101+ Open When We Haven’t Talked in Long Time Letters

Open when letters are one of the most important things in any kind of relationship. Writing a letter when you have not talked to someone means that there might have been some problems between you two, or you might have been busy, and you want to say sorry or give your reason for that. 

Open when we haven’t talked in a long time letter ideas

You can assure that you will not repeat your mistake, or you can also resolve a misunderstanding between you two. Here are some examples of letters that you can write when you have not talked with a person for a long time.

Letters to boyfriend

-Hey, I know you are angry with me. But I want to assure you that I will not do that again. We have not talked for a long time. Now please talk to me. 

-Hey love, you know that I can’t live without you. Why are you doing this to me? Please talk to me. We can solve everything and live like before again.

-Dear, we have not talked for six months now. And I still do not know why you are not talking. Please tell me the reason now. 

-Dear love, I know what I did was wrong. And I know why you are staying away from me. But I want to say sorry to you. Can we meet?

-Dear, I might have talked rudely with you last time. But I love you and can not stay away from you for long. We have not talked for nine months now. Please come back.

-Hey love, I do not know where you are? What are you doing? But I know you still love me. Let us just forget the past and talk again like before.

-Hey, I know that you always wanted time from me, and I was always busy. So you stopped talking. But now I can give you time. And I hope to get you back like before.

-I know that you do not want to talk to me. But I believe you will understand your mistake one day. And you will come back and talk to me. It would be better if we could sort it now by talking.

Letters for girlfriend

-Hey, do not misunderstand me. I shouted at you without knowing the truth. I accept my mistake. Please, Talk to me.

-Hey, can you talk to me now? I can not take this anymore. There has been no co conversation between us for months now. 

-Dear, you know how much I love you. You are misunderstanding me. I am telling you if we talk everything will be sorted.

-I made a mistake. I must apologize to you. I am doing that. And I hope that you will understand me and forgive me and will talk to me.

-I take full responsibility for what happened in our last meeting. But I didn’t expect that you would stop talking with me for that small reason. I want to talk to you now.

-My love, wherever you are. I know my love will force you to come back to me. I am missing you. And I know you are missing me too.

-I still do not know why you are angry with me. But I do not know the reason behind it. It would be better if you told me the problem. We will solve it together.

-Finally, you will be happy to know that I have left the job that took us away from each other. I have more time for you now. Call me. We must talk now.

Letters for friends

-Hey, I know that you have been living in a foreign country for a long time now. But I miss our friendship days. Why don’t you give replies on social media?

-Dear Ricky, I have a lot of respect for you. But the way you are behaving is not expected. At Least we can talk about this.

-You are away from me. I hope you are happy with your family. But it would be great if you consider giving me a reply. I miss you.

-We have not seen each other for a long time. But I hope our friendship is at the same level. Once we meet again, everything will be as it was before.

-My school life was amazing because of you. But since then, we have been apart from each other. But then I found you on Facebook. How are you?

-It is my blessing that I finally found you. I was searching for your phone number from many people. But I couldn’t get it. But I got you on social media.

-Hey, a misunderstanding broke the bond between us. But later I understood by fault. Can’t we be friends again like before?

-We can not talk the whole day like we used to in our college days. But if you could take some time and give a reply to my letters, it would be great. 

Letters to partner

-Hey, I know I messed up everything between us. But now I understand that I was wrong. We have not talked since then. Can we speak about the matter??

-Hey love, you have gone on duty for a long time now. You have not contacted me since then. I am worried about you. Please reply.

-You are a piece of my heart. And I can not live without you for long. It is tough for me not to talk to you for this long. Please understand.

-I do not know why you left me. But I miss those moments that we spend together. I will be happy if you reply to me.

-If you think I am still angry with you, then you are wrong. I forgave you long back. But you did not try to contact me.

-Sometimes, I feel like why should I forgive you. But then my love for you makes me think about those moments spent with you. And I get emotional. We should end this gap now.

-My father’s decision compelled me to leave you. But I still love you. I know you can not be mine now. But at least talk to me sometimes.

-I know you are mine. Nobody can snatch you from me. I am sorry I misunderstood you for a girl. Come back; I will love you more than before.

Letters for parents

-Dear father, I should not have shouted at you in front of everyone. I still regret doing that. Please forgive me and talk to me.

-Dear mother, I always loved you. I do not know how I misunderstood you in that situation. But that kept you away from me for a long time. I request you to talk to me.

-Dear parents, many times we children do not understand what you go through to raise us and say something that we should not say. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart.

-You guys always loved me. But I could never spend much time with you. But now I have decided to give you time. I am coming for you guys.

-I know you two should never forgive me. But I am your son. I could not talk with you for three years now. Please consider forgiving me.

-I could not be the son you guys wanted me to be. There were always differences between us. But please do not stay away from me like this.

-Our views in life were always different. But dad, I loved you always. I do not know why you could not accept my decision. Can’t we talk like before?

-My children miss their grandparents. Please come back to us. We can live like a family like we used to. Please speak to me about this.

Letter for siblings

-Hey brother, why are you upset with me? Talk to me. At least tell me the reason so that I can say sorry to you.

-Hey sister, we both were busy in our lives and could not contact each other for a long time. So, I thought that I should write to you. So, how are you?

-Those days are gone when we used to talk the whole day. But as of now, at least message me on Whatsapp or Facebook. 

-Those were the golden days when we lived like a family. It is our bad luck that we can speak only a few times in the whole year. 

-The fight between our parents took us away from each other. I do not know whose fault it was. But I feel that we should not break our bond for that and we should talk.

-We both live in different countries now. But every day in the evening, I miss those conversations with you. Why can’t we get those days back? I mean, we can talk over the phone.

-Our bonding is unbreakable irrespective of how far we are from each other. But these days, our conversations stopped because I was very busy. But now, I am free again.

-I only saw you as someone very important in my life. I do not know how we talk so less these days. And for the last eight months, we have not talked at all. It is very strange.

Letters for children

-Hey, son, one of my decisions made you upset. But I did not know that you would not talk to me from then on. I am guilty. Please speak to me.

-Dear daughter, I know you are very busy with your family. But sometimes we also miss you. So write to us sometimes when you get time.

-Dear son, you know how much we love you. But we also know that you can not always write to us about your packed schedule. But can you call today? We are eager to talk to you.

-Dear son, I am on duty. And I remain very busy throughout the day. I get very little time to write to you. But today, I got it. Do not be angry with me. When I come back, I will come with a lot of gifts.

-Dear, I hate my job because it gives me no time to spend with you and your mom. I am very busy with my new project so I could not write to you for three months.

-Son, I know you are not happy as you have to stay away from us in a boarding school. But what we did is for your bright future. Do not be sad.

-Hey, how is your hostel life going? I know we can contact you only a few times and you miss us. But we are coming soon to visit you.

Letters for grandparents

-Dear granny, I am sorry because I have only come once to visit you guys. I also do not get much time to write. But from now on, I will write more regularly to you guys.

-Dear grandfather, you guys are a blessing to my life. But I feel guilty that I can do nothing for you. But now I have decided that at least we should talk more.

-Dear grandparents, I feel proud to be from your family. You guys are an inspiration. I was very busy with my studies, so I could not write to you guys.

-Hey grandpa, my board exams were going on. So I could not talk to you for a long time. But now that it is over, I am going to have some good times with you.

-I feel special that I could take birth in your family. But I remain very busy with my job so I can not speak to you frequently. So, I am writing to you after nine months. 

-I went on a trip with my friends and when I returned the exams were knocking at the door. So, I could not speak to you guys. But now I have ample amount of time to talk.

-I was very depressed because I could not get selected for the state football team. So, I did not speak to anyone for a long time. But now everything is okay, so I am writing to you guys also.

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