65+ Open when You Are on Your Way to Visit Me Letters

Sending letters to notify your friends or family members in itself is an exciting thing. The excitement and anticipation of wanting to meet them, and sometimes just surprising them, brings joy unlike anything else. 

Open when You Are on Your Way to Visit Me Letters

Writing a letter to those you know, those who are with you, and those who are left behind, nothing can be more enjoyable and heartwarming than that.

Letters For Friend

-Hey, it’s been a long time since we last saw each other, that’s why I am coming to your city in a few days. We should have some serious fun together, considering that we haven’t done anything special recently. I will make sure to give you a call before I come over; you can join me whenever you want.

-I urgently needed a bit of your help, and because of that, I am coming to you next week. I had some business to attend to in the neighboring town and thought that I should visit you for a while since I am going all the way there. I want your help if you can manage it, if not we will try something else for fun.

-I recently got a break from office work, and I am thinking of spending this free time with you. You know exactly how stressful it gets at the office, and I want to get rid of some of that stress as soon as possible. I want to know if you would like to join me in the evening for a few hours.

-You remember the time when we got drunk at that party in Lexis High? Let’s have a party like that once again. As you already know, we both are in the same city, so why bother with formalities. Let me fix it for once and all; I am coming over to your apartment with some hard drinks, and we are going to get ourselves crazy drunk.

Letters for Girlfriend

-Hey, I miss you so much, since it’s been over a whole month since we last met. It is just a possibility, but I might be able to get a whole week off this month-end, as I wouldn’t have any office work those days; I want to spend that whole week with you. You have recently moved to a new place, so I want to see that place too so that I can get familiar with it.

-I just came to know that you are having some problems at the place you live, you are a really special person to me, and I will help you every time I can. I will make some time for you as soon as I can and will come to visit you by this weekend. If we can solve the problem, then it’s good, if not then you can live in my apartment for a few weeks.

-Hey, I miss the way your body feels pressed against mine, I miss your soft touch, I miss having your hands in mine, and miss that intriguing look on your face when you look at me. It has become unbearable to keep my distance from you anymore, and I want to see you as soon as possible. So, I just want to let you know that as soon as I get a break, I am coming to visit you whenever it might be.

-I’m moving over to your city next year, of course, it is because of some official business. But I want you to know as there are only a few months left, before that, I want your help in looking for some good apartments. In the meantime, I want to spend as much time with you as possible, and for that, I am coming to visit you the day after tomorrow.

Letters for Boyfriend

-Baby, I want to meet you so badly, you have been away from me for so long, and because of your busy schedule, we can’t talk properly. I want to see you whenever possible and have a long conversation with you, free of any disturbances. So, can I come to your place this weekend?

-I’m having some problems being with you; I can’t just tell you like this since our relationship might take a wrong turn. But I know for sure that you will understand me completely, so I want to talk it out with you as soon as possible. I’m coming over to your place this Sunday; please make free time for me so that we can converse properly.

-Hey, it’s your birthday coming in just a few days; I want to throw a grand party on that day for you, so I will be making use of your place for a few days. I will also be inviting a few friends of yours, so do not try to be too hard-headed with them.

-I just came to know that you might be able to get a break from your military service next month; I want to know if I can visit you in that period? It’s truly been a long time since we have seen each other, and besides, I want to meet your family also. So, you better not chicken out and properly introduce me to your parents as your girlfriend.

Letters for Partner

-Hey, I just heard that you have moved to a new place; I am looking for a new place. I’m not that good with real-estate things, so I want your help in that matter. I am paying a visit to a few friends who live in the same city; I will be grateful if you can make some free time for me.

-I got a couple of good golf clubs, and I want to test them out; I also know that you are a really good golfer. I want to try playing a few swings with you, and for that, I am coming over to your place this weekend. It won’t be any further issue, as you go to the golf course every Sunday.

-I know that you are good at accounting, and I want your help in exactly that matter. I’m having some problems in my management work because of this, and want to know if you can help me with this. If you can, then I can come over to your place whenever you want. 

-It’s been a few days since we saw each other’s faces, and we both have got some free time this week. I want to meet you in some bar and have a few drinks with you. Office work these days is too stressful for my liking, so let’s get a bit drunk this Friday.

Letters for Parents

-Mom, I just came to know that you are having some health problems for a few days now; I am really worried about you. I am coming over to see you, and if I have to, I will take a break from my work. You take care of all of us; you should take better care of yourself too.

-I just heard that you are having some problems with your business work, dad. I have a bit of free time at the end of this month, and I am coming home anyway, so I can help you with that work. Till then, manage just the work that is easy to do; the rest we both will take care of.

-Hey, I am going to be late this thanksgiving, but I am coming there for sure. I have not been home for a while, and it’s not every day that our family gets together for a whole weekend. I can not afford to miss that day for anything; please wait for me till I arrive for the gift exchange.

-I just got a break from office work for a few days, and I want to come home for this whole time. You know very well how stressful it gets at the office, and I think relaxing at home will mean enough change of air. If you need any kind of help, you can ask me whenever you want.

Letters for Children

-Hey, we just got a call from your teachers saying that you are causing a lot of problems for them as well as your classmates. As your elders, we do not promote this kind of behavior for you. However, a little bit of mischief is always fine; just do not let it escalate to some serious trouble. And for that, we are coming to your hostel to have some time with you.

-The birthday of both of you twins is approaching quite readily, and on that occasion, we both are taking some time off from our work to spend more time with you. This time, we are also planning a small trip for all of us, not too grand but it for sure will be enjoyable. In the meantime, take good care of each other, and just wait for your awesome gifts.

-We came to know that you are having some troubles moving to your rooms as you are going to university now. If you want some help, we can arrange that for you quite readily; we are also coming to visit you for a few days to see the place you have moved to.

-Kids these days know nothing; you have started going to a university, and yet you do not even know the definition of having fun. You should get drunk, have a girlfriend, break the rules, and act like outlaws at your age. These days are not going to come back once they pass on, and to help you understand that, I am coming to visit you this Sunday.

Letters for Siblings

-Hey, I just came to know that you have started a small business of your own; I have been thinking of doing the same for quite a while now. I want you to help me understand the ropes of this so that I, too, can work hard for myself. Can I come over to your place next week, so that you can help me?

-Congratulations, man; dad just told me that you proposed to your girlfriend, and she said yes. Both the families are making preparations for your wedding; on the contrary, you didn’t tell me that you even had a girlfriend. I am visiting you next month, I am going to beat some sense into you, and you better keep in your mind to throw a bachelor party for our friends.

-I just heard that you had gotten yourself in an accident recently; you should take precautions when you are on the road. You are even hospitalized; you have no idea how much-worried mom and dad are about you. We are coming to visit you the day after tomorrow, take care of yourself till then.

-You are moving to a new place, and that too is very distant from your last one. I am coming to help you move to your new place in a few days, so do not try to take care of all the heavy stuff on your own, or you will get a sprain or something. You better keep in mind to stay in constant touch.

Letters for Grandparents

-Your health is regressing again, and you didn’t even tell us; all of a sudden, you have gotten us worried, especially mom and dad. They want to see you as soon as possible; we are going to get there by this Friday. Till then take care of yourself, when we reach there, leave everything to us and just relax.

-Dad told me that you are having some problems with house repairs; I think I will be able to help you with that. I am coming there any way in a few days for some office work, giving you a hand will be no problem. Also, I will be able to spend a bit more time with both of you.

-Hey, mom just told me that both of you are thinking of moving to an old-age home even when they asked you to move with us. They are really worried about both of you for being alone and that I am coming to help you move in a few days; you do not need to do anything, just let me do everything I can to help you.

-I am moving to your locality because of some office work, so I wanted to know if I could stay with you for a few days. Besides, I will be of great help to both of you and will try to he’ll you in every way I can.

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