65+ Open When It’s Our Engagement Anniversary Letter

Engagement is the most spectacular moment a couple is likely to face, to make up the foundation of their future, a promise to get married and live the rest of their lives as one. You don’t remain a completely different person; you act like one, you understand the feelings of the other one, and act upon those without even being told. 

Open When It’s Our Engagement Anniversary Letter

Letters For Boyfriend

-Some people say that being with only one person for your entire life is no different from being chained down from very. But I found freedom in being with you; you were my special person who helped me in being the person that I wanted to be. 

-You supported and encouraged me to achieve my goals, even when you had to make any choice, it was always in my favor; someone like you can never be chaining a person down.

-You are the person for me who I want to hold onto for the rest of my life. You are the perfection that reflects into my soul, the kind of person that I want to be; you have motivated me; you are the goal that I wish to achieve no matter what. If I have to make a choice and choose a person to be by my side for the rest of my life, it will always be you.

-I didn’t believe in love or happy endings, but I know for sure that our story will have a happy ending. I thought of myself as someone incapable of living or someone who will never be loved; you changed that for me. 

-You loved me the ways I could not even imagine; you helped me in seeing the beauty of the world that I never knew existed.

-I waited for you patiently and tenderly, for your will to take form ever since we started dating, and now I have gotten your reply. You chose to stay by me, I had a turbulent start, yet we have only moved forward. Our relationship and love have progressed, and now we are engaged; this is all that matters to me.

-I wonder, looking over the extent I have forgotten my own life, the life that I lived without you, and now we are making new memories. You have made me forget all of my pain and worries, all the sufferings that I got trapped in; you freed me from all that. 

-You are helping me make new memories, covering up my pain, you are healing me, and I know that I will always be cared for.

-It is not a pair of rings that binds us together; it is our souls that are bound together with each other for eternity to come. We have promised to stay by each other; we don’t need a pair of rings to remind us of that; my soul in itself is proof of my love for you. 

-Our souls are tied together to live as one, for as long as we bear love in our hearts for each other.

-It was not just once, I have fallen in love dozens of times, over and over again, but each time it was only with you. Your beauty, your soul, your character, I could not help but fall in love with you, and it did not happen only once. 

-I fall in love with you, every time you look at me, every time you hold my hand, every time you touch me; I don’t know what to do but fall in love with you.

Letters For Girlfriend

-I wanted to live with the person who eases my soul even with absence, but you make it unbearable for me to live without you. Now that I have got you, I can’t even bear to think of a life that does not have you in it. 

-I don’t think that I will ever be able to survive in this cruel world; without you, I will be all alone, just like I was before I met you.

-Time when not even a breath beyond the one you are holding now as promised, I promise to take care of you for the rest of my life. Life is full of uncertainties, we can not accurately predict even the very next second, but it does not mean that we give up on the possibilities of this world. 

-The possibility or future where I can be with you, and we can spend a happy life together is all that I wish for.

-I want to spend my whole life with you, and I want that part of my life to start right now. I want to forget the part of my life that I had to live without you; it was full of loneliness, fear and worries. 

-With you, I want to start anew, I want to make memories that I can hold onto for the rest of my life, I want to live a life that is filled with happiness, but that too with you.

-Trapped in a whirlwind of romance, I want to write a love story with a perfect ending and happy ever after. We have been through a lot to get here; there have been moments when we were on the verge of collapsing, our love was tested, but that is over now. 

-Now, all that awaits our life is harmony; from now on, we will make a perfect story till the happy end that we deserve.

-From this moment on, my heart belongs to you for the rest of my life. This crazy heart of mine that never listened to me and never fixated on a single thing now beats only for you. You bring happiness to my life and much more than that; I promise to accompany you for as long as the time lasts.

-I didn’t seek much, neither do I want to test it, but I am sure that I have found the person that my soul was seeking. I do not want to question you because I know that the decision that my soul has made will not be a lie; I believe you to be the right person for me. 

-Only my heart knows how long I have been looking for you; I have been craving your company for years now, and I am never letting you go again.

-I can’t say that I will be able to give you everything that belongs in this world, but all of my heart belongs to you. I am not perfect the way you are, I don’t have unimaginable wealth either, but I am sure that I can provide you with everything that brings you happiness. 

-My heart and soul already belong to you; they have always been you’re to have and hold on to.

Letters For Wife

-Love does not entirely change the way the world works, but it sure changes our viewpoint and makes it worth our life. Mine changed when I met you; you made everything seem so perfect, and being with you is worth more than I could have ever imagined. 

-You light up my world, your presence helps me see the bright side of this world, you soothe my soul.

-Seeking for someone to spend the rest of my life with, I didn’t know what I was looking for, then you have to have been guided to me by our fates. You are everything that I could have imagined, you are perfect, and your being with me makes me feel perfect too.

-It was a wonder for real to love and to be loved in return; that is what makes my life worth living. I honestly didn’t expect to fall in love with someone like this; I was lost in myself. You were the one who saw me, the real me, and brought me out to face the world; I love every second of it, being with you.

-We met, we fell in love, and now I want to love you every way that I know how to. I am not well-versed with or well-known for certain aspects of love, but if it is for your sake, then I am willing to try anything for you. 

-You are my priority, and I want nothing more than to make you happy, and I want to keep doing it for the rest of my life.

-Does not matter how many years I have lived or how many I have left to live; the time that I have spent with you is enough to be a lifetime. The only time that matters to me right now is what I am spending with you; you make every second of my time worth it.

-I don’t know how we started to be a “us”; we just were; I don’t remember falling in love with you, not because I forgot, but because I always had been. You are the kind of woman that I had always dreamed of, the person that I wished I would be able to spend the rest of my life with. 

-Every single moment of the day, I think only of you; it’s as if only the thoughts of yours are clouding my mind. There are moments when all I can think of is you; you reign over my heart and soul. 

-Even before I met you, all ideas that I had for my love life, you fulfilled all of those for me, you became who I had always wanted; you became mine.

Letters For Husband

-I used to be someone who never believed in love until I met you; you made me believe in love and more than that in myself. I did not see the beauty of this world, and I didn’t believe in relying on others; you completely changed my viewpoint. 

-You showed me how fulfilling it actually could be to get along with others; you opened my eyes to the wonders of this world.

-You are the person of my dreams that I had been looking for forever since I read my first love story. I have always had a thing for romance novels, and I imagined each time what my special person would be like; I could not accurately picture him, but I am sure that he would be exactly like you. 

-You meet every expectation of mine, you are superior to even those, you are the person that I fell in love with without meeting.

-I love you for not just being what you are, I love you, for you are the person who completes me in the true sense of words. The emptiness in my heart that I have always had, you cover it all up, you heal all of my pains just with your company alone. 

-You make me whole; with you, I can feel all the emotions freely, without restrictions; you are my freedom.

-You were never an option, nor was my love for you; you have always been a necessity of mine will always continue to be for the rest of my life. When I saw you for the first time, since then, I have only wanted to be with you; you are not someone that I can just part with and continue to live happily. You are my happiness; you make me happy, you make me feel alive, you are my everything.

-I fell in love, and even now, I am not able to stand up; if it means I can keep you with me forever, I wish I could spend my whole life just like this. There is one thing that I am sure of; it is that I can not live without you.

-I was lonely even when I was surrounded by a crowd of people; it was all the same, colorless and meaningless until you came. I always felt isolated, like there was a wall separating me from this world, and you eased me into this world like a catalyst. You made me feel alive; you filled my world with colors and happiness; you made my world worth living in.

-Your name frees me from the world of pain and suffering, you teach me to live, or in a way, you are my life. And I intend to spend all of it only with you, and I want to share my griefs and joys with you; I want to open up my heart and soul to you. You are all that matters to me, you are my everything, and everything of mine belongs to you.

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