40+ Open When You Don’t Feel Beautiful Letter

She is beautiful, and I say that not because her body arouses others but because I have known and seen the kind of person she truly is. She is beautiful, and she knows it; the way she carries herself with pride, with no hint of envy in her eyes, full of hope and kind; this is who she truly is. Let her know that she still is as beautiful as she once was.

Open When You Don’t Feel Beautiful Letter.

-The light shining in your eyes makes it burn brighter; don’t lose your heart and the beauty of your resolve over some problems. I believe in you and always will; I promise to be by your side whenever you feel low to help you however many times you need. Have more faith in me, just like you never gave up on me when I was at my worst; I will not give up on you either. 

-You do not need to cover up your pain, not from me; every part of you, every emotion you feel or express are equally beautiful and delightful to me. You are the one who I have looked up to even in my darkest hours, so do not think that I will be leaving you alone in your bad days. You do not need to suffer alone; from now on, I will be by your side to share all your sorrows.

-You don’t need to change anything about yourself just because someone tells you to; you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are. Your virtues, your flaws, they all make up the “you” that is real. If you change yourself just to suit someone else’s image of perfection, you will be the one that has completely lost.

-You are perfect and worth it; if he doesn’t see your actual beauty and value, then he is the one who is not worth it. You act like a complete airhead sometimes, but even that is something that makes you more pure and innocent, like a child full of curiosities and free of all sins.

-Everyone is beautiful in their way, and your soul is more kindred and beautiful than anyone else. The affection that you show to people despite who they are or how they have acted towards you in the past, you do not let their past impressions cloud your judgment. And that is one of the best things about you; that makes people fall for you; do not let anyone make you think that you are not beautiful.

-You can not be better than you already are; the kindness and love in your eyes make you different from everyone else. Your purity and peaceful atmosphere that you carry around yourself feels so alien to me, knowing that you are someone who I will never be able to reach. You are the epitome of perfection, your soul beautiful and bright, your eyes determined, and your unmovable resolve is enough to determine how beautiful you are.

-I am sorry, but I don’t think I can handle your foul behavior anymore. I feel as if I have lost everything; love is the most beautiful feeling I have ever had, but in the end, it has only brought me pain and suffering. Now, I feel empty, exhausted, and afraid like a child hiding from the dark. Your love made me feel beautiful; it has changed, and now the only thing I feel is disgust over myself.

-We have been together for years; in between, we have taken breaks, we fought, we tried to turn our backs on each other. My feelings for you have made me stupid; I laugh at myself, thinking of the limit to which I have lowered my self-esteem because of my love for you. You are like a drug that I have gotten myself addicted to; I want you that bad, but now even hearing your name from someone else breaks me.

-I am amazed and angry at myself for being so submissive to your desires and demands. I used to love it how you were possessive of me; it made me feel like there would always be this person standing by my side even in the worst times. You have shattered that dream and hope of mine, you left me without a second thought, and now it hurts, it hurts so much that I will never be able to become the same person as I was before.

-Once you were the person to who I could relate the most, I thought you were someone who would always understand my pain, the distress I have gone through till now. But you have become the greater pain of mine; who would have thought that loving someone and not being loved in return could hurt so bad? You broke me, and you have given up the right to be mine again, don’t make me hate myself anymore.

-You left me, and that made me question my sanity; I tried as hard as I could; I did everything in my power to make you look at me the same way I look at you. Then, why don’t you? Am I not good enough, am I not beautiful, or am I just not what you want; at least try telling me your flaws so that I can work on them.

-Did they tell you that you are not beautiful just because you can not fit into their standards for a person to be beautiful? You are beautiful and equally unique; no one can be like you, so do not give up on this uniqueness of yours. It’s not your color, your shape, size, or figures that make you beautiful; it is the beauty of your character and soul that matters.

-You do not think that you are beautiful enough; if it is that, then I will make you stand in front of a mirror and ask you what flaws you have, but you won’t be able to tell a single one. You are beautiful in your way; you have led your life yourself, so you do need to suit others’ ideas of beauty. Your confidence is your beauty, and the light in your eyes is the tiara that you should wear with pride.

-There is nothing wrong with me, so why am I so incapable of being loved; I try my best to make others like me; I try and try; why don’t people just get satisfied with what a person is like? How much more will I have to change myself? Does it even feel like I am losing myself into being someone that I am not?

-Don’t change yourself just because someone else wants you to be different from what you initially are; the person truly worthy of you will recognize your beauty. He will cherish you the way you are; you won’t be forced to change yourself or the way you live your life. Only the person who loves not our outer appearance or body, but your character and soul, is the one who can truly love you.

-I can watch you for hours and yet not get enough of your beautiful face; you are that beautiful. Your beautiful eyes sparkle with innocence and excitement; they lure me into their depth, an endless abyss I never want to get myself out of. Your natural beauty draws me in and makes me want to question if you are not the greatest creation of God.

-He made you cry and question your beauty, but let me ask you, who is he to question something that belongs entirely to you? You have grown up on your own; you have taken care of yourself, so why is he questioning you, and why are you changing because of him? Someone who can’t like you the way you are, I don’t think that he will ever be able to deserve you.

-You are my Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and perfection, and I can spend the rest of my life making you believe that. You are my image of perfection; I don’t want you to change. I love you the way you are, so never change, and even if you do, I am ready to accept everything. 

-You are like a beautiful flower that I want to spend the rest of my life cherishing and protecting. I want to protect you from everything, maybe even from myself, knowing that I am someone unworthy of you, and yet you love me as you do. What else can I ask for?

-You are the only one that matters to me, and you are beautiful in every way a person can be. You make my world light up just from your presence, and however selfish it might be, I want you to keep doing it for the rest of my life.

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