60+ Open When You Don’t Like to See in The Mirror Letters

There are always moments when we start to find faults in ourselves; we start resenting ourselves for one reason or another. In these moments, all we need is someone who can remind us who we are and help us progress in life. That is all a person needs to start over.

When You Don’t Like to See in The Mirror Letters

Letters For Boyfriend

-We are humans, and just like anyone else, we are used to seeing the worst possibilities for ourselves in the future, but that is not what you are. The person you see in the mirror is nothing compared to the actual version of yourself; you are better than him by a hundredfold.

-The person you are seeing in the mirror right now does not exist; there are not two of you. You are a single person, a unique person; no one can be the same as you, so you do not need to search for yourself in other things.

-You do not need to look in a mirror to know the kind of person you are; if looking at yourself hurts you in any way possible, then you do not even need to own one. You only need to work on yourself, and with that, you will be able to see yourself in the mirror just how you always wanted.

-The worst quality that a mirror possesses is to bring out the worst in ourselves; we are used to finding flaws in ourselves, and looking at ourselves only makes it worse. Ugly, fat, different, it does not matter at all; beauty only lies in the eyes.

-Standing in front of the mirror, you are the only one who has the right to speak, and that is in itself proof that you are the one who holds power. You can speak, you can change, you can improve; in a contest between you and mirror, you are the only one that holds power.

-Mirrors are deceiving; they don’t show what you are; they just show a dulled down reflection of yourself. A mirror can not show the hardships you have gone through, the sacrifices you have made, the hard you have done to reach here; a mirror is just monumental.

-You are unique, a single person of your kind; there can never be anyone else who is like you, so do not berate yourself. You have something no one else can have, so do not hide from yourself, or you will lose yourself in your contemplation.

-Mirrors have only been material and disposable; you are the furthest thing from all of that. You in yourself are the most precious possession that you can always bear with you; you can improve yourself, you can be whatever you want to be.

-No one in this world is capable of measuring your righteous strength or value; it all varies with how much you are willing to equate yourself to. The more love you bear in your heart for yourself, the stronger you will be, and so will be the respect of others for you.

-Mirrors tend to show us exactly what we do not like; we see in ourselves exactly what we have the most. Like this, we make up the most disadvantageous situations for ourselves if we choose to believe that; however much bad it might seem, the reality is the only place where you can improve.

Letters For Girlfriend

-It is too difficult to get out of the sight of someone that always stares right back at you whenever you look in the mirror; you always try to avoid that hateful version of yourself. When you keep believing in that, even if everyone thinks highly of you, you just won’t be able to do things the way you want.

-You hide away your insecurities and guilt only to see it staring at you whenever you look at a mirror; it is indeed true that you can not run away from yourself. You can not overcome your fears or make peace with your inner demons until you start believing in yourself.

-When you look in a mirror, I don’t think that you should be ashamed of what you see; the person you see in the mirror is not complete you. You are not just what you see in a mirror; you are much more than that; a mirror is not an account of success or failures.

-Do not be too reliant on mirrors; they eat away your confidence and self-worth; in the end, all that is left is an empty shell. If you keep believing in others and not in yourself, you will end up being left alone in the end; no one follows someone who can not even believe in himself.

-You are perfect just the way is; you do not need anyone to convey that to you; if someone wants to find the beauty in you, he/she is bound to look at you with only admiration. You can not change just because you do not like what you see in a stupid mirror; you are much more than just that.

-Believe in yourself; if you trust yourself enough to like what you see in your reflection, others too will admire that about you. This will not be temporary; you will not be forced to tolerate what you see in the mirror; it will become what you want it to be.

-You are your greatest criticizer; if you can make friends with yourself, you will not judge yourself anymore. You will be able to surpass your limits and progress forward towards your goal.

-Your improvement to become a better version of yourself only when you can make peace with yourself, unrest within yourself will only lead to setbacks in the future. You are the only person that can make or break yourself, and unlike whatever anyone else says, it is your own choice.

-You are a perfect creation of Almighty; nothing about you can ever be a mistake or a certain flaw; if you had any, He would not have bothered to make you. When everyone else around you is ready to believe in you, you do not need to belittle yourself.

-If you do not like what you see in the mirror, you need to bring changes to yourself, and these changes do not happen overnight. You work hard; you fail; you try again and keep repeating that until you succeed, this is how change is brought in life.

Letters For Husband

-When you look in the mirror, if you truly want to meet your eyes, then the only way to do that is by knowing yourself completely. By this, you will be able to accept your limits, fears, failures, and emotions, in a way will gain complete control over yourself, and know that you will be able to progress forward in life.

-We judge everything that we see even if we do not want to; when you look at yourself, if you see yourself as a confident, hard-working, and good-willing person, you will see yourself in light. When you become your judge and achieve what you want in a meaningful way, only from there your true journey begins.

-If you keep taking into account every flaw that you see in yourself whenever you look in a mirror, you will only remain confined to that mirror. Knowing and accepting your flaws is good, but you can not keep dwelling over that forever, or you won’t even know where to start from.

-You make assumptions of what people will like in you and what they will dislike; you keep thinking about yourself from another person’s perspective. But know that you do not need to please your whole society, if you can satisfy your mind, that will be good enough for you.

-Look within yourself; you are the only person that can best understand yourself, do not just look at your reflection; take a look at what lies underneath it. You are not just a shell of fears and failures; you have become what you are on your own; you have worked hard, see that in yourself.

-Be empathic with yourself, respect yeh hardships that you have gone through your entire life, the struggles you have endured, those are what have made you what you are today. Honor yourself, and if you do not respect yourself, others will not feel the need to either.

-Do not loathe yourself because of the mistakes that you have made in the past; you have made up enough for that since then. You will not be able to move forward in life if you keep hating yourself for what you were years ago; you have no idea how much you have improved ever since then.

-You need not lower your self-esteem when you look at yourself in the mirror; you should look at yourself with admiration and respect. I respect you for every feat that you have accomplished; you should be proud of yourself too.

-You do not need for anyone to approve or validate for you; as long as you know that you are on yeh right oath, you do not need to depend on others for every step of your life. Once decided, do not back down from what you have decided, or it will mean betrayal to yourself.

-Negativity is not contagious, but it does alter the way we think of things when under the negative influence; I think that the same has been happening to you. You are too isolated these days; you should start being open once again, be happy, interact with more people; this is how you will be able to improve your behavior towards yourself.

Letters For Wife

-You say that you are not as beautiful as you once were, but you’re still the very same to me. You are beautiful; you always have been; you are not getting old, you are growing mature, and I love that part of you.

-You need not hate yourself just because you have failed this once; you have made things happen that far surpass your level and yet have finely executed them. A few failures do not matter; you can always work over those mistakes.

-You are still the same as when I met you for yeh first time, you saying that you are gaining weight is only a lie, I know better about that. I might not know you for as long as you know yourself, but even I know that you are just the same.

-When you look in a mirror, you see a fragile woman staring at you; that is not true. I know that your softness belies the steel of your backbone and the strength of your conviction is beyond imaginable; you are not weak in any way.

-You don’t like yourself because you think that you are not worthy of me, but in reality, I am the one who does not deserve you, seeing how perfect you are. You are the epitome of perfection; you are beautiful, strong, hard-working; there is nothing else I could have ever asked for.

-You are more than enough; you are more perfect than I could have ever asked for; you have far surpassed all of my expectations. You are all that I need in every aspect, and I need you to be by my side for the rest of my life.

-You do not have to prove yourself to everyone around you, not when you already know how much you are worth to me. You have done many things for me; you have supported me throughout my life, grabbed my hand, and led me when I went down the wrong path.

-You want to do something for yourself on your own, but you have lost yeh confidence to do everything alone after many years of married life. But, do not fear; I will continue to be with you in every step of your life, through every problem or struggle, just like you have been for me.

-Do not let other people decide what you want for yourself; they can not dictate every decision of yours, not when they don’t even know what it is like to be you. You do not need anyone else but yourself to make decisions, and if there is the support that you need when you are to fall back, I am right here.

-Start with yourself, don’t look at other people; work over yourself, improve yourself. The person in the mirror is your greatest competition, one way or another, you have to beat her, or you won’t escape the limits that are placed over you by others.

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