55+ Open When to a Child when 18 Letters

Writing a letter to your child when she turns eighteen is a special thing for parents. As your child enters adulthood, you should make them aware that it is time for them to take more responsibilities and understand every situation and act accordingly.

They should think before taking every step in life as every decision they make will affect their future either in a good way or in a bad way. 

Open when To a Child when 18 Letters

-Dear son, finally, you turned eighteen today. It is a very emotional moment for your father and me as we are reminded of the day when you first came to earth. We have a lot of dreams about your future, and I hope that you will work very hard and try to become a good person and earn a lot of respect from everyone in society.

-My son, you are becoming eighteen today. And on this special occasion, I want to say to you that your mother and I are proud of you for what you have done in your life till today. And I hope that you continue to do well in your life and overcome every challenge in your life.

-Dear daughter, today is your eighteenth birthday, and on this occasion, I am writing this letter to you to convey my wish for you as I could not be there with you. I have full faith in you, and I know that you will handle your adulthood very well as you have handled your life till now and learn from every mistake in life.

-Dear, I want to congratulate you as you have turned eighteen today. But always remember, with age comes responsibility, and you can not just avoid it. I hope you will handle all the challenges that come your way well. And always remember, no matter how successful you become in life, do not ever become arrogant because arrogance kills a man.

-My daughter, as you are turning eighteen today, I want to say to you that be confident in life but never be overconfident. I have seen many talented people who had a lot of potentials, but they could not get success in their life as they became overconfident at some point in their life. I hope the same thing will not happen to you.

-My child, on your eighteenth birthday, I wish that you get all the things that you wish for in your life and you get all the success. I am waiting for that day when you will finally come to us on vacation, and we will celebrate your Birthday then, but for now, read this letter and take care of your health.

-Your eighteenth birthday is today, and we could not be with you. I know you are a little upset, but we are sending you a surprise gift, and we are sure that you will be overjoyed when you receive the gift. We also promise to you that we will visit you soon and take more gifts for you then.

-My dear daughter, as you turn eighteen today, I, being your father, promise you that I will be there with you in your every need. You do not have to think of what others think of you. Just be yourself. You do not need to change yourself for what others think of you. Be brave, my girl.

-My loving son, on this special day of yours, I go back to a lot of memories of when you were small. It is a special occasion for our whole family that our first child will attend the age of eighteen today. I hope you are aware of the responsibilities that will come your way now, and I hope you will deal with them well.

-Our child, today on this special occasion, we promise to you that we will take care of your every need and will provide the necessary support that we can, but you concentrate on your studies now as that is your utmost responsibility and that will give you a bright future, and that is what we want for you.

-My loving daughter, your future is our only concern now. We are at that juncture of our life when we only think about you and your career. We have many plans for you, but we will give you a choice to choose your career. But always remember, whatever you choose, do that thing with full passion.

-Being eighteen years old is a special occasion in everyone’s life and today is that day for you. But you have to remember a few things from now: be responsible towards old people, give respect to women, always treat them and the transgenders equally. Do not discriminate against anyone for class, creed, or anything.

-Becoming an adult is very special for everyone. But from now on, remember you are no longer a child. You have a great responsibility towards society. Do not do anything that hampers your respect in society. Help the needy whenever possible. And always fight against any discrimination that you see.

-Being eighteen is a big thing in many ways. As you become an adult, you have to do a lot of things for your family and your elders as well. Always visit your grandparents whenever you get time. They are at the end phase of their life and your every visit gives them immense pleasure.

-My beloved son, as you become an adult tomorrow, I want to write a letter to you. Always accept your mistakes, don’t ever argue with anyone if you know that you are wrong. Always try to learn from your every defeat and implement that in your next actions. Happy Birthday to you in advance.

-My beloved daughter, it is your day today. You did well in your tenth board exams, and I hope that you will again make us proud in your twelfth board exams. You have always been my princess, and I love you the most in the world. Always be happy. Your father wishes you all the success in life.

-My dear daughter, you are a blessing to my life. I feel lucky that I have got a daughter like you who takes care of me so much. I do not know how you manage everything at such a young age. I bless you that you became very successful in life and made me proud through your works.

-My darling daughter, I have shared everything with you till today as a friend, and I promise to continue that throughout my life. I welcome you to your adulthood, and yes, you will get a little more freedom from now, and I have full confidence in you that you will not misuse that. I have full trust in you.

-Dear child, we have supported you throughout your life, and we hope that you fulfill your wish to become a doctor and serve the poor. But for that, you need to study very hard, and we hope that you are doing that without misusing your time. Today’s hard work will make a future for you; always remember that.

-We always have high hopes for you, as every parent has for their child. But we do not want to impose anything on you as we have never done it till today. But you will also have to put in a lot of hard work to get success. On your eighteenth birthday, take our blessings and take care of your health.

-My daughter, you are an angel that came to us as a gift. And today, when you turn eighteen, I, as a mother, feel very emotional. I am very happy that you have taken my wish to become a doctor as your aim in life, and I wish that you get success there. And always remember Mumma loves you the most.

-My dearest child, always learn to take a stand for yourself. We will not be there throughout your life. And today is the perfect day to say this to you. Always have your stand and always try to fight for yourself. A lot of difficulties will come your way but handle them with a smiling face. Happiest Birthday to you.

-On your special day, I want to say to you that whenever you get an opportunity to be kind to someone. If you can help someone, you will get a different kind of happiness that you will feel then. Like today you can go to an orphanage and provide some books or clothes for the children living there.

-You have always wanted to be a writer, my child. For that, I have provided you with so many books. And today, when I learnt that you finally started writing your first story on your eighteenth birthday, I felt very happy and proud of you. I hope everything goes well, and this is just the start of a great writer in the future.

-Today is the day when you finally turn eighteen. I hope you have a good day. But now is the time when you should finally understand your responsibilities.

-As your mother, I am feeling very emotional that you are turning eighteen today. I bless you that you achieve success in your life.

-Today, you will enter adulthood. I hope this brings a sense of responsibility in you, and you become more conscious before making any decision.

-Dear child, we had many dreams for your future when you were born on this day, eighteen years ago. We have never said this to you. But we can only say that everything is going well till now.

-On this day, we want to say to you that you have made us proud through your deeds till today. And we hope that you continue to do so throughout your life.

-We are sorry that we could not visit you on your special day. But we promise to you as your parents that we will come to meet you soon. The wait will be over in a short time.

-Your Birthday is one of the most awaited days for us. And on this day we want to tell you that you are the best son in the world. We are proud of you.

-Happy Birthday to your son. But you have a surprise too. Your grandparents are coming to visit you soon with lots of gifts.

-As you are turning eighteen, you will soon join college. I hope your college days go well as your school days were. You are a bright student.

-We, as your parents, have a special plan for your future. When you come home for vacation, we will discuss that with you. We hope you will love it.

-You have always wanted to become a lawyer from your childhood. And finally, you got the chance in the best law college in the country on your eighteenth Birthday. Our happiness cannot be expressed in words.

-The most precious gift that we got in life is you. And you came to our life on this day. Have the best Birthday ever.

-These eighteen years with you have been amazing for us as parents. You have brought happiness to our lives. You are our world. 

-Our love for you cannot be expressed in words. You are the best son in the world. Always make wise decisions and be happy in your life.

-We bless you that you have a great future. Tell us whatever you need. And never hide anything from us. We promise to be with you in every situation.

-On your eighteenth Birthday, we wish that you have a great academic career. Be kind to everyone and every animal. God will bless you.

-We had a dream that you would become a doctor one day. And you are on that path. We are very happy for you. We are sending you your favorite thing as a gift.

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