40+ Open When We Haven’t Talked In A While Letter

We fought. I was angry at her, and in the end, I realized that it doesn’t matter whose fault it was; we both are suffering because of it. Therefore, I want to be the one to take the initiative and ask for forgiveness, I don’t want this pain to be there for anyone, and I know for sure that if I apologize to her, she will forgive me.

It isn’t all bad to be the first to initiate a talk; just do not let a small pause be a big problem in your relationship.

Open When We Haven’t Talked In A While Letter ideas for you

-It’s been a while since we last talked; I just want you to know that I am sorry for being angry with you over some insipid reason that wasn’t even worth it. It was entirely my fault; I shouldn’t have talked so crudely to you. So, I want to start anew; I apologize for treating you harshly; please contact me back when you have some time.

-I am sorry for my irrational anger at you; right now, I want nothing more than your forgiveness. Please forgive me; I want to start over once again, and I will even drink all the hatred you pour on me. Let’s start anew once more and let it only be a mistake at my end.

-Hey, are you still angry with me because I yelled in front of you over a misunderstanding? I am sorry for that; I didn’t mean to do that; I was just hot-tempered that day. I am also sending a special gift to you for my redemption; please accept that and forgive me.

-Man, it’s been more than two years since I last talked to you; I lost your contact number and just found your address by chance. I am writing down my contact information over here; you better contact me whenever you get some time. I have years’ worth of talking to do with you, my friend.

-I just remembered that it’d been a while since we last talked; I want to know if you are well or not? I had to talk to nearly all friends of mine just to get your address, call any of us when in need of any kind of help. We are friends, and this is exactly what friends are for, so do not hesitate to ask for anything.

-It’s been long enough that I think that I am talking to a stranger, but we aren’t strangers, are we? It’s been months since any of us has even heard your voice; come on, man you seriously need to be a bit more social. We should get together some time and have some fun together. Otherwise, we don’t even know if we will get this chance again or not.

-Dear uncle, it’s been quite some time since we last talked; I have this little favor that I want to ask you. I want to know if I can stay over at your place for a few days; I have some urgent business to attend to in your locality. If I can, please contact me back because if it is so then, I will have to make some other arrangements.

-You are one of the greatest friends that I have ever had; there is something that I want to discuss with you urgently. I want your advice on a start-up business that I am starting just now. You might be busy, but whenever you get some time, just let me know, and we can talk about it over some drinks.

-It’s been quite some time since all of us have gathered in a single place, so I am thinking of arranging a meet-up for all of our friends. And I want you to be there also; it’s been months since I have seen your faces. Let’s meet over some drinks and takeouts, and enjoy to our hearts’ content once again.

-Man, you have practically become a stranger to all of us; I couldn’t find your contact number from any of our friends. Just contact any of us when you get some time; I have noted some of our contact numbers in the letter. Let’s have a nice chat someday; I have forgotten the way your voice used to sound.

-Hey, I just came to know that you are not feeling well these days; it feels strange talking to you like that after not being in contact for months, but still, I will be really glad you get well soon. Take better care of yourself from now on and try to manage a steady lifestyle. If you need any kind of help, just let me know.

-Mom, it feels as if it has been weeks since I last heard your voice; I am fine and well, but I still miss you a lot. If you need anything done or have any kind of problem, please contact me right away, it’ll never be a bother. In the end, I am just one call away.

-Dear Dad, I am sorry for talking aloud to you a few days ago like I did; I didn’t mean to, I was just frustrated, and I vented out on you because of that. I am sorry for yelling at the person who has been taking care of me for my whole life. I shouldn’t have done that, and for that, I sincerely apologize; please forgive me.

-Baby, it’s been days since I talked to you, and even the talk we had last time did not go too well. I know that you are angry at me, but I want to talk to you; I miss you a lot; I just want to see you smiling once again. Please meet up; I need you.

-Hey, I just found a perfect course that will be better suited for a person like you; it is one of the most recommended ones and also helps you get good job opportunities. I read it and the first person to come to my mind was you; I was a bit surprised reading this. I want you to make full use of this opportunity and do something that will turn out to be more resourceful for your career.

-I heard this song over the radio, and at the same time, I remembered a friend of mine whom I had not contacted for a while, and it is you. We haven’t talked much since we graduated from high school, and I couldn’t even find you in any of our friend circles. I am still in contact with most of my friends, and if you want to meet with any of them, then I can introduce you whenever you want.

-I am sorry for not contacting you for a while, and even now, I did it for some selfish reason of mine. Business is not something that I am good at and know very well, but due to certain circumstances, I am in urgent need of your supervision. You are someone well-versed in that stream, and I want you to help me; this isn’t mandatory, but I will be really glad if you are somehow able to help.

-I was just going through our old high school album, and I saw you in one of the pictures; it took me quite some time to get your address to forward this letter to. We weren’t really good friends in school, but I want to give it a shot now; if you want to get together anywhere, so something like that, then I will be really happy to join you. Let’s have some drinks for the first time together.

-Hey, a few days ago, I saw our high school photo album and realized that there are a large number of friends that we have completely lost our contact with, and I thought of arranging a get-together for all of us. Let’s meet again and relive the pleasant memories of the past one more time. Also, forward this message to any other friend that you are in contact with so that they can be there too.

-Hey girl, I am the guy who used to be your best friend in college; it’s quite unfortunate that we lost touch somewhere in between. I just found your address by chance and thought of just contacting you; I thought it was a good opportunity to reinstate contact and be friends once again. So, if you want to, let’s have drinks together someday.

-Dear cousin, we have barely contacted one another since last year. I am getting transferred to the same university you are studying in right now. I will be there next month, so let’s meet up whenever you get free time.

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