40+ Open when Letter Ideas for Military Boyfriend

Being able to serve one’s country is the greatest honor a person can have. They protect us without demanding anything in return. They are humans just like us; they, too, have relations with others that they had to put on hold to be there to help others.

They, too, miss their families and want to hear from them. So, let it be known, the melancholy of a girl’s heart for her beloved.

Open when Letter Ideas for Military Boyfriend

-Hey, I want you to know that I miss you a lot, this time, we got too little time to spend together because of your early deployment. But I sure hope you will make up for it next time, and I will be waiting for you till then. I want you to stay healthy, take good care of yourself, try not to slack off in training, and just, so you know, I love you.

-I heard that you are going for your two years of mandatory military service next month, we still have some time before you go, but I want you to know that I will support you in whatever decision you make. You need not worry about us, your family and me; we all will be alright. And for you, I will always be waiting because I love you.

-My beloved, I love you, and it’s nearly unbearable for me not to have you with me right now. But you should know that I love you and I will be waiting for your answer to that, no matter how long I might have to wait. Stay healthy; when you return, I want to spend a lot of time with you, for you will stay in my heart all this time.

-I know that you will be missing him right now; we are missing you too. You are the life of the house, you are someone that everyone can rely on, and we want to see you again as soon as possible. I also heard that you are getting ten days to break in the middle of your training because of your achievements; come back as soon as possible, we would love to see you again.

-It’s been a month since you have been deployed, and I want you to know that I love you, and I am proud of you. Serving our country is the best service we can offer her after she has protected us for years. And it is the greatest honor a citizen of a country can have; I am proud of you for making such a brave choice in your occupation.

-Just because you are away from us does not mean that you are all alone; you have us waiting for you at home for your safe return. And besides us, so are thousands of families that soldiers like you protect, don’t think even for a second that you are alone. You do not need to worry about it; just do your best in whatever you are doing; you have our full support in whatever choices you make.

-I heard you are going on your first mission in just a few days; you do not need to worry about any of us. Do your best, and fulfill your duties to the extent you can. Don’t be nervous or afraid because it is your first mission. Just know that you have your whole family and country backing you in this mission, and I am sure that everything will turn out to be fine.

-I just found your military ID at home; I think you have forgotten it at home because you had to leave in a hurry. I have arranged for someone to deliver it to you before your training officially starts. I checked everything else, but if there is still something you need or have misplaced, just let me know.

-Hey, you have no idea how much I want to talk to you right now, this very moment, I am feeling more alone than anytime else. I miss the way you hold me tight in your arms and how you slowly whisper in my ears. It has been so long since I have directly talked to you, and I miss you even more because of that.

-I heard that you are going on a really dangerous mission in a few days; I can’t even ask you what that mission is because of its confidential information. So, I want you to take care of yourself and prioritize your duty above that. I will be really happy when you make it out of there safe and sound, till then I am going to be worried about you.

-I am relieved that you have returned from that secret mission of yours completely safe; you have no idea how worried I was about you for not being able to make contact with you for days now. All I want now is to see you again; I hope you will come back home whenever you get your holiday break. Till then, I will be waiting for you.

-I just came to know that you are coming back home after a few days on your holiday break; for weeks I have been waiting for this day to come. Last time, we could not enjoy our time together because of how you had to be urgently deployed. This time, I will make up for that last time, and we both will enjoy it greatly, and with this, I will be waiting for your return.

-Hey, I have not been able to make contact with you for a while now; I just want to know that you are alright. It feels so eerie and strange since you usually contact me back whenever I call, because of this I am a whole lot worried about you. As soon as possible, I want you to make a phone call to me; I just want to hear your voice saying that you are fine, this is the only thing that can relieve me of my worries now.

-It’s your birthday in a few days; I know that you can not be here, nor can I come there to celebrate with you since you are on official duty; I wish you a happy birthday. However, I wish that you were here on this favorable and happy occasion; it would have made me happy. But it does not mean I am not happy right now, I am waiting for your return, and when you do, then we will be truly celebrating.

-You are so far away, but as promised, I am sharing everything important that’s going around in the family with you. Your family is healthy and fine; I talked to them just yesterday. Also, this month, I am going to compete in a state-level pianist competition. I hope to get as far up as the top three this time, so wish me luck, and when you come back, I will keep in mind to play for you.

-You have just recently been deployed to a new location; I know that it might be hard for you to get adjusted there, but try your best. That is a new location, new environment and new comrades; keep in mind to make good friends with all of them. And, like always watch one another’s back whenever in any sort of trouble.

-It’s only been a few days, but I have already started to miss you, the way you hold my hand, your soft touch, the way you whisper “I love you” in my ears, your kind face, and everything about you, I miss you a lot. I want to see you, and I also wonder if you, too, are feeling homesick or not. 

-As you are leaving for your military service in a few days, take it as a goodbye letter from me for the time being. Know in your heart that you are not alone; you will never be, every friend, relative and family member of yours is with you, and they will always continue to be. When you will go, and when you will return, you will be welcomed with open arms, for we will always continue to be family.

-You have always been a person who loves his home a bit too much, so this letter is for the times when you might want to give up on your service. I don’t want you to quit; I want you to endure it for as long as you can, for this is your becoming a soldier. If you quit halfway, you will be breaking the hopes of a lot of people, including me, so do not give up and follow right through it.

-It came as a surprise even to me, but when you are returning home on your holiday break from your military duty, our parents are planning on getting both of us engaged. I am really happy about that, but I want to know your thoughts too; if you think that it is too soon, then we can always delay it. Whatever decision you might make, I will always follow you.

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