60+ Open When You’re On Your Way Again After We’ve Seen Each Other Letter Ideas

Sweet meetings come to an end. If your loved ones and you live separately on account of work or studies, and you meet after a long time, it is obvious for you to feel sad when the meeting ends. Send cute “open when letters” to your loved ones once they have started their journey back after meeting you.

Open When You’re On Your Way Again After We’ve Seen Each Other Letter Ideas

Letters For Boyfriend

-The time we have spent together has been memorable; we have made many memories together. But now, you are returning again, and I don’t think I can endure that pain. It is only hope that is keeping me alive right now, the hope of seeing you again.

-It is not easy to be able to say goodbye; you need to have a really strong heart to be able to do this. Especially when all you want to do is stay, you are going away from the person that comforts you more than anyone else.

-There is nothing constant in your life, it in itself is ever-changing, and that is what makes it interesting to live. The person you find your happiness is, their priorities too will change, you must be strong enough to deal with it.

-Some things are meant to come to an end if new things are to begin, just like how our time together has come to an end now. But that does not mean that the meaning behind our feelings is lost; I still love you.

-Nothing is definite in this life, but I for sure hope that we meet each other again, or this will be too much trouble for me. Whether we will meet again or not, it might be our destiny, but it is my belief too.

-Leaving someone you are in love with can never be easy; this is the hardest thing a person can do. But still, we are forced to separate, for life’s not always rainbows and butterflies. It’s as twisted as a storm too.

-With each goodbye, a new journey begins for you at that very point, but you must have the strength necessary to initiate the action. If you choose to be a coward and do not want to take a step forward, then it is not meant for you.

Letters For Girlfriend

-Goodbyes make you realize the importance of things that you are going through to lose, and this burden is not something that can be carried alone. This is the time when you think about what you have gained or lost and what you want to seek.

-Goodbye is a hard decision, but it does not mean that it is wrong; many good things in life start only with a goodbye. This can be a new beginning for you, the beginning of the life that you have worked hard for.

-Just because we are parting ways does not mean that the feelings between us are lost; I still love just as much as I did back then. And I am happy that I fell in love with you; you have given me memories that I can cherish for the rest of my life.

-The fear of having to go away from someone that you love dearly, it is not something that can be taken lightly. Or this wrong decision will make you question every single choice that you have made till now.

-You have no idea what you want to tell me; the thought of having to go away again is too overwhelming for you. But do not worry about it that much, we will make it work as we have till now, this is no problem for us.

-You could not express the sadness and sorrow that you felt for having to go away; all you could say was that you would see me again. And that is my only hope now, and that is the very reason for my existence for the time being.

Letters For Friend

-All the good memories we have shared till now, and the sadness that is yet to come, through all of this, you have stayed by my side. You are going away, and I know that it is important to you; I hope I see you again soon.

-You have brought happiness to my life, you make everything enjoyable for you, and that makes me stronger. I can’t stop you now, for I know that wherever you will go, you will spread the same happiness among others.

-It feels like we haven’t spent any time together at all; all these days have gone by only in the blink of an eye. It never felt like I was having any problem when you were with me, but still, thank you for giving me such good memories.

-I am going to miss you much when you are gone, for there is no one else around here who can replace you. With all the happy memories we have made till now, I won’t be able to relive these with you.

-I do not know what to think about it; it is not like I can talk about the friendship we have shared with anyone else. The trust and bond that we have made between each other, no one else can ever replace that.

-I am going to miss you a lot, but at the same time, I hope that you will make up for all the time that is lost when you come back. When you return the next time, I will not let you get away from me.

Letters For Partner

-We were so happy when you came back, we celebrated a lot and enjoyed every last second of your break. It brings me sadness having to see you go back again, but know that my love for you will never decrease.

-We are destined to be together; we have faced so many problems, we have surpassed all the hardships that came our way. Our story has not ended yet, and till that is over, we will continue to be together no matter what.

-As long as we know about the feelings that we bear in our hearts for each other, no matter how long the distance is, it will never be able to separate us. Our bond will never weaken in the face of any problem, such as the strength of our love.

-All that I want to do is love you, and no distance can stop me from doing that, for I am already at the place where I want to be. Everything that I have longed for, I received it all from you; I don’t need anything else.

-I hope that the rest of your journey will be enjoyable and meaningful for you, and you will be able to obtain what you have worked hard for. You just have to be strong till then, and whenever you face any problems, you can always rely on me.

-To reciprocate my feelings for you, you too have loved me, and there is nothing greater to me than that. This has been a tremendous achievement for me; I have been able to gain what I have always yearned for, a person who will always love me.

Letters For Parents

-When something ends, that ending is not always sad or ugly; more times than that, it gives a start to a beautiful and meaningful beginning. These things are continuous, and this is how life progresses.

-You started over with us for only a week, but even that time was enough for me to relive all of my childhood memories. These days were the best of the last few years, and I want you to keep giving me such surprises.

-Your break has just ended, but this can be a new beginning to what you want in your life. If you choose to pursue something specific from this point onwards, you just might be able to make that into reality.

-I am thankful to you for everything that you have done for me till now and for what you will do for me in the future. I can’t find words to express all the gratitude that I feel for you; all I can do is wish for a lively future for you.

-Working with you even for this short while has been enjoyable; you have made the work that I used to run away from into something that I look forward to. I can tell that it won’t be like this when you are gone; this is no fun without you.

-It is time for you to move forward in your life too; you have spent enough time on me, you deserve some for yourself too. The time that you have made for yourself, you should use this to make your dreams into reality.

Letters For Children

-Saying goodbye to you is not easy at all; when you were here, it was like you had brought life to this entire house. Now, it will turn back to as colorless as it was without you in it; believe me, when I say it, this house is no home without you.

-Leaving your house can be a refreshing thing for you; now, you will be able to venture into the world that lies behind these walls. You will learn the things that are not taught in schools or read in books; you will learn to understand this society.

-It is harder than I imagined it to be; saying goodbye to you; I am going to miss you more than you can imagine. This is not something that I want, but knowing that you will come back after some time, this is my only hope.

-You have no idea how much I love you, even I came to understand that only when you are gone. Having to stay away from you is not easy for me; you are my family, someone whose childhood I have looked forward to, and now you are going away.

-Just because you are going away from me does not mean that I will ever stop caring about you; this is something that I can never do. We are bound by blood; this separation means nothing to us; I love you with my heart and soul.

-I have said goodbye to you many times, but my heart refuses to acknowledge that you are going away; it entirely denies this possibility. I do not want to be forced to have to live away from you; that will be torture for me.

Letters For Siblings

-Some bonds are not meant to be understood only in a single meeting, hellos and goodbyes are a part of your journey. We will meet again, and then we will be able to understand each other better than we do right now.

-I do not know when or how to say goodbye to you; such words have never meant anything to us. It is not like we will never be able to see each other ever again; we are bound to meet again; it is not like we can live without each other.

-In such a short time, you have changed me to the extent that I can’t even believe it to be true. You bring out the very best in me, you inspire me and help me to move forward in my life, and I want to be someone you will look up to.

-I have been hanging onto your every word ever since you came back. It had been so long since we last saw each other. And now you are going back again; when you will go back, things will not be as they are right now.

-We used to quarrel a lot when we were younger, but even then, we knew the importance of having a brother by your side. And, now that we have grown up, this is not something that can be forgotten that easily; our goodbyes are always complicated.

-I am going to say goodbye to you, not because I want you to go away, but because I want you to come back soon. Even after that time has passed, my sibling love for you will never lessen; it will always be stronger than last time.

Letters For Grandparents

-I always thought that I was stronger than what I believed to be, but here I am, not even able to say goodbye to you. This is the hardest thing to do for me right now, and I can’t even think of accomplishing it.

-There are no goodbyes for us; I will never be strong enough to part myself away from you; wherever you are, I will always be there with you. I can’t make up my heart to leave you, not after remembering the memories that we have made till now.

-I will not say goodbye to you, for we are going to meet again someday, and that day will come very soon. We are going to meet at the least expected moment, and that is when you will realize that we are meant to be together.

-Just because I am saying goodbye doesn’t mean that I will forget about you; that is not something I will be able to do even if I want to. I have spent years of my childhood with you; there is no way that I can forget that part of my life.

-Goodbyes are sad, but these mark the start of a new journey, a journey full of hope and happiness. I wish to venture these new paths with you, and more than distance, it is the time that we have shared that matters.

-The pain of having to say goodbye to you is something that I will be able to endure for now because I know that I will experience the joy of meeting you again. It might not be precisely planned but, we definitely will meet again.

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