gone Letter Ideas

It feels like it has been forever since I last saw you. All the memories that we have shared are resurfacing right now, and I want to relive all of those memories. With time, we will be together once again; never let go. Given below are a few open letter ideas for your beloved when it is a month since he/she has gone.

Open When It’s A Month After You’ve Gone Letter Ideas

Letters For Boyfriend

-I have no idea how I will live without you here by my side; just the mere thought of it makes it hard for me to breathe. So, tell me how I can live like I once did when I do not have you with me anymore.

-I belong to you in my entirety, and now it seems I have lost my way because you are no longer with me. My heart has always belonged to you, and I want you to know that once more.

-This time that we are spending apart from each other is killing me. It is driving me mad, slowly but surely, and the thought that you will never understand my love for you is crazy.

-My desire to be with you again strengthens me and protects me from the horror of life itself. I need it, your memories and your charisma, to help me keep fighting.

-I have loved you for as long as I can remember, and every single second of our time together has been worth it. And I am sure that the wait that I have been doing for you, too, will be worth it, and we will meet again.

-It excites me, the thought of being with you once again, the joy that my heart feels when I think of us together, I can’t express it in words. No one has ever made me feel this; no one but you can make me feel like this.

-I was once afraid of falling in love, yet you drive all those fears of mine away as if they never existed in the first place. Yet, there has always been something about you that makes me want to trust you more and more.

-We have put our previous time and feelings into it; this is how we have built up our relationship. It has taken us many efforts, we have gone through hardships, and now where we stand, all the problems have been worth it.

-We worked hard to be what we are today, facing so many fears and insecurities, and we have made our relationship successful. We have only been successful because we have poured our heart and soul into it.

-Even after the time we have been apart, the thought of being with someone else has not even occurred to me. This is unthinkable, and I know for sure that no one in this world can replace you.

-I might have been an idiot for holding onto your memories for this long, but even now, I have no intention of letting these go. I might be a bad person for doing this, but your memories are something that I can not let go of.

-Life seems to be long, yet it passes on like it was only momentary. But in this life, we have built something that is meant to last forever, even after we are gone, and this journey with you has been the best one I could ever have.

Letters For Girlfriend

-You are like the half-forgotten lyrics of a song; I just can’t get you out of my mind, however hard I try. You keep on getting on my mind again and again, and I have no idea how to get over this feeling.

-We are one just like we have always been; just some distance between us is not enough to dull down our feelings for each other. We are connected, no matter where we are, and we share the same love.

-The love that I have for you is not a slave of time; it will not be lost just because of the flow of time. My love is patient; it will wait for you; wait till you are with me again.

-I want to feel your touch, I want to kiss you, and that feeling has not changed since you’ve been gone. However hard I pretend to try, you are not someone that I can give up on.

-I miss you so terribly that sometimes I lose sight of my own needs. My heart desires only for you, and everything else besides you is nothing more than an option, but you are my priority.

-It’s been an entire month since I last saw you, and yet here I am, still waiting for you, just like I was a month ago. When love is true, it waits, and only for that sake am I still waiting for you.

-It is not like I do not have any pictures of you, but those are not what I need. I need you in your physical form right here next to me; no picture of yours can truly tell how beautiful you are; let me see it with my own eyes.

-Your touch, I have been missing it, the moments that we have spent intertwined in each other’s arms; for some reason, I am missing all those moments. Maybe I want to feel both of our hands intertwined just once more.

-The sound of your breath and heartbeat is no different from music to me; your heartbeat is the greatest symphony that I have ever listened to. I want to fall asleep and wake up only to the sound of that rhythm.

-I can not see you right now, but it hardly means that you are off my mind too. You are not someone that I can just give up the thoughts of; you are as important to me as my own life.

-Every fragment and atom of my body yearns for your touch once again; the distance from you is becoming unbearable for me. My heart and soul scream for your presence, and I beg you to make it come true.

-The goodbye that we were made to say a month ago was not meant for forever; it just could not have been. This entire month without you has been like a living hell to me; I can never think of being able to survive if you were to go away forever.

Letters For Husband

-The emptiness that I am feeling right now because you are not here with me, it is making me lose my late-night sleep. I keep thinking of how good it would be when we meet again, and in those thoughts, the night just passes on.

-You are away from me, we are separate, but one thing I can say for sure is that either one of us is in the wrong place. We belong together; to be away is not how it is meant to be, so let us meet again as soon as possible.

-I want to see you again; we won’t talk or make love; all I want is to feel your presence once again. Nothing soothes me like the thought of that, and to make that thought into reality is all I want right now.

-I miss you so much that I have started to see you in every single dream of mine. You overwhelm my thoughts when I am awake, and now your thoughts are keeping me from sleep.

-You are like a drug that I have gotten myself addicted to, and for that, I want you so bad. And now, the thought of getting over you has something that is never likely to happen.

-I am not ashamed of saying that you are not my only goal, but for every goal that I have, I want to achieve only for you. Every achievement that I have made in my entire life, all is for you; I am for you.

-Nothing in this world can be called perfect, yet you make me rethink that saying. You are perfect, the circumstances for which we are separated right now might not be what I desired, but this wait for you; it is perfect too.

-I am trying to be strong because I know that we will not be away forever; we are destined to meet again. Our problems and distance that are separating us will not be there anymore, and we will rejoice once again.

-Without you, every hour feels like an entirety has gone by since I last saw you, but your memories and thoughts keep me sane. And only for their sake, I am ready to wait for you forever.

-It is all so depressing and sad, but I know that it will all get better when you return. You will make my whole world light up as you have always done, and our lives will be as colorful as they were before.

-I have always thought of how my love for you has nearly driven me crazy; all I wish for is you. But this loneliness that I feel when you are not near me is a million times more unbearable for me.

-I have never been perfect, I have my flaws, and I am broken. But you are capable of healing me, and I want you to do that; you are the only one who can mend my heart, so do that for me.

Letters For Wife

-It is not only our destiny that is intertwined, but our souls are also connected too, and that is the reason why it hurts so bad when we are separated. I do not want to feel that pain ever again, so come back to me.

-The sadness that my heart feels when you are not with me is unthinkable, but knowing that you will come back, makes everything worth it. Our love and the pain I am ready to go through for it; it is worth it.

-We grow up, and we change, but I never wish to change in a way that someday I have to give up on you. You are my happiness and my reality; please make it worth my while.

-I never knew what it was like to fall in love; I only came to know the meaning of it only after I met you. One look in your eyes, and I am ready to take this entire world head-on if it is for your sake.

-My life without you in it is not worth living; it is just empty and meaningless. However hard I pretend to be alright, I can never be knowing that you are away from me; you are not here to keep me safe.

-I don’t just want you, it is not like you are a choice, and I can turn towards someone else to get over the pain. You are my greatest necessity; I need you just as much as I need air to live; never sell yourself for anything short.

-The time I spend with you just passes on as it has only been a few seconds. And I have left there craving for your touch for what seems like forever. 

-I can’t even sleep peacefully at night knowing that you are not here sleeping by my side. I stay awake thinking of the things that I am going to tell you when you come back, and those thoughts keep me awake all night long.

-People who are meant to be in your life will wait for you no matter how long it has been. And just like that, I too have been waiting for you, so come back as soon as possible; I want to see you again.

-Even when we are this far away from each other, my love for you keeps on increasing; such is the strength of my love for you. It hurts to be away from you, and yet my love for you is undeniable.

-I fell in love with you when you were near me, but the distance that is between us right now has not made our love for each other any less. I miss you even when I fall asleep; my days without you are completely restless.

-You are all I need; there is nothing else that I wish for more than you and your presence near me. You and I share that bond, a bond strong enough to make me crave nothing else but you.

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