50+ Open When You’re Sick To Your Stomach Letters

A person who has fallen sick is much more likely to get back to better health if he has someone who will help him/her in those times. Just talking to such a person is enough to help them relax. Spending time and supporting them can be much more advantageous to you shortly.

When You’re Sick To Your Stomach Letters

Letters For Boyfriend

-Just because I am not with you over there at this very moment, you need not feel alone or scared. The love and affection that I hold in my heart will never fade away even in the worst of times, this is nothing compared to what the future might hold, and I do not intend to give up on this thought anytime soon.

-Just because you are sick right now does not mean that I will stay away from you; if that thought comes to my mind, it in itself will be a betrayal to our relationship. I want to come to your place, indulge and pamper you to all I can, cook for you, and look after you to the extent I can.

-I have just learned to make vegetable soup from my mother, especially for you; well, it is more like I am seeking an excuse to see you, but still. I want you to get better as soon as you can; I want to go out with you once again.

-I know that you are a computer guy, and also that you have not been able to go out for a while because of your flu, so I am bringing over a few new games to you. I am not good at these, but these are some kind of live stream games, just the kind you like.

-You are an idiot for never taking care of your health, and for these reasons, you make me worry more than anything else. Just because you live alone doesn’t mean you need not take care of yourself; I am coming over to your place with some fruit and vegetable juices. 

-You are not weak; you have just gotten sick because of taking care of everything on your own, and falling sick is the most legitimate thing to happen in these circumstances. I believe in you; you will stand up and march forward, facing any difficulty that comes in your way; that is your strength.

-There is one thing that I can always be sure about; it is that you always miss me just as much as I miss you. And it is not just because you are sick right now; no matter what, you are my most beloved person in this world, and I refuse to keep my distance from you just because you are sick.

-You are a strong person, and I know that better than anyone else. Right now, others might mistreat or disrespect you, but I know with the hard work you have been doing recently, you will surely be able to achieve everything that you want.

-I know that you are sick of your daily life, school and the daily routine that we are stuck to. By each passing day, we have repeated the same cycle; it does not matter how sickening or disheartening it might be for now, but I am sure that it will be helpful to us in the coming future, one way or the other.

-Just like anyone else, you are troubled by the masks of kindness people walk around wearing only to stab you in your back, and in my opinion, it is the most natural thing to be careful. If I was aware of the extent to which a person can get himself to be selfish, I would rather they did not even know my name.

Letters For Girlfriend

-Honestly speaking, I am not good with sick people; I don’t know how to empathize or how to act. But if it is you, it only makes me want to try much harder to be a perfect match for you.

-You told me that you are sick and your whole body is aching because of fever and body and joint pain. I might not be the best one out of everyone else, but I consider myself to be good enough to give a healthy massage, and I am sure that it will make you feel much better.

-I know very well that because you are sick, you do not want to interact with many people, neighbours, or even me, and your being all alone with no one to talk to makes me more worried. I am just suggesting, but I think you should consider keeping a pet with you, it will be really good for you.

-You are holed up in your room for days now, and that thought makes me worry about you more and more. I want you to know that I am coming over to your place so that we can binge watch some movies together; I wouldn’t even mind if you cry at me when we watch some chick flicks.

-You are sick, and you need someone’s help in taking care of your home chores, or it might make you sicker with passing the time. I suppose it would be better if it was I who helps you in this matter, I even know how to do all the chores at home.

-Even with being away from you, I can feel that you are feeling lonely. And all I want at this very moment is to hug you to make you feel better, and I want to help you in every way I can; I want to cuddle you to sleep.

-Because of your being sick, you have not been able to attend college class for over a week, you are good at studies, and not being here is getting you more and more irritated. I want to help you with your class notes; if you want, you can use mine for however long you need.

-I am not there with you being sick, and this fact makes me mad, not at you but myself. I want to take care of you, I want to help and look after you however much I can, I like you, and I believe that helping you right now is the most natural thing to do. 

-Helping each other in need is what makes a relationship work. And like that, I want to help you too; just because you are not well right now does not mean that you are always going to be like this, so I want to help you, and this will only strengthen our bonds.

-Hey, I am sure that you are feeling bored and lonely right now. You do not need to be like this all the time; just because I am not with you does not mean that you can’t talk to me either; whenever you want, you can give me an audio or video call, it will make you feel much better.

Letters For Wife

-You are just a little sick, and all you need to get fit and fine is some good rest, and in the meantime, you can leave every home chores to me. Cleaning, laundry, cooking something healthy for you, I can take care of all of that until you get better.

-You have been taking care of me for years, you have done it without asking for anything in return, and just because right now you can not help me, it does not mean that I can start hating you. You can always rely on me just like I rely on you; you are my partner for the rest of my life, helping you will never be a problem.

-We have not had a change of scenery for nearly two years now; maybe because of that, you have started to lose interest in things. I want to take you on a short trip, it will be enjoyable for both of us, and it will make you feel much better.

-You do not have to be this sad just because you are sad today; just think of this as a very bad day. With some rest, you will be alright, and I am always here to help you whenever you need me.

-You take care of all of us and ignore your health; that is not something acceptable; you being sick can be dealt with, but you can not ignore your well-being like this. There is no home without you here, and for it to be home, you need to take care of yourself.

-You seem isolated and withdrawn for a while now; you do not talk much and are not showing any interest in your work either. You are the most cheerful person that I know, and your being like this just doesn’t sit well with me; I like you much better when you enjoy yourself, and this is not it.

-We have been busy with our work and haven’t interacted in a while. So, right now, I want to listen to you, tell me every complaint you have, anything you need; I want to share more time with you.

-I want to help you the same way you have helped me whenever I have fallen sick. You can tell me anything you want, whatever you might need help with, something you want to eat, and I will help you.

-I am not the best cook, but I think I am good with soups, and since you are sick, maybe I can help you with some. I am going to the grocery store to get some fresh vegetables to make some for you, and I hope you will like them.

-It has been a while since we have openly talked to each other, hasn’t it? We live in the same house, yet we do not confide in each other like we used to do; I want things to go back the way they were before; please help me in making that happen.

Letters For Husband

-You work so hard in the office every day, and it is only because of that that you do not take good care of yourself and have gotten yourself sick. I want you to think of it as your much-deserved break; you need to have some time for yourself once in a while.

-You have been sick for days and also do not eat much because you have lost interest in homemade soup. I am thinking of ordering something from the hotel for you today, so tell me whatever you want to eat today.

-You overstrain your body because of excess work that you do every day and have fallen sick because of that. I am making some really tasty vegetable soup for you; it is easy to digest and will be good for you; I hope you like it.

-Because of being sick, I heard you are falling behind in your office work; if you want me to, I can help you with that. You know very well that I have good work experience, and with some of your help in it, everything will be just perfect.

-You are not taking good care of yourself, I have been thinking about this for a while, but I think we should start going out for a walk every morning together. It will be really good for you and will also give you some relief from your daily schedule.

-You have been completely ignoring your medical prescription lately, even when you are well aware that it is not something that you should do. Neglecting your health like this is not acceptable to me; you should take your medicines regularly from now on.

-I just remembered that you told me your back is hurting because of your sickness; I can help you with that if you want. I am good at giving massages, and back massages are simple; you will feel more relaxed and comfortable after that.

-You are getting more and more unhealthy each passing day; if you prefer it that way, you can try hiring a caretaker for yourself. Maybe a 24/7 caretaker will be more helpful in improving your health.

-You have been taking care of me and this house for years, so now give me a chance to take care of you too. I have lost count of the number of times you have helped me because of your having fallen sick; it is now my responsibility to take care of you, so let me.

-You have locked yourself up in this house ever since you have fallen sick and are acting isolated lately. I seriously think that you need a chance of scenery right now; I want you to go out on a picnic or trip with me, will you?

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