70+ Open When Love Letter Ideas

You meet someone and then just fall in love; there is no such complex reasoning being it. No one knows the true reasoning of the heart, one can’t truly understand it, but one can’t give up on it either. Here are a few amazing love letters for you to send to the person you love the most!

Open When Love Letter Ideas

Letters For Boyfriend

-You say that there is no greater feat in this world than to love someone and be loved in return, and it for sure is not a lie. This is the true happiness of life, to always have someone to call your own, who won’t ever give up on you.

-I bear utmost love for you in my heart, always thinking that there is no way I could ever love you more than I do right now. I always tell you about how much I love you, and in the end, I do it more than just that.

-It makes you better, better than what you were or could ever hope to be. Love brings out the good in you that was unseen ever since the beginning, making you a better person than before.

-I can never get used to it, and at the same time, I can never get enough of it, such as your love. And just like that, in return, however much I love you, it never feels enough; I want to give you more than just that.

-You act like an utter idiot sometimes, and that is when you make me realize just how much I love you. It makes me feel curious about it; even when it might seem like a ridiculous notion, it is truly beautiful.

-You make me whole; being with you makes me feel the things that I could never experience before. The freedom that I feel only when I am with you, as if I have found something precious to me that I had lost, is astounding.

-It happened so fast, I didn’t have any time to wonder about what was going on right then. That was how quietly I fell in love with you, without even myself knowing it; all the peace of mind that I had was only like the calm before the storm.

-I fell in love with you, and you loved me back in return; this is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. You have made my entire life beautiful and meaningful, much more than it was before.

-This has been the sweetest feeling that I have ever had, to be in love with a person as good as you. I am attracted to you like a moth to the flame; even when I know the end, I keep on following you, never regretting my choices.

-Your love has made me stronger than I was ever before; with you by my side, I am willing to go through any problem that stands in my path. Being with you has given me the courage to face all the harshness of life and yet keep on living.

-It felt effortless to love you; it was not hard; I never believed that I was even giving something to you. And in return, you gave me everything that you could, you made me experience the true beauty and wonders of love, and it till the very end was beautiful.

-You are more than enough for me, much more than I could have ever wished for, and more than what I deserve. You are all that I will ever need; with you next to me, I can have this entire world if that is what you wish for.

Letters For Girlfriend

-I love you, for you have been the one special person to me that has always mattered; you are the person with whom my life truly began. And someday, I would like it to end with your love, too; that is all that I could ever wish for.

-Love knows no bounds; mine too recognizes none when it comes to you, my life, and my entire existence; it all is dedicated entirely to you. For you and your happiness, I am willing to do anything that you might need.

-We are one, we might have two bodies and two different minds, but our souls have become one. The love that we share has bound as one, all that we could ever desire; we have found that in each other.

-I feel the most alive when I am with you; you make me feel whole. You make me believe in the beauty of this world, helping me experience all there is to seek; you make me feel like I matter.

-I need nothing else in my life but your heart, the tenderness of your love is all that I crave. With you by my side, I am willing to face any difficulty that is to come my way and endure any pain there is in this world if only the reward is you.

-I don’t understand the reason I fell in love with you, but for sure, I am never going to regret this choice that my heart has made. The heart has its reasons, and in this case, I don’t even want to understand its reasoning.

-We were just friends when we fell in love, and that has only ignited the love that we feel for each other. Our bonds are deeper than they were ever before, we know what we seek, and at this moment, all we need is each other.

-To love someone else, you first need to love yourself, have some pride and self-respect. You are unique; there can’t be anyone else just like you, have pride in that fact, and believe in yourself.

-I was too weak to resist myself from falling in love with you, but for that, I can’t even blame myself. It was just too natural like I had found something that I had sought for most of my life; that is how I felt when I met you.

-In you, I have found the person that I love the most in this world, and whatever the problems might be that I am to face, I am never letting go of you. Through every hardship there is, I am going to hang on to my love for you.

-You are the person that I had been seeking for most of my life; finding you have finally made me whole. You are the person that I had always been seeking without myself knowing, and at last, I have found you.

-Even I don’t know when I fell in love with you, it just happened, and I, for some reason, did not want to worry about it anymore. All I know is that you are the only person that is perfect for me, and I am never giving up on you.

Letters For Husband

-When you whisper that you love me in my ears, that moment means more to me than any happiness that I have ever felt. That very moment becomes the happiest of my entire life, making my heart ready to burst out of joy.

-Everything that I ever do is meant only and only for you; my entire life belongs to you. I am willing to die if it is to bring you happiness; that is how much you mean to me, that is how deep my feelings are regarding you.

-A life without you in it is not worth living for me; it is completely meaningless. For me, even to have this thought is the worst torture possible; I can’t even bear the thought of having to live my life without you.

-You are the only person that I need, only you; if it is with you, I will be able to live the rest of my life happily. You and me, together, this thought helps me progress forward in my life; even when I face hundreds of problems, your thought gets me moving.

-You are perfect, and more than just that, you are exactly what I could have wished for in a person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. To me, you are the epitome of perfection, much more than I could have ever asked for.

-I can’t live without you; it is like I have gotten used to being alongside you; the thought of having to lose you is unbearable to me. I wish the day never comes when I would be forced to live my life without you.

-The love story that we share, there is no end to it, not just yet, for I would never stop loving you. Our story is not meant to end; as long as I have a love for you in my heart, I will never let this journey of ours come to an end.

-I want you to feel my love, and I am ready to do whatever it takes to make you see the love that I hold in my heart for you. Just one word from you, and there is nothing that I won’t do to make you happy. 

-Being with you has given meaning to my life; the part of my life that I have spent with you has been the most memorable one. Now, I can’t even imagine how my life would have been if I had never met you or fallen in love with you.

-Your love brings me happiness unlike anything that I have ever felt before, and along with it, the fear of having to give up on you someday. This thought scares me; living in a world without you, this very thought is a cruel one.

-I fell in love with you without hoping for anything in return from you, and yet you gave me everything you had. You gave a purpose to my feelings for you; you made me feel like I, too, have a meaning to my existence.

-I knew that I was in love with you when the reality with you had become much better than the dreams I used to see. You made reality seem so beautiful, just like a fantasy novel, and with you, I wanted to venture every last page of that book.

Letters For Wife

-You are the one special person I want to spend the rest of my life with; this is how great I feel when I am near you. Finding you has been like finding a missing piece of myself that I had lost long back; meeting you has made me whole.

-I want to spend the rest of my life holding onto you, and even now, I can say that it is going to be memorable. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life, and I am not willing to let you go just yet.

-I want to love you in every way I know how to; I want to make you experience every emotion and wonder that I have felt myself. I want to show you the beauty that lies behind this harshness of life.

-Loving you has certainly not been easy, but what I can say for sure is that it has been very well worth it. You have given everything back to me that I have presented to you, and that too many folds, there is nothing more that I could have asked for.

-I love you the way you are; you don’t need to change yourself for the sake of someone else around you. You are what you are, do not lose yourself just because someone is asking you to.

-No one in this world does not enjoy a good love story, and the story that we have made has been beautiful. It has been great; every up and down that we have been through has only made our relationship better.

-I have loved you for as long as I can remember, and my love for you has only kept growing. Sometimes I even wonder how I can love you this much and just keep on loving you more and more.

-I have truly been blessed to have found someone as good as you to spend my life with. I know that it is true because you have truly loved me back and much more than how much I loved you.

-You are the one person that I want to spend the rest of my life with, and I want that part of my life to start as soon as possible. This is what I have realized that this life is worth only as long as it is with you.

-No one knows how much a heart can hold, and all that my heart holds right now is love for you. Every molecule in my body screams only for your touch; your very essence is what I crave; you are my greatest desire.

-Love is all that I need to live my life with everything that I have got, and your love is what I need. Your love inspires me to live, to move forward in life, to endure, and to never give up.

-Our story has not been that long, it has only been a few years since we met, but that doesn’t mean we have any less love for each other. Every moment that we have spent together has only been filled with love, and it has been an epic journey.

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