65+ Open When You Can’t Sleep Letters

One of the favorite things in a couple’s relationship is open when letters. Writing a note when you can’t sleep means that you want to assure your partner that something was wrong, but everything is under control now, or everything will be ok soon.

With this letter, you have to ensure that your partner becomes assured. Here are some examples of notes you can not sleep on that you can write to your partner.

Here are Open when you can’t sleep letters

Letters for boyfriend

  • Hey, this is to let you know that everything was not alright in my house since morning. But now everything is ok. Do not be worried. I am ok, and everything will become as it was from tomorrow morning again.
  • Hey love, I know you are very much worried about my result that is about to be declared tomorrow. But I am assuring you that it will be good because I have worked very hard though I was not well during the exams. 
  • Dear love, I do not know what will happen when my results come out tomorrow. But I am telling you it won’t be very bad. So nothing to worry about much. I will handle everything that will happen in the house.
  • Dear, I know my family is going through a rough phase. But I want you to be assured that I am strong enough to handle everything in this tough situation. And I promise you that I will be there with my family until this phase is over.

Letters for Girlfriend

  • My love, I know that you get worried when something happens to me. I am sick now. But I want to tell you through this letter that I am feeling better now. And the doctor has told me everything will be fine by tomorrow. So no need to worry.
  • My dear, you care about my family very much. And it is natural that when we are in a financial problem, we will get worried. But I need to tell you that our problems will be over soon as we have gathered money from our relatives.
  • Dearest love, as you know that my father was admitted to the hospital for heart surgery. But the good news is that the surgery was successful, and he is alright now. The doctor has told me that my father will be discharged from the hospital after ten days.
  • Dear love, you know that my results this year are very bad. And there was a big fight between my father and me because of this. But then I realized my problem and said sorry to him. I have also promised him that I will study very hard from tomorrow and will come up with good results.
  • I know you are worried because I am not getting admission to any of the colleges till now. But I finally found a college. I am going to get admitted tomorrow. And they have said that the class will begin very soon.

Letters for partner

  • You are in big tension as my job is gone. But I am giving a lot of interviews. And I got good responses from some of them. So I hope to find a job very soon. Do not be in tension, and have faith in me. I assure you that I will get a good job soon. 
  • We both are worried about whether my parents will take our relationship positively or not. But I want to say something to you that, as far as I know, my parents value my opinion very much and I love you and want you to be my partner so they might permit us to get married.
  • You are worried that your exams and your brother’s marriage date may coincide. But do not get worried. You will get ample amount of time before your exams to study. And if the dates coincide, then also it will not affect your exams.
  • Everyone goes through bad times in their lives at least once. And we are going through such a time right now as my grandfather passed away last week. We all were fond of him very much. Everyone is sad in my house. But bad times are followed by good times. So dear, do not think about it much.
  • Dear, don’t be worried about what you hear on the news. The news channels often exaggerate things and show them to get more attention from the public. Our job exams will be conducted this year, and there is absolutely no doubt about it. And we are going to get a job by the end of this year.

Letters for friends

  • Dear, I have promised myself that I will start earning money no matter what difficulties I face. The financial condition of my family is very bad. We are going through a very hard time. I have to stand beside my family now. And I know that I have the strength to do it.
  • You have always been my strength in tough times. You taught me how to face difficult times. Then how can you get worried now? Yes, there is a problem with my family. But that is not so big that I can not face it. I am telling you this will not last long and everything will be the same as before soon.
  • I want to let you know that after the accident that I faced last week, my condition is getting better. My wounds are healing very fast. I am writing this to you to make sure that you are aware that I am mentally strong. And the hospital will release me in the next week, and you can come to meet me then.
  • I know you are worried because I am going on a trip outside of my country. But I want to tell you that my friends will be there to look after me if anything happens to me. And I am old enough to take care of myself. I will keep you updated about everything.

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Letters for siblings

  • You might be worried about my future, but I want to assure you that I will do the best I can to get a good job. I am working hard on my speaking skills as I am a little bit weak in that area, and that is one of the most needed things in an interview. We will go to a party when I get my job.
  • I know we both are going through a rough phase in our lives. But I want to say to you that rough phases do not last long. And in the end, everything will be better again. We will hang out together again. We will party. And everything will be the same as it was before.
  • Our relationship is going through tough times. I behaved very rudely with you yesterday. I did not know the reason correctly and shouted at you. But as I know it now, I want to say sorry to you. And I will never leave you. I can’t live without you. I told that out of anger yesterday. Do not worry.
  • I know something is wrong with you. I can understand that because for the last few days, I can see that you are not eating much, have not talked to anyone, and even ignored me. Though you are saying nothing has happened, I can sense you are hiding something from me. Darling, I want to say that do not worry; whatever has happened, I am there with you. We will face everything together.

Letters for children

  • After the operation, I was not feeling well for many days. I was weak too. But I want to assure you now that I am recovering very fast. Day by day, I am getting back my strength. And your messages and your phone calls give me mental strength. Do not stop messaging or calling me. I love you from the bottom core of my heart. 
  • My parents are leaving home and going to my uncle’s house for a few days. I will be alone in the house. But do not worry, after two days my grandparents are coming to live with me. So I will not be alone then. They shall be there to look after me. I think I will have a good time with my grandparents.
  • You and my whole family were very tense about my job when the workers here went on strike. But I am writing to give you the good news that they have finally decided to return to work again as the authorities have granted all their needs. We are all in a happy environment now. Everything is becoming normal.
  • The environment in my office was not good for a few days, and my job was also in danger. This was the news I gave you last week. But now with a happy heart, I am writing that the new boss is even better than the previous one and he loves me very much as well. We were afraid because we had heard the wrong rumors about him. Now we all know that he is a good person.

Letters for grandparents

  • I assure you that my exam will be good tomorrow. As I have prepared, we’ll throughout the year. 
  • I didn’t get a college as of now. But I think I will get into college by next week. And I will get the admission by the end of this month. Do not worry much and have a good sleep.
  • My new boss is not as strict as we thought he would be. So everything is going well here. You need not worry much about me.
  • My company hasn’t increased my salary for the last three years. It was getting hard for me to survive like this. But now I think they might increase it.
  • I am going for my trial in the state cricket team tomorrow. And believe me, I am not at all nervous as I know that I have prepared well throughout the year for this.
  • My parents fought with me yesterday. And I had a very bad day. But now everything is getting better slowly and steadily. And I think everything will be alright soon.
  • I had a very rough phase in the last few days. But I hope bad times will be over soon. And good times are ahead of me.
  • Though my parents are not giving approval to my relationship now. I hope that they will give it soon. So no need to worry much.
  • I know my parents. When they scold me, they get hurt too. So they can’t remain angry with me for a long time. They will eventually talk to me.
  • My grandparents are still angry with me for the decision I took last month. But as far as I know, they will forgive me, and again we will have a good relationship.

Letters for parents

  • My grandparents don’t like my relationship as they want me to get married to someone else. But they love me very much and eventually they will accept my relationship for sure.
  • My love for my grandparents has no limits. But sometimes that misunderstands me. But this misunderstanding will not remain for long. So do not think much about it.
  • It will be decided tomorrow from which college I will graduate. But I hope that I will get into a good university because my results were good. So relax.
  • There are enough job opportunities in my country. I have not got a job till now, but that doesn’t mean I will not get one. I hope to get a good job soon as the interview that I gave last week was very good. 
  • The wounds I got from the accident last week are getting healed quickly. The doctor has assured me to discharge me soon. The medicines are working like magic.
  • I am getting fit very fast. And I hope to become fully fit before the national trials. So don’t get worried, everything will be ok till then.

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