70+ Open When You Feel Lonely Letter Ideas

It gets lonely when you are not with people who help make up for what you are. And sometimes, we start to find peace in just being alone. Nothing is wrong with any of these feelings, and it is good to pursue what you desire; just keep in mind not to lose yourself.

Here are Open When You Feel Lonely Letter Ideas

Letters For Boyfriend

  • You are good enough on your own; you do not need the consolation of others to bring out the best in yourself. As long as you believe in yourself and keep up with your dreams, you will never be alone; don’t give up on yourself.
  • You better understand this very well that only in solitude can you know yourself better than you did ever before. You will be free of your restrictions and outshine yourself many times over.
  • You know exactly where you belong, the answers to all the questions that you have for yourself; you can find these within yourself. Once you know to believe in yourself and do not give up, you will be undefeatable.
  • Just being not surrounded by people does not make you lonely; you are likely for real when you are not with people who are good for you. Being surrounded by people with ill intentions and selfish desires will only hinder you.
  • Sometimes when you are alone, only then can you enjoy some free time with yourself, but for that, you don’t have to be lonely. These are two entirely different things, lonely you can be, but being all alone will shatter your mind.
  • Being alone is not as bad as you might think it to be; there can be things worse than that, like having to be with people that make you feel lonely. This kind of company is not suited for you at all; you should find solace in your friends, not solitude.

Letters For Girlfriend

  • Loneliness has quite a beauty to itself; it makes the night and constellations in the sky more meaningful. And in this silence, you know very well that you would never be able to lie to yourself ever again.
  • It is extremely hard and difficult to endure being surrounded by fake people and pretenders. When you are away from them, only then will you be able to experience, appreciate, and love yourself, just the way you deserve.
  • Everyone needs a break every once in a while, to be alone, to figure things out on their own. You too need such a break, and that too in a really beautiful place, then you will be able to find out about your goals and inspirations more precisely.
  • Your being alone and still being able to progress in your life tells me all about your strong conviction and resolve. You don’t need anyone else to stand tall; you can do that on your own and much more than just that.
  • No one can help you or support you more than what you can do for yourself on your own; you are your greatest benefactor. You are the strongest when you are on your own, for you are not hindered by others around you; never forget that.
  • Inside yourself, you are meant to be all alone, and that is the only place where you can find your new hope and inspiration. That is where you start over and have a brand new beginning; you don’t give up; you learn to move forward in your life.

Letters For Friend

  • You can be yourself when you are alone; if you do not like that, you can’t claim yourself to be truly free. Being alone is freedom, or you are just going to keep relying on others for one thing or another; this is not what you want.
  • If you choose not to progress forward in your life, you are going to end up being lonely for real. Don’t stop yourself for the sake of those who have already given up on themselves; this will only prove to be an obstruction in your path.
  • You are not lonely when you do not have people around you; you are lonely when you do not have a purpose of your own. This is true loneliness, for you don’t know on your own what you need for yourself and what you are working for.
  • When you can’t help being alone, it only means that you are losing your faith in the greatest companion you have ever had, yourself. You have lost your value, you do not respect yourself, and if you don’t, neither will others.
  • Being dependent on others around you is no different from a plight; you belong to yourself only when you are alone. When you are with others, you keep sacrificing yourself for the sake of others; this is not the way of life.
  • Do not try to hold on to the things that are not even meant for you, don’t settle down for anything short. It needs a strong mental fortitude to be alone in this world; you should know that you have this strength.

Letters For Partner

  • When you are alone, you can control yourself better than ever before; in this case, you are competing against your comfort zone. You need someone who makes you feel better than what you do on your own; you don’t deserve any less.
  • There are always things that are worse than being just alone, like being with people and yet feeling alone. This emptiness can only be erased when you believe in yourself, and rely on your true self; that is all you need.
  • You like being alone more than being around people, and there is nothing wrong with that. This is just like all or nothing; you are alone in comfort or surrounded by people acting just like a machine.
  • This is one of the best pros of being alone, you can make decisions on your own, you can do as you wish. No one will be forcing you to make some definite choices; you can do that on your own.
  • Being alone and thinking about yourself is the period of self-growth and recovery. In this period, you realize what you truly need in your life; you come to know about your goals and intentions, you learn more about yourself.
  • As you keep growing older and older, you start finding peace in being alone, and this time becomes the most remarkable. This is like the journey of finding your true self; you start acknowledging yourself. 

It Has Been An Entire Week Since You’ve Been Gone, And I Am Missing You So Soon. I Just Can Not Think Of Not Being By Your Side, Even That Thought Alone Is Driving Me Crazy. Here Are Open When It’s a Week After You’ve Been Gone Letter Ideas

Letters For Parents

  • Just because we are away from you does not mean that our feelings of love have changed towards you to any extent. You matter just as much as you once did, and however much we might grow up, we won’t be older enough not to love you back.
  • You are feeling lonely right now, but you need not pay it any mind, for we are coming to visit you just soon enough. Till then, take care of yourself; the rest we will take care of when we return.
  • You are feeling this lonely only because you do not know what you want to do anymore, seeing as you have taken retirement. In this scenario, you both need to find a new hobby for yourself, or life won’t be fun anymore.
  • We miss you just as much as you miss me, do not think even for a single second that we don’t care about you. There is nil possibility that we would ever stop loving you; you have raised us to what we are today, giving up is not something that we can do.
  • We have always stayed close till now because of this distance; it is okay to feel alone. But this loneliness is only momentarily; our love is not bound by distance; we will always continue to care about you just as much as we do right now, which is a lot.
  • Just as you do, I too wish that you were here right now with us; it would make both of us happy. You have no idea how lonely it feels knowing that you are away, but we are holding tight; I hope you do too.

Letters For Children

  • Being alone is not bad; when you are different from kids around you, you are bound to be seen as vigilant. But only someone who can look past all of this will prove to be a true friend of yours, and till you find one, hold tight.
  • You are your greatest friend, do not start to make compromises at such a tender age, or this will impact your life in a bad way. You are all you have, work with that mentality, and in case you have any problems, you can always turn towards us.
  • However, alone you might feel, if you can smile even when you are alone, you will be able to make it through. For you mean it for real, you believe in yourself, and with this much faith in yourself, you are likely to achieve whatever you want.
  • Just because you like being alone does not mean that you are strange in any way; you are some kind of freak. It just means that you have your own set of priorities; if others can’t put up with this, then let them go.
  • It is good to get along with people around you, but in doing this, know that you better not be sacrificing your desires. In this case, your own company is much more suitable than being with others who have no care for you.
  • You might not be perfect right now, you might not be someone others might look up to, but still, you are what you are. You are all you have, know that very well, as long as you keep believing in yourself, you will achieve whatever you have your sight for.

Letters For Siblings

  • You better this very well that when you start feeling lonely, the person you need to stay with the most is yourself. It might seem like an irony, but this is a harsh reality; only then will you be able to make yourself back up.
  • Music is something that you can always find solace and peace in, find the music that you can relate the best with. When you find one, you will never be alone again; you will always have something to turn to.
  • No matter how lonely you might get, or if others choose to give up on you, I will always have your back. Because this is what a family does, and whatever might the difficulties be, I will never be giving up on you.
  • Being lonely can be one of the greatest human experiences one is likely to experience; in this time, you become dependent on yourself. But keep in mind to use others and their feelings to help comfort yourself; there can’t be anything worse than that.
  • Loneliness is not a condition; it is an opportunity for you to find yourself, instead of being disappointed in others, rely only on yourself. Do not let anything stand in your way, do whatever you want, and with all that you got.
  • You might feel lonely right now, but I know for sure that you don’t mean it; you are not so weak as to have such a low mentality. You are a strong person, and I have known this since my childhood, don’t let anyone else hold you back from getting what you want.

Letters For Grandparents

  • I, too, am counting down the days when I would be able to see you both again; no day has gone by when I have not missed you. You have been a great part of my childhood, I never intentionally wanted to go away, but I hope we meet soon.
  • You might be lonely right now, and all of us are too; there is no home without all of us together in a single place. Mom and dad miss you dearly too, and it is hard to feel at home when you both are not here with us. 
  • Just because you are far from us does not mean that we have become so distant that we can’t even talk to one another. We will never be distanced enough to let such emotions get in our way, and I only hope that you will continue to guide us, just as you have till now.
  • You have moved over to an old age home, but this has not separated us at all; we are still a family, just like we have always been. We are just a single call away, all you have to do is give us a call, and we will always be there for you.
  • We have not grown up enough to get away from you, stop loving you or outwit you in any single way. As long as we live, we wish to be overshadowed by your love and care; may you wish to do this for as long as we live.
  • You are not the only one who misses us; whenever we think of you, it is like something magical has happened. We can feel it the way you love and protect us; we too wish to return those feelings to you; please give us a chance to serve you.

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