65+ Open When It’s A Week After You’ve Been Gone Letter Ideas

It has been a week since you’ve been gone, and I will miss you soon. I just can not think of not being by your side; even that thought alone is driving me crazy. I am waiting for you to come back to my side once again. Here are letter ideas for your partner who has gone afar, and it has been a week. 

Open When It’s A Week After You’ve Been Gone Letter Ideas

Letters For Boyfriend

-It hasn’t been that long since you have been gone, but still, I look for you when you are not around. I try to find you, want to feel your soothing touch, and be one with you once again. 

-The memories that I have shared with you come like a storm on the doorstep of my mind and overwhelm me. Without you here, I have no idea how I am going to deal with all this.

-Instead of missing you, I would have loved it very much if you were here by my side kissing me right now. With only you on my mind, I want to be with no one but you.

-The time that I spend with you does not matter at all; it just passes away in a few moments. But when you are gone, every single second feels as if an eternity has gone by since I last saw you.

-I miss you more than anytime else when I have to wake up in my bed without you by my side. That is the moment when I feel the loneliest, it is like I don’t have you with me anymore to protect myself.

-I have lost count of the number of times that I miss you every day, and believe me it is much more than what you would expect. The feeling of loneliness completely overwhelmed me, and all I am left asking for is your touch.

-I try to be strong, I try to keep myself together and take care of myself on my own, but I always end up missing you in the end. However hard I try, I can never be strong enough not to need you.

-You make me feel more powerful than anything else, when I look in your eyes and see the way you look at me, it makes me feel desired. It makes me feel that even I matter to someone in this world.

-I miss you because I love you, and there can never be a moment when you are not with me, and I don’t miss you. This is the way of my heart reminding me that it loves you.

-There are not enough words in literature to help me express how exactly I feel for you. And, no words can tell how much I miss you when you are not here by my side, that is something only my heart knows.

-You love me, you take care of me, you make me happy, so how can I not miss someone as good as you. I too love you, more than anything else in this entire world, you are the most precious person to me.

-I keep waiting for the day when you will be standing here right in front of me, and I won’t have to miss you again. When you are away from me, the feeling of being alone breaks my heart and soul.

Letters For Girlfriend

-Every dream that I have is of you, my desire to meet you again, it torments me by showing me those visions. You are all I see when I dream, and when I wake up, yours is the only memory that I miss.

-I have never known the taste of loneliness, or more precisely, I just never paid any mind to it. But now, you are gone away from me, and my heart feels loneliness unlike anything felt before.

-I don’t know what else to do but I miss you when you are not here with me. Missing you is all that I can think of doing, your absence brings such loneliness to me, it makes me feel insecure like once again I am all alone.

-I feel empty without you like you took a part of my heart with you when you went away. Now, I have no idea how to be what I was once before, I can’t be that person unless I am with you.

-You have no idea how much I miss you, it is something that only my heart knows, or maybe yours knows too. Ask it the number of times I have yearned for you, and the only answer you will get will be ‘so many.

-I am not myself when I am not with you, without you it feels as if I have lost a part of myself. I can’t wait to be full once again, the joy of wanting to be with you, fills my heart right up.

-I try so freaking hard not to miss you, but you always continue to be there inside my head. Now, I have even given up on the thoughts of getting you out of there, you are just supposed to be there.

-There is never even a single second when I do not think of you while you are away. Every moment, each second of my life, and my entire existence, it all is dedicated solely to you.

-I want to hug you, I want to talk to you, I just want you here with me. I don’t wish for anything else but you, for you are all that I need; come back as soon as possible.

-I don’t know what else to do but think of you, you are the greatest thing that has happened to me in my whole life. All I can keep doing is think of you, there is nothing else to do.

-The laugh that delights my heart and soul like the nectar of God, I miss it. Your eyes show that you care for me, there is no way that I can live without missing you.

-My love for you just keeps on increasing, it is not bound by anything, and nothing can bind it. The time that I spend away from you, makes me fall for you harder and harder, and with time, you become everything that stays on my mind.

Letters For Husband

-I am not able to tell this to others, I don’t know how exactly to put this in words, but I miss you, and I do this a lot. I try hard not to let this show, but on the inside, I miss you like crazy.

-Missing you when you are away is the most normal feeling to have. It reminds me of how much you mean to me, and it lets me off the strength of the love that I bear in my heart for you.

-You have no idea how broken I feel when you are not here with me. My heart feels all the pain in the mind, every moment you choose to stay away from me, and if you want to know about it, just put your hand on it.

-The sweet memories of the time that we have spent together, those memories help me more than what you are likely to believe. These are like a medication to my sickness, these keep me sane.

-My heart is always with you, no matter what. And when you are not here with me, it is like I do not feel anything, I feel no happiness or joy, all the good feelings are reserved for the time that I spend with you.

-I think that someone missing you is a good thing, it significantly states that you matter to people around you, and they respect you for that. You are lucky, and someone worthy of being missed.

-My heart feels as empty as a room without even a single piece of furniture in it. It leaves all the space just for imagination, making you continuously reminded of the emptiness that you are feeling right now.

-I crave for you in ways that I could have never thought of being possible, falling for you was unexpected. And now that I am away from you, all that I can think of is being with you. 

-I know that you might be missing me too, but still, the loneliness that I feel right now is something that I can’t make you understand. Even between us, I am the only one who is left alone, when you are the one to seek out your happiness.

-Just because you are gone does not mean that my love for you has been reduced even a single bit. The warmth that I feel in my heart every time I think of you is proof of my love for you.

-Without you here by my side, everything just seems to be lost, nothing is like what it used to be when you were here. When you are not here with me, nothing feels the same, it just feels like everything is wrong.

-It is unimaginable for me to even think of the time when I do not miss you, you are so much special to me that even the thought of being without you, renders me motionless. There can never be a time when I stop missing you.

Letters For Wife

-It hurts to be alone, it hurts you to be away from the person that you love the most in this world. That feeling is pure despair, it frustrates you, and hurts you more than you could have believed it to.

-I might have a million things to think over, but still, you always continue to be all over my mind. It is not like I can stop thinking about you, missing you is all that I can do when you are not near me.

-I miss the way we used to open up to each other, no matter what the problem, we dealt with that problem as one. I miss those moments, it truly felt like you could just tell what was on my mind with a look.

-Looking at you, feeling your touch, and talking to you, that is what makes me feel alive. Otherwise, the distance between us is already killing me, the hope of seeing you again is what is keeping me alive.

-Every love song that I listen to reminds me of you, it leaves me yearning for your touch, making me want to have a happily ever after. It makes me want you to be here to listen to that same song.

-Everything without you just seems so empty, you have left a hole in my world that no one else but you can fill. And for exactly that I want you here, I want you here to help me like you always have.

-I miss you a bit too much, a whole lot of time, and for maybe a complete day. My desire to be with you keeps on growing, I want to be with you more and more, and just like this, my love for you keeps on increasing.

-I might not be able to see you right now, but it does not mean that you are out of my mind too. You are someone that I can never give up on, you have always been there helping me even in the worst of times, I could never give up on you.

-I envy the people who can be close to people who are dear to them, and for some reason, I can not have that, and I hate this. I too want to be with you, I want us to be happy like we once used to be, and for that, I want you here with me.

-I have never missed someone as much as I miss you, you are someone that is always on my mind, and I always need you right there. I miss you so much that the thought of never seeing you again hurts.

-My world without you in it is not something that I would ever want. I never want to get over the feelings that I have in my heart for you, I want to live my whole life with them, I have no reason to give up on those.

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