55+ Open When We Met First Anniversary Letter

This is a really important and memorable moment when you meet a person who will someday mean everything to you. This moment leaves a long-lasting impression on others. We live with them, we trust them, and they become a habit, one of those that can never be changed. For years, this has been the point that makes life matter.

Open When It’s The Anniversary Of When We Met First Letter Ideas

Letters for Girlfriend

-“How can a person be this much beautiful?”, this is what you made me think when I met you for the first time. You were so beautiful, unlike anyone else, you made me want to cherish you for the rest of my life, and that is exactly what I intend to do. 

-I want to make you see the things that I and everyone else see in you, your perfection, your talent, your virtues and the kindness that resides in your eyes.

-I never knew that someday you would mean everything to me. You were once only a stranger that a fateful encounter had made me meet, and now I desire nothing else more than you. 

-I want to spend the rest of my life telling you exactly what you mean to me, but even now, I can’t figure out where to start from.

-I was just one of those thousands of faces; you are the one who makes me mean something. You are beautiful, and you have always been, you are flawless, and you always made me wonder exactly what you saw in me. 

-I am no one, I am not talented in any field, I am not capable of running multinational companies, I won’t say I am perfectly fit either, yet you make me matter.

-The day I met you was the best day of my life, and the memories of you on that day make this world matter to me. I was just some random boy, working part-time jobs, paying bills, renting apartments, living a useless life in a colorless world, and you filled it with colors. 

-You make me see the beauty of this world, you introduce me to the millions of possibilities that I might be fated with, you make me “me.”

-You made me forget everything, the instant I saw you, I knew for sure that you are someone who will be priceless to me. And so have you been; you had supported me when I was at my worst, you helped me when I needed it, you were always right there. 

-You are the person that has been the dearest to me and will always be; you help me in the circumstances in which I can’t rely on even myself.

-You have taught me the things a school can never do; you have taught me to believe, to see, to feel, and to live in the light. You have been my light, my belief to have faith in goodness, to move forward even in difficulties, to trust in others. 

-The feelings that my foolish heart holds for you are so discrete; these amaze me, drive me crazy, yet these are my feelings for you, and the most important one is my love for you.

-Remember when we first met? It was like a freaking disaster, and we fought over some foolish misunderstanding the very first time we met. I felt so irresponsible for no reason in particular, but never in my wildest nightmares had I thought that the disaster would turn out to be such a fateful encounter. 

-I met you, and I know that every moment that I spend with you will be one of the most precious ones in my life.

Letters for Boyfriend

-You broke my guard down, you made me feel secure, made me feel like I mattered; what else could I ever ask for? You helped me, healed me when I thought that I was beyond repair; you have been someone special to me from that moment on.

-You accepted me the way I was, with my flaws, with my troublesome personality, with my attitude. 

-You never wanted me to change, you made me feel as if those flaws of mine were my greatest virtue for you, and maybe they were. But, nothing can ever be more precious to me than you are; you have stayed by me; how would I ever let you go?

-It was so ephemeral, the moment we met, we didn’t talk, we didn’t know each other, and yet we fell in love. It feels as if we were bound by destiny, bound to meet and fall in love, and exactly that has happened. 

-I want nothing more than to live with you, protect you, and cherish you for the rest of my life.

-I had never seen you before; I am pretty sure I didn’t know your name either; even then, why does it feel like I have known you for most of my life? You felt so much familiar, like a distant yet precious memory; your behavior was so predictable, it made me feel like we knew each other for a long time. That familiarity makes me fall for you all over again.

-My feelings for you are so chaotic; you are my pain, you break me, you keep me alive. My desire to be loved by you reigns over every other emotion of mine, and I am sure that I would never want anything more than that; this is how much I love you. 

-I was scared of love, or maybe I just didn’t have it in myself to open up in front of others, but you have always helped me, given me more than what I deserve. 

-You are more than what I expected you to be; you are such a good person, you supported me even when others opposed us, you entrusted me with your own decisions. I have never been a choice to you; I have been your utmost priority; that is what I pride myself over.

-We bonded together over our choices and experiences; it was a wonder in itself that we shared so many things and habits. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I fell in love with you; we had so many things in common; it helped us understand each other and made us more acceptable to others’ needs.

Letters for Husband

-You are someone who makes me feel safe, the major part of my life that guides me even in the darkest of times. I was so insecure, always keeping my head down, no confidence, no friends, so much reserved; you were the one who helped me open up to myself and others. 

-You restored my faith in myself, you taught me the way to live my life, and you have been my support for most of my life.

-I, who once never believed in myself, you have made me believe in love. I didn’t know how to entrust my secrets, my feelings and myself to others, and then you came; you helped me without me asking, you believed. Supported me when I was weak, helped me up when I fell, picked me up when I broke down, you taught me the meaning of love.

-You make me crave for your touch, and you have been doing this since the very first moment we met. I want to feel your touch; I want to be looked at as if I am someone special to you; this makes me desire you, and you drive me insane.

-The way you look at me makes me feel like I matter; it is my assurance that I will always have a home. When you look at me, it makes me feel that I am worthy of someone’s love, I can be special to someone, I can help someone in every step of his life, and I want you to be that someone. 

-You express your love for me is the most blissful moment of the day for me.

-For showing me the beauty of this world, the wonders it holds and you, who has been my world for years now, I am grateful to you. You led me in through the darkness into the light; you brought me out of my insecurities, my reservations, my failures and taught me to live again. 

-You introduced me to the world of new opportunities, experiences and people that I could aim towards or rely on.

-Some things are just meant to be, maybe making if us is one of those; you make me feel like I have never felt before. You drive out the uniqueness in me; you enlighten and motivate me, encourage me to surpass my limits and bounds. 

-We as a couple feel so compatible, like we are just destined to be one; this feeling is unknown to me, but I want to explore its wonders with you.

-Thank you for listening to me every time I vented my heart out in front of you; it made you feel so reliable to me. You have always been someone that I could always depend on, you have always been there to help me, and I know that you will always be there even without me asking.

Letters for Wife

-When I first met you, I never thought that we would be destined to share a future like this one. So many years of memories we have shared, precious moments of years, we have shared our dreams and visions, and yet we have not been able to express everything that we bear in our hearts. Such is the depth of our feelings for each other; this is the extent of my love for you.

-I couldn’t have thought even in my wildest dream that we would end up like this; so many shared memories and the life that we found in those. We helped each other when one was down; we opened up our hearts to each other, we have relied on each other. 

-We never lose faith in each other; such is our integrity, such is our belief in each other.

-You were once just a chance encounter, and now you have become someone that I have always dreamed of. I never expected to meet someone I would ever fall in love with; maybe I was scared, or I just did not want to depend on others until I met you. 

-You seemed so strong-willed, dependable when I met you first; I didn’t want to hold myself back from expressing my feelings; this is how much you helped me.

-We have come such a long way since we first met. We didn’t even know each other’s last name, but we opened up to each other, we shared our fears, we discussed our dreams and strongest desires; we depended on each other, and even now, we haven’t given up on each other. 

-We have overcome problems together, and I want us to keep moving on the same path of self-recognition and understanding.

-You are my courage and the reason for my happiness; you had stayed by my side every moment when our love and loyalty were tested. There have been moments in my life when I have wanted to break down and quit, but you have always helped me up and always encouraged me to move forward. 

-You have been my greatest admirer, supporter and criticizer; you always try to help me move further up, and I love you for that.

-I remember the way you were smiling when we met for the first time; you seemed so carefree and happy; I want to keep you as happy as that for the rest of your life. 

-I want to present you with everything that makes you happy, and I want nothing more than to protect that smile of yours. I intend to do everything in my power to keep you happy and smiling and protect you, even from myself.

-Let me look at you, we have aged a bit, but your smile reminds me of the first time we ever met, you looked so beautiful, and you have always been like that to me. Even now, it would be wrong to say that you have aged, you have just become more mature, and that only adds up to your charm.

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