45+ Open When Things Are Falling Apart Letter

With time, our situations and feelings change too. Sometimes we feel as if we are over cloud nine, and in instances, as if things can not get any worse. But, even in those times, all we need is someone who we can truly rely on. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a person; letters written to oneself when in time of distress are pretty frequent now.

So, enjoy the beauty even in distress, for this time will pass on too. Breakup, stress, loneliness, anger, or any other negative emotion will just fly away in the light of your positivity. Just believe in what the future might hold…

Open When Things Are Falling Apart Letter ideas for you

-My love for you is not as ephemeral as the reflection of the moon in the water that will waver just with a smooth breeze. My feelings for you are not something that will dull down when the night passes on or when I get what I want. You might have once been a choice that I have made, but now you are my greatest necessity. 

-Things might not be like what they used to be before, but you are still here, and so am I; and I intend to stay here by your side for the rest of my life. It will just be like how it has always been for years and years to come. Never forget the memories that we have made together and just hold onto them for a little while longer.

-You are not alone, and I will never let you be; I will always be there when you need a shoulder to lean on. And do not be afraid of doing so, for I am never letting you go; not again. Lean on me, rely on me, and trust me.

-People say everything changes with time, and so will change the distress you are going through. No time is the same. Things will not always stay the same. You will get over your distress and rise again as a new “you.”

-Time will change, you will feel beautiful again; just hold onto your precious good memories till then. For no matter what anyone else says or how hard anyone else tries to do, no one can be a better version of you. Being yourself is something only you can accomplish.

-The pain you are feeling right now will never be strong enough to dull down the happy moments that we have shared. And if it is strong, then let’s share a few more memories and happy memories, so beautiful to last our whole lifetime. Spending a little more time with you is all I need to be happy once again, so just make me happier.

-You were there when I needed someone the most; I might not deserve it but be that exact someone for me once again. I want to be the same way that I once used to be and feel all the joys of life once again. Help me just one more time, and I will never forget the kindness you have shown to this undeserving person.

-Trust me, and I will make sure that pain doesn’t become something that you will have to get yourself used to. Not again, never again. I will fill your world with happiness and only positive thoughts, so much that you will even forget what pain feels like. 

-I am sorry for hurting you, for making you feel like this. I am the hardheaded one among us; maybe that is why I could not understand the things that you had to go through because of me and my irresponsible nature. But now I want to see you smile once again, even if it is not me who you are smiling alongside wide.

-I am sorry for how I acted and the irrational way I handled all the problems, even denying the facts when it was all my fault. I am sorry for lying, for breaking your trust, and for making you feel that you did not deserve me when I was the undeserving one. So, let me apologize for every mistake that I have made. The only thing that I hope for right now is that you will find it in your heart to forgive me.

-Just like a broken puzzle to be solved once again, maybe there is still some hope for us. We can still be the same way we once used to be; we have made mistakes, we have strayed off the path, but is it wrong of me to wish for the light to guide us once more? You have no idea how broken, meaningless and insignificant I am without you, so let’s meet just one more time

-Forgive me for what happened the last time; let me repay all the kindness that you have shown me till now. Let me shower you with all the love and hopes that I bear for you in my heart. Make me acknowledge all the mistakes I have made, just do not resent me; I want you to love me just the way you did back then.

-Does not matter if you hold onto me or let me go. It will just be what I deserved. I had hurt you and yet have held onto me even when I was at my worst. You loved me without asking for anything in return; just keep being the same person, for that is who I will always love the most.

-I miss you; I have been thinking about you and the love that we shared; you have no idea how much I miss your touch, being around you, holding your hand, and hearing your laugh. I think of you every second of my worthless life, for you are the only one who makes it worth living.

-I just want to let you know that there hasn’t been a day that I have spent without thinking about you. You have always been on my mind endlessly, the mistakes I have made tormenting me in my sleep. I can’t take this anymore; I want to see you once again; I want to feel your touch and see the way your presence lights up my entire world.

-To feel this pain might have been your fate, but it can never be your only destiny. You are unique, you have always been in all sorts of crazy ways, but that is only one of the things that make you special compared to others. You will overcome your pain and your fears, and you will turn out to be a stronger person than you were before.

-Not the problems you face; what matters the most is the way you deal with your problems. Your behavior, your mental strength, and your courage in the face of adversity determine the strength of your character and your resolve. And believe me, when I say this, you are the strongest person I have ever known.

-My soul has become one with yours, and so has my fate. I have sworn never to let go of your hand, for you were always the one who guided me through the darkness of my own life. There is nothing I can ask you for in return for my love for you because you have already given me more than what I deserve just by keeping me by your side.

-I want to tell you so many things, but it all comes down to the fact that I can not bear to see you wallowing in despair. And the first thing that comes to my mind is that life just goes on. We feel happiness, and we feel low, we learn to stand up, we fall; life is not always the same, so stand up for me just once more.

-However much pain might you be feeling right now, do not forget that the darkness of night can never swallow up all the light of the moon. For the moon will always have the sun lending her his light ever while being himself in the dark. I am here for you, and I will stay with you until you get fit and fine.

-You have failed only once, so why are you afraid that no one will look at you the same way ever again? You are human like anyone else; just one mistake will not determine what you can or can not do. Rise, clash with all the difficulties head-on; this difficulty is not the first one, neither will it be the last.

-Just let go of everything that has been holding you down from being free. You are not someone that can be chained down by the ties of insecurities, and I know that better than anyone else. You deserve everything that you want, so rise from the dust and claim what you desire for it is all yours to have.

-You have proven your worth to others from time to time; you do not need to do that anymore. You are different, unlike anyone else; you ate one of a kind, you are unique. Do what you want, have no fear; I will always be there to catch you whenever you fall.

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