42+ Open When Letters For Long Distance Relationships

It has to be difficult to love a person who is not near you, far away, yet the true feelings of love never change. The feelings that can’t be told right on the face but emerge with the cycle of time. Depth of feelings changes with circumstances and feelings; this is the true beauty of love.

Open When Letter Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

-I had a bad day today, and I wish that you were here standing by my side to help me. I want to feel your soft touch and the warmth of your body as you give me a kind and tight hug. I will tell you everything that I went through, and you will still always be there to help me rise whenever I feel low.

-Right now, a couple holding hands and smiling at each other, and I just wished that you were here too to witness that heartwarming and beautiful moment. Seeing that reminded me again how precious you are to me and how I never want to let go of you. I want to see you soon and share some more moments like this with you. 

-Today was hard, and I want you to cheer me up like you usually do within a second; I want you to hug me, shower me with kisses, and hold onto me till I fall asleep. I hope to make every cheesy moment there is to work between us. I can not resist the way you smile when you look at me, and it makes me feel as if I have everything that I could ever desire.

-Well, I am writing it for nothing particular, but still, you are the only one whose thoughts are clouding my mind; I can’t he’ll but think of you, and the time we have spent together till. I remember the first time we met, the way you looked at me, what we ate on our first date, and the first gift you gave me; it makes me want to relive those moments once again, for they are the best ones I have the memory of. I hope to see you again as soon as possible.

-I don’t know if you miss me or not, but for me, it’s been like forever since I last heard from you. I want to hear your voice again, the soothing voice that makes all of my worries and problems fly away as if they never existed in the first place. I don’t have enough sleep, for all I think about is you, and above that, you are always in my head even when I dream; I can’t take this wait anymore.

-You always bring out the best in me, and this very moment I want you with me more than anything else, for you are my sole motivation and inspiration. I want your help to guide me once again like you always do whenever I am in need. Moreover, I want to see you again. Help me solve this tiny issue and for it as an excuse, let’s spend some time together. 

-Hey, it came like a surprise to me, but because of some official business, I am coming to visit your city. You might be busy, but still, can you be there to pick me up when I arrive and help me in getting suited to some office space. It will be our golden opportunity to spend some free time together after this long wait.

-It’s been days since I last talked to you, and I am starting to get worried. You never leave your mobile phone unattended and always return my calls whenever you miss them. If there is any problem, please tell me, I will try to he’ll you to the extent I can; make me worry just a little bit less and call me when you can.

-With the increasing distance between us, it feels as if I am starting to get cold feet; it is as if I am trying to ditch out on our relationship. I want to see you again and talk this out, and I want you to make me understand that our relationship is still worth it. Please help me; I don’t want to be without you; I don’t want to be alone.

-Everything without you is so boring, and it feels like the world is losing its color when you are not here near me. You make me smile, and just with one smile of yours, my whole world lights up as bright as day. I want to feel that again, the leisure way you talk as if we have all the time in the world, it makes me love you even more.

-Today, I want to talk to you so much, but you are not here. The distance between us is killing me; only the thoughts of your love for me are still keeping me sane. I want to be in your arms and pour my heart out in front of you; I want to feel as if we are still teenagers who fell in love at first sight.

-Yesterday was the first rain of the season, and it reminded me of you so hard that I cried; I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. Such precious are our memories of to me, the first dance we had in the rain; it feels like I have got butterflies in my stomach; I feel light and free. I want to have fun just like that once again. Do you miss me too when it rains there?

-The first person that I think about every morning I wake up is you. The bedsheets that feel so cold without you in there with me, and I realize that I am alone once again without you. Waking up without you by my side is when I feel most lonely, it feels like the day isn’t even worth it without the warmth of your embrace.

-Baby, I just saw your status and came to know that you are not feeling too well. I want to be there to take good care of you badly, and I can’t bear to even think about you not smiling and laughing. It might take one or two days, but I will be there for sure, please take of yourself till then.

-I just watched this movie, and the story felt so much personal, just like our long-distance relationship. The pain of not being able to feel each other’s touch, not feel the warmth of their arms, the way their problems just fled away when they were together, it was so overwhelming, and I loved every last second of it. I hope to be able to watch that movie alongside you; I am sure you will love it much.

-Today, I had a great day, and I wish that the same was for you. Not for any particular reason, but everything felt as if it was filled up with brilliance and light, or maybe it was just my excitement of writing to you. Well, in the end, we all have good as well as bad days, but I wish there not to be a single day when you feel sad.

-I miss you so much; more than that, I want to hear you say how much you love me and how much I mean to you. Let it be just like the first time when you opened jo your heart to me. Make me feel I am still someone worthy of your trust and love, and when you do this, I will truly show you the depth of my feelings for you.

-They say one’s love for someone is not measured by the distance between people or the time they have spent as one. It is measured in heartbeats, the way one’s heart aches when the other is not around, the insecurity and the turbulence of emotions, and it’s unbearable. Let me show you what my feelings are for you; let me show you how much I love you.

-I feel so lonely and disappointed that you had to leave sooner for your work this time. I wish I could have spent more time with you; we should have gone on a trip somewhere; it would have been much better, but we can’t do that now, can we? But I give you my word that I will make the next stay worth your while.

-Without you, the sleepless and restless have become more and more chaotic. The pain of not being able to see you for months now, I can’t help but scream out because of frustration that is welling up inside me. Talk to me whenever you get even a small bit of time, I want you to know about the pain that I am feeling, and I want you to help me get through it.

-Distance does not matter in a relationship; maybe that is why the sun gives its light to the moon even when she is so far away. Our love will not be different from that.

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