85+ Open When You Feel Like I’m Not Helping Letter Ideas

There is a need to open when letters are in every relationship. Writing a letter when the other person is thinking that you are not helping means that you want to convey to that person that you are helping, but they are not getting that help anyhow. Or you want to help, but at this moment, you can not do that. 

Open when you feel like I’m not helping letter ideas

Here are some examples of letters that you can write when the other person is thinking that you are not helping them.

Letters for boyfriend

-Hey, you might think that I am not helping you. But believe me, I am trying my level best to help you. But I am also surrounded by my problems.

-Hey, I love you. I can do anything for you. How can you think that I am not trying to help you? I am coming to meet you soon.

-My dear love, my love for you is constant. But currently, I am very busy with my official duties. So there is no time for me to do anything else. I will reach you very soon.

-Dear love, yesterday my father got ill. I was busy admitting him to the hospital. So, I could not go to your house to help you. But I will come soon when my father gets well.

-I could not give you the money when you asked me because I was facing financial problems then. But I have recovered now, and I will give you the money soon.

-Dear, me and my family are going through a crisis now. I can not convey to you what we are facing. So, please do not think that I am not trying to help you. I hope you will understand my condition.

-I am willing to help you anytime. But the thing you are asking for needs me to be present there with you. But I will not get any leave from the office now.

-You asked me for help and believed me; I sent you the money at that moment only. But due to some technical problem that money did not reach you. It was not my fault at all.

Letters for girlfriend

-It was me who told you that I would help you. Then how can you think that I am not trying? But the thing is I get very late when I reach home so I can not arrange those things for you now that you need them.

-I am never angry with you. And if I am angry with you, that does not mean that I will not help you when you need it. Never think that.

-You know how much I love you. I can only say that please do not misunderstand me as I could not be there with you when you asked for it. I was stuck at work.

-That day when I was coming to help you, I met with an accident on the road. Everybody picked me up and sent me to the hospital, and after that, I was there for four days, so I could not come to help you.

-You and your love matter to me very much. You just can’t even imagine how much I regret now that I could not help you when you needed it the most.

-I had a big fight that day when you asked for the notes before the exams. My father told me that he would not allow me to go anywhere before the exams. I fought with him, but still, I could not go.

-I could not help you to complete the project because I had my dance program that day. I had to attend it as my parents are very strict about that. They dream that one day I will become a dancer.

Letters for Parents

-I am fortunate to be your son. I have learned so many things from you. But when it comes to serving you, I can not always be there as I live in a foreign country. I am sorry.

-It is my good luck that I got parents like you. But it is my bad luck that I can not always be there for you when you need me. I do not know when I will be free to help you. 

-From you, I have learned how to help people. That Monday when you asked for help, I was very busy with my charity works, and those were very important so I could not come.

-Dear Dad, you taught me how to be kind to animals. I always try to do that. While I was coming to the hospital to meet you, I saw a dog severely injured on the road. So, I had to help him first.

-Dear parents, I know that I can not always be there for you. But my financial condition is bad. I can not make you understand what condition I am living in now.

-Dear mother, you are my inspiration. You always taught me to stand up for the right cause. I am so busy with my charity work that I do not get time to visit you and help you.

-I sent you the book you wanted on Sunday. But that book reached you a week later. I did not know it would be delayed that much. Please forgive me.

-I know you guys are angry with me as I could not go on your birthday and help you with your charity works. But believe me, my daughter fell ill so I could not go.

Letters for grandparents

-Hey grandfather, please do not be angry with me. I know you guys love me very much, but I can’t visit you and help you because of my studies. I love you guys too.

-Dear grandmother, you always write to me that it would be a great help for you if I came to visit you. I know I am unable to do it. But I promise that when I come back to town, I will visit you.

-Dear grandparents, you are two pieces of my heart. And I always think of you here in England. But because of my exams, I was busy and did not see your message so I could not help you.

-Your blessings are very precious to me. I know that my grandmother’s leg is fractured. I wanted to come and visit her at the hospital, but that day my boss called me urgently to the office.

-Yes, I could not help you when you asked for it. But believe me, I am coming next week to visit you and compensate for that. We will have a blast together.

-I know I could not give you the medicine you wanted. But I searched for it in my locality. I even went to the town. But I could not find it anywhere. So do not be angry with me.

-I still remember those days when we used to live together. Those days were the best days of my life. But as I am away from you, that does not mean that I will not help you. I try it every time.

-I always tell everyone that my grandparents are the best. There is no comparison for them, but this one time, I could not help you because I was unwell at that time.

Letters for children

-Hey son, I know that you are upset with me as I could not help you to get your favorite toy. But I tried my level best. I even asked for it from many guys, but nobody could help me.

-Dear daughter, I know that cosmetics are your favorite thing. But I am such an unlucky father that I can not give you some money to buy them when you need them as my job is gone.

-You asked for a mobile phone after such a long time. But I was unable to send you that on your birthday. The delivery was late. It was not my fault.

-Your daughter is very dear to us also. And when she was ill and wanted to meet us, we could not go to meet her as your mother was hospitalized. Make her understand that.

-I have always taught you how to forgive everyone. But today, as a father, I am asking for your forgiveness as I could not be present with you at a very crucial moment in your life.

-We always think that our children will understand us. But sometimes, we are also at fault. I could not understand the importance of help you needed from me, so I didn’t care much.

-You wanted me to be with you on your first day for the state trials of cricket. But I could not be there with you because my officer called me for some work urgently and I could not avoid that.

-You know that since the rude boss has come to our office, we get very little time to get connected with our families. So, when can I get the time to listen to your needs? 

Letters for siblings

-Dear brother, you are my love. But I could send you the money this time as there was some problem with the bank’s server.

-Dear sister, I know you expected me to help you. But as you know, my parents have been suffering from a fever for seven days now. So I could not go to your house.

-Hey brother, I could not come to help you with your charity work. But I will come with some surprises for you.

-Hey sister, you know how much I love you. But I don’t always have the time to connect with you because of my family problems.

– Dear, please understand my side. I wanted to help you. But how can I leave my own family in that situation and go to help you?

-Hey, I could help you to get your charity work started. I did not have much money. However, I have been trying till now if I can arrange something for you.

-Me and my family tried our best to help your family. But when we understood that nothing could be done from our side, we withdrew.

-I still want you to become a doctor. But you did not pass the exams this year. I could not send you the books. But I will send them soon.

Letters for friends

-Hey, please call me soon. We need to talk. I tried to help you but I could not and I need to tell you the whole story.

-It is not that I am not trying to help you. It is just that my time is not going well. So I am in bigger problems than you.

-You and your father have done so many things for us. It would have been great if I could do something for you in return. But I failed. I am sorry to you.

-You wanted me to get you a good music teacher. But I do not know any such music teacher. Still, I searched for them, but I failed to get one.

Letters for partner

-Hey, you wanted me to take care of our daughter. But believe me, she is desperate to meet you. I can do nothing in this situation.

-I know you will be angry because I could not help you in your business. But I do not like business at all. So I had to say no to you.

-My job was to look at our family when you were outside. You asked me for this much help. But now our son is asking for you every day. Come back soon.

-You asked me to look after your office. But some of the employees cheated on us, and I could not understand that. Sorry.

-I fought with my family to go to you and help you, and still, I was not permitted to leave the house. I do not know what to say to you.

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